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Heart 11 Response 3
Winnie got up out of bed. her head hurt. she couldn’t remember the night before. She wasn’t quite sure what happened. She walked around her apartment and went to feed daisy.
Char lay in bed awake she was sick yesterday. She stared up at the ceiling wondering about nothing. She got up to go feed Pepper her dog
Winnie made herself a bowl of Cheerios. she liked them a lot. she ate slowly while looking on her phone.
Char started to scavenger for something for breakfast. She eventually found some cereal and some milk. She ate fast as she wanted to go for a run later
Winnie felt like going for a walk. she finished her breakfast and go changed. she put the leash on her dog and left her apartment.
Char finished her cereal and got changed. Ahe started jogging towards a nearby park.
Winnie walked to the park. she liked the park. it had trees And flowers and was so peaceful.
Char started running harder she was trying to push herself today
(not sure. lol)
Winnie was admiring the park. it was 6:30am. not many people were there. she had class in about 20 minutes.
she checked her watch again and realised she had class in 2 minutes! she walked to the school and asked the office to take care of daisy.
(uhhh maybe tomo)
Winnie walked into class and didn’t see Sophie. she was Lucas though. he had a black eye and looked sad. she sat next to the window.
she sees Sophie walk in “hey!” she smiles.
Winnie laughed to. She didn’t see Theo at class, it’s been 2 days. she was a little worried.
“oh ok thanks.” she says just in time before the teacher walked in the class.
the teacher thought for 2+ hours. Winnie was super glad when class finished.
(yeah sorry, I was remixing a ootd)
Winnie stood up as well. she walked out of the classroom.
Lucas left if seat and walked right past Sophie and Winnie. He was looking more miserable then he normally looks.
*his not if
“no.” she said looking at Lucas. “you?” she asked.
today there was a new girl. her name was Stephanie. Lucas walked right past her. she stoped him. “hey handsome, where are you off to in such a hurry.” lucas looked at her “uhh, no where now” he smiled.
Winnie saw this and pretended to gag so hard.
“not sure.” Winnie said
“I think she’s asking out Lucas!” Winnie said gagging again.
Stephanie was the type to do bad things. She said one sentence to him and them starting kissing him. Lucas didn’t really care.
“ewwwwww.” she said
she started to laugh.
“same.” winnie said.
Winnie laughs to. they just met and now they were kissing and holding each other hands “that’s one long kiss.” winnie giggled she realises that Sophie might not like it “you ok?” she asked.
“you broke up with him yesterday!” winnie said “i wouldn’t like this if this happened to me!” she said.
Stephanie and Lucas finally stop kissing. Lucas grabs her hand and they walk out of the uni.
Winnie says “let’s grab some lunch!” she starts walking to the cafe.
She grabs a seat and saw Lucas and Stephanie. ignored them. “what would you like to order?” she asked her.
Winnie order two pumpkin spice lattes per usual. she sits back down “you ok?” she asked again.
“ok then.” winnie gets up and sits with Lucas and Stephanie. she feels like ruining there relationship... she might just do that,
“so, what are you doing with my BOYFRIEND?” winnie asked to Stephanie.
“YOUR boyfriend! Lucas?” she said.
(^ Stephanie said)
(what’s happening?😂)
Lucas was really confused. “uhhh no!” he said “she’s just a friend!” she yelled.
(I don’t know either... lol)
(is Sophie in a relationship?)
“uhh! Excuse me!” she said “I am your girlfriend!” Winnie yelled. Stephanie stormed off. Winnie went back to Sophie with a massive grin on her face,
(I can pretend to be a boy ?)
(uhh sure!)
(also I’m really sorry, I was on last night but I fell asleep 😂)
Winnie couldn’t wipe the smile on her face. “starting world war 3.” she said.
(my OG character isn’t either so let’s just spice things up😂👍)
(she isn’t. she just didn’t like Stephanie)
Winnie still had a big grin, Lucas stormed off to find Stephanie.
“Isn’t that why we’re friends? we unleash the crazy in each other.” she giggled.
(btw were at the cafe)
(oh lols)
Connor walks into the cafe, he looks around to see if he can speak to anyone
Winnie goes and gets the drinks. she gives one to Sophie. here you go.
“yep.” winnie says. she takes a sip of her drink and it all comes out her nose from laughter.
He sees two girls, he walks over to them “hey, I’m Connor!” he smiles at them both
“it burns!” winnie says while laughing...
“uhh hey.” she says trying to be cool by hiding the drink coming from her nose,
“Hey Sophie, hey Winnie. I go to the Uni here, well I’m just starting.”
Winnie gets up to clean up her mess.
she cleans it up and sits back down *hes kind cute...* she thinks *yep, and had latte coming out of my nose when he came. good going winnie.* she thought.
**he is kind of
He looks at Sophie "l erm like your eyes, they’re really pretty” he blushes slightly
Winnie bursted into laughter “I’m...” “so...” “sorry” she said laughter icing in each pause.
He smiles at her softly “do you want any food or anything?”
“okay, I’m just gonna grab a coffee then is it okay if I sit with you guys?” he likes Sophie but there’s something about Winnie that is special
He orders a coffee, he tries to look over to see if she’s looking at him but he can’t quite see
“I’m sooooo sorry.” she said “I had a reply of the drink...” she laughed.
“he likes you...” she teases quietly.
He buys a cake and walks back over to them, he takes a deep breath and sits down
she looks at him and smiles,
(I have to have a shower. be back in 10)
Winnie sits there quietly...
“Hey Winnie, how are you?” he smiles at her
“uhh good.” she smiles “you?” she asked back,
“I’m great thank you” he looks at her and feels all funny inside
Winnie has the same feeling. she smiles again.
she takes another sip of her latte.
He blushes slightly, he looks away whilst he goes pink
she looks at him. she notices he’s blushing. she starts to blush to.
There’s an awkward pause between them, he has the sudden instinct to lean in and kiss her. he holds off for a few minutes
Winnie wishes something would happen. it was a little awkward.
he leans over the table and kisses her on the lips softly for a few seconds
Winnie blushes.
he pulls apart and runs his hands through his hair, he’s gone pink
she didn’t know what to say...
it was just awkward silence.
inside he wishes that she would kiss him, he isn’t sure what to do she he just smiles at her
she looks at him. she smiles again.
she kisses him back.
he puts his coffee down, as he puts the mug down their fingers touch. he smiles softly
as they kiss, he runs his hands through her hair
Winnie likes him. a lot.
she doesn’t know If she’s ready for this though.
she leans back to stop the kiss.
He really likes her, he wants to take things slow though. “you aren’t in a relationship are you? I just want to be sure” he laughs softly
she giggles “no.” she said
“good, because I really like you Winnie. Like really really like you.” he says
Winnie blushes.
she didn’t say anything though.
“and I understand if you want to take things slow, because I agree.” he locks eyes with her
(they’ve kissed😂)
she didn’t know if she wanted to be in a relationship. she looks away from him.
(not sure)
(not yet)
He reaches over and holds her hand, he wants to be sure that she’s okay
she pulls her hand away. she waits for Sophie to come back from the bathroom.
He looks at her, he feels like he’s done too much.
“no!” she said quickly.
He looks at her, he feels like he should give them some space “I erm just going to go outside”
she looks at him “you should stay!” she said smiling.
He stands up and walks outside, he’s careful noy to look back
Winnie sighs
“nothing.” she said.
He sits down outside of the cafe, his head spinning
Winnie walked outside to him. she kisses him.
He kisses her back
she stops kissing him. she walks back inside.
she sits back down on at the table.
Winnie laughs. “you weren’t supposed to see that.”
Winnie looks down at the table.
Winnie doesn’t say anything.
“I’m not embarrassed.” she said “I just don’t know if I’m ready for this...”
“yeah..” she said, she sighs.
“I’m not sure.” she said.
Lucas looks at Winnie, he’s a little annoyed at her,
(yeah. with Stephanie)
“maybe.” she laughed
winnie gets up and sits next to Sophie.
“I hope your relationship goes as well as ours did.” she said wiping a fake tear.
“and Lucas, why did you do this?” she asked
“Winnie! can it!” she said “we all say you kissing that guy!” he exclaimed.
“it was from all the pain!” she said as she left.
Lucas rolls his eyes.
Winnie slightly smiles.
“yeah.” she said quietly.
she sighs “what if Theo reads the text I sent him.” she said “I told him I liked him.”
“I don’t really know.” she said “I know Connor likes me but I hope that Theo likes me.”
Winnie felt bad “should I have told him this before we kissed?” she asked.
Winnie sighed.
“yeah.” she said, she didn’t sound happy at all.
“your probably right.” winnie said trying to smile.
Winnie looks at Sophie.b
(what! brb!)
(they are so cool! lol)
“what do you want to do?” winnie asked.
“don’t mind.” she said.
Winnie tried to laugh.
Winnie wanted to do something that would cheer her up.
Winnie smiles “surprise me.” she said.
“what about we go ice skating?” winnie asked.
Winnie smiles.
(btw I’m supposed to be asleep... lol)
Winnie gets her coat and catches a cab.
(probably should go to sleep now, good night!)
Welp I just woke up
(anyone on?)
(not for long bc I have to go to school)
(I’m on school holidays 🤪)
Winnie didn’t end up going ice skating. it’s 5pm and she was super bored.
Winnie was thinking about Conner and Theo. She didn’t know which one she liked more.
Rome was at the trampoline park and did some parkour and other training exercises. She was alone like always, she was used to being alone.
(I’m in for a bit)
Thorn was on the roof of the school his feet dangling over the edge.
Winnie was super bored now. she was sitting on a bench of the park.
She scaled a wall and sat on top of it. She winced as she teared open her stitches from two weeks ago. She forgot about them.
She thought about everything. She texted Rome “hey. how are you?”
She was injured constantly, and once she left Chicago, she left her whole past behind- that included her scars. She couldn’t exactly get down with a searing pain, so she just sat on top of the wall for awhile,
Rome laid on top of the wall, “Um, I just opened a wound. Hbu?” she texted back.
Winnie felt alone. she wasn’t really used to it.
“ouch.” she said “boy drama...” she texted back.
Claire went to her first day at her new job. The cafe everyone goes to coffee! she felt happy! and did her stupid practice to not freeze up!
Rome only had one boyfriend because she either scared them away or her mom scared them away. She just recently broke up with him after a situation- that’s how she got the scar. “Yeah, I’m not good with boys, but I can try to help?” she texted back
“sure.” winnie said.
Claire went behind the counter, got her apron and hat on and started. she felt confident.
Theo walked around, he had a coffee in one hand and his new phone in another, he was finishing setting it up. He saw a message from Winnie, and seemed taken aback. Another message showed a picture of Lucas and Winnie kissing, Theo scowled. Was this a joke?
Winnie checked if Theo replied. He hadn’t. “I’m sorry if it’s too much to take in.” she said “forget about it.”
Theo texted Winnie back, he took a screenshot of the picture. He sent it too her. “Thanks for joking with me, it means a lot.” He replied, sarcastically
(I’m on set so I’ll be on and off)
Winnie looked at the picture. “ I didn’t send that. that was from 2 years ago!!!” winnie texted him.
(I’m back)
(ok, I have school soon)
Rome laid on the wall, unable to move. She was able to put pressure on her leg, but she was pretty much stuck there...
Winnie felt like she messed up with Theo. she does like him! and Connor! not Lucas.
“Hello darkness my old friend,” she sang, as she tried to stop the blood.
She received a call, but it wasn’t someone she would like to get a call from, “Hello?” she grumbled. “Uh huh. Yeah, I’m having a great time bleeding out because of a wound you cause!” Rome sighed, “NO! I don’t want you to get me! You’ll probably just kidnap me.” she scoffed, “Your lost,”
“That was you and Connor.” Theo texted back, “There’s a video as well. It was taken today.” Theo sent the text.
“Someone else took to and sent it, from a different number.” Theo texted.
“he kissed me!” she said. “how’d you even get that?”
(Woahh that’s some drama)
(yep hehe)
Rome winced as she attempted to climb down the wall. She’s been through worse, but it didn’t make this any less painful. Now she just laid on the floor.
(I would have her call someone but I don’t want to ruin any of this)
Winnie started to cry. she knew Lucas sent that as revenge.
“I really hope that people don’t think there was a murder,” she muttered as she scrolled through her phone.
Winnie calls Rome hoping for advice.
Rome picked up her phone, “Hello?” she asked casually
“hey.” she sniffed
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Theo hates me” she said “Lucas sent him a video of me and Conor kissing...”
Rome honestly didn’t know who any of these people were, “That’s awful,” she replied, “How about we talk about it somewhere? Also...um do you mind picking me up? I’m kind of bleeding on the ground of a parkour park,”
“what!” she said “be there in 5.”
Winnie got in her car and drove there.
Rome saw Winnie and waved her over.
Thorn watched Rome, he swung himself off the roof, “need a knight in shining armor?” Thorn picked Rome up, and carried her I guess to the hospital.
Winnie helped Rome get up.
(One sec, I gotta choreograph a fight scene)
(ohhh ok)
(And I’m back)
“Thanks,” Rome said to Thorn and Winnie.
Winnie smiles.
“So, what’s going on between between you and Theo and Connor and Lucas?” she asked.
“Lucas hates me.” she sniffed “he sent Theo a video and Conor kissing me.” she said “I think they all hate me.”
(got to go)
(Ok bye)
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Winnie sat in her apartment.
RP Anyone ?
Winnie wanted to hangout with someone but she didn’t really know who...
Winnie was watching a movie, it was a scary one, she sat upside down on her coach.
Lucas was with Stephanie. Hey were just hanging out. Stephanie had a plan for that night.
Stephanie wanted revenge on Winnie, She was the one who sent a video to Theo of Winnie and Connor kissing. but tonight, she had a big plan.
Stephanie had convinced Lucas to help her graffiti Winnie’s apartment. She just needed to wait until she had left. She got Lucas to text Sophie. “hey Sophie, I need to talk to you and Winnie. meet me at the park?” he sent the same message to winnie.
“uhhh Sure?” winnie replied. “be there in 5.”
“I have to apologise...” he texted back.
Winnie grabs her coat and left. it was really cold. Stephanie had slipped a sticky note in the door to open the door again.
“Hey Sophie!” winnie said.
Stephanie and Lucas went into Winnie’s apartment, they turned on the lights and started to spray paint everything.
“Lucas asked to meet me.” she said “you too?” she said
Daisy started to bark. the neighbors saw the door open and checked if everything was ok. they saw them and called to cops.
“oh ok.” winnie sat in the cold for a while. 10 minutes pasted. still no Lucas,
Stephanie and Lucas were arrested. Winnie decide to go home. “wanna come to my apartment?” winnie asked.
“not sure.” winnie said before that.
Winnie sees her door open. she walks in a gasps. “My Apartment!” she yelled “who! what!” she said.
Sophie gets a call from Lucas,
“hey...” he said.
“uhhhhh” he said
“I’m sorry I didn’t meet you at the park,” he exclaimed.
“uhhh Winnie’s apartment...” he said “please don’t tell her!”
(soon 👍)
“well I told you and Winnie to meet me because Stephanie wanted to do graffiti on Winnie’s apartment but I didn’t know that. and now...” he said
Winnie feels awful. her apartment is ruined. she’ll have to move now!
“listen, now I need you to pick me up.” he said.
“yeah,” he said.
(Im tryna do homework and my brother and hai friend are so noisy do uge just given up)
Connor texts Sophie, ‘hey, what number is Winnie’s apartment? I’m planning a surprise for her. Thanks, C’
He looks at his phone and replies “thank you hahaha lol. has she spoken about me since the Um kiss? C”
He takes a quick picture of the gift and sends it to Sophie “do you think she’ll like this bracelet?”
Winnie is super upset!
Lucas says to Sophie “please come get me.”
Connor walks around to Winnie’s apartment, he knocks on the door
Winnie is crying. she opens the door. there is graffiti all over her apartment.
Lucas walks out. he gets in her car.
Stephanie ran out to her car to.
Connor looks at her for a moment then drops her present and runs in to hug her. He hugs her and gently kisses her head
“I need a lift home!” she said.
Winnie wipes her tears “hey Connor.” she said.
“Hey.” He pulls apart from the hug and looks at her “hey it’ll be okay, I promise”
“A lot! I wasn’t thinking!” she yelled “I feel bad enough! I’m sorry!”
“thanks.” winnie said.
(he said... 😂)
“come on, I have something for you babe” he picks up the gift bag and leads her over to the sofa. He sits down and pats the side of him
Winnie felt a little awkward being called ‘babe’ for all she knew the weren’t bf and gf.
As she sat down, he handed her a gift bag
Winnie half smiles. she opens the gift and found a beautiful bracelet “thanks Connor!” she said giving him a hug.
Lucas is quiet. he notices that there not going to his apartment but Winnie’s.
“here let me put it on for you” he smiles and gently puts it on her wrist, he then leans in and kisses her forehead
Winnie half smiles.
Lucas sighs.
“what’s the glum face for? I came around to make you happy” he’s a bit offended so he stands up
“I just am upset with the situation.” she said looking around her home.
Lucas walks in her apartment.
“oh okay, well do you want to come and stay over at mine whilst we get this sorted?” he wants to ask her to be his girlfriend later on, he’s not telling anyone though
he knows. he still likes Stephanie though.
“alright.” she said “you have a guest bedroom?” she asked.
“erm no... I could sleep on the sofa though?” he feels like later she may want to stay in the same bedroom but he’s not giving anything away
“I’m sorry!” he yelled “Stephanie told me we were going to surprise her with something nice! I didn’t touch the can of paint.”
“I can sleep on the sofa.” she said “I’ll just get some things.”
Lucas ignored Sophie.
“okay. I’ll just be waiting here, Winnie” he’s careful not to say ‘babe’ again, he is going to take her back to his apartment then take her out for dinner
Winnie comes back with a bag full of things.
“you ready?” he takes the bag out of her hands and stands up
“no.” he said “where am I sleeping?” she asked.
*he asked.
“yeah,” she said
he walks out of the apartment with her, he takes her hand and holds it as they walk giving it a gentle squeeze.
she pulls her hand back to her side. she avoided eye contact and said nothing.
“I don’t care.” he said.
“I’ll just stay.” he said yawning.
“I’m ok.” he said.
He was heartbroken, he stopped walking and turned to talk to her “Winnie, if you don’t want ‘us’ to be a thing then you might as well just say it now. I came around to make you happy, smile and just be there for you. I’ve kissed you multiple times to show my affection, I even held your hand now and you just pulled away. what else do you want from me? do you even want me?” his eyes filled with tears
“Connor!” she said “I appreciate the things you’ve done i just have hurt someone before and I don’t want to hurt you.” she said referring to Theo.
“Your hurting me more now by doing this to me, Winnie.” he gets in the car and starts driving whilst he talks
(Whoop whoop😂💜)
“I’m sorry.” she said looking out the window.
“I’m sorry.” Lucas says to Sophie,
(wooo hooo!)
“everything!” he said
“ I was g-gonna ask you to be my girlfriend later.” he states
“I do really like you Connor.” she said feeling bad now.
Winnie blushes.
“anything is fine.” he said.
He pulls up outside his apartment and stops the car, he sighs
Winnie kisses him.
He kisses her back for a second then pulls apart, shocked
“same here.” lucas laughed. they were sort of getting along!
Winnie feels weird inside.
She runs out of the car and throws up.
He gets out of the car and runs her back gently “it’s okay, is okay shhhh”
(where’s everyone goneeeee)
(can I just say how amazing your account is💜)
she is pail in the face
“Lets go inside yeah?” he leads her inside to his apartment
“thanks.” winnie thinks about what happened to Sophie.
“could you ask Sophie where she is.” winnie asked
He locks the door and walks over to the kitchen “want a drink?”
(she left Winnie apartment)
“it’s ok” she said she pulls out her phone and apologised to Lucas for being annoying
(is it Tuesday for you? I’m so confused as it’s Tuesday morning for me )
He sits beside Winnie, and gently wraps his arm around her. He whispers into her ear”are you okay me doing this?”
It’s early for me on Tuesday
“yeah.” winnie said as she smiled.
“okay” he smiles back at her, he ate some cookies
(hehe, yeah)
“I think I....” she said and than ran to the bathroom and threw up.
Rome sat in the hospital. The doctors were suspicious of what had happened as Rome refused to tell them. So instead they just stiched her back up and made her stay in the hospital
Connor runs after her, he’s worried “Winnie? are you okay? do you need any medicine ?”
“I think...” she threw up again “hospital.” she said.
“let’s stay here for a bit then if it’s still bad we can go.”
last time this happen she went to hospital because if she throws up once she does it for weeks.
“childhood. hospital” she said.
“okay. right. take deep breaths, that’ll help. Come on Winnie” he’s panicking
“we’re not gonna make it on time so I’m gonna call someone out. stay here, I’ll be back in a minute”
Winnie starts to panic. the threw up again. and again and each time hurt more than the last one.
he lets the doctor in the apartment
her stomach hurt and she felt light headed.
“Winnie. the doctors going to give you an injection to stop everything okay? just stay calm. you can hold my hand if you want.”
Winnie nodded.
she held his hand.
“right he’s gonna do it” The Doctor injects her and she instantly falls back to normal
“thank god for that!!”
Winnie didn’t really feel good. better but not good.
(I gotta go, be back soon!)
(I have to go to sleep now.. Goodnight TTYL!)
Rome quickly scrolled her messages, her harassing messages
Horrible death threats