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May delete soon😬


||• @remixes and @comments May delete soon😬

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@caption- you’re a real mvp if you read everything in remixes😤 ngl, I do have a bit of writer’s block and loss of motivation at the moment, but I’m still pretty proud of what I written there so here you are. How is everyone? I was going to go to Disney World and check out the new Star Wars Park as well as Universal, but unfortunately, my plans may have been cancelled :(( we still might go to one park, not sure yet...
also take the quiz in my bio :)
so beautiful 🤩
that makes me super happy to know you guys consider me fam
Stunning! Also your writing is insanely good ❤
this is absolutely beautiful 😍😍
oop I failed the test 🤭
ok i don’t know abt u but i’m insanely bored
want to start the rp or am i being psycho and shld chill
Hey! Just a reminder that today’s the last day to submit your entries for Collab Contest #1 round 1.
katttt i’m backkkkk
woah so pretty
yeahhh the first one is good but inappropriate 😂😂
we’ve been put together!
this quote tho??? you have a way with words man i stg-
Congratulations! You and Shooting_star101 have won Collab Contest #1 Round 1! Your prizes include a shoutout (which has been posted) and 10 likes. Thank you for participating! I hope you sign up again for the next round! ~𝓔𝓵𝓪𝓻𝓪
love your account!
I’m close I know it
does it have numbers?
is the password all letters then?
I’m making another chair page
you’re right. we don’t stan. thanks for the support. 😂💕
37: so idk if im going to get a tattoo when im older (i don't want ANY piercings at all), but if i do get a tattoo i really want a cross or something on my ankle 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂😂
38. i didnt really know about pc until i had to download it for a math project, and i saw that you could post, so i was like w0w cool and i posted alottt 😂😂 pleasEe dont go looking at my first collages theyre horrendous 🤣🤣 anyway yeah i basically discovered it on accident 👌🏼👌🏼
hey hey hey
sorry i died for like two days
39. fish in a tree 😯
but when would you like to start the rp? i’m probably not going to be very active, but we can start whenever :)
aw that sucks. if you need we can start over the weekend or monday, if that’s easier
ok sounds great😂 do you know if any rps that are open rn? i’m bored
h e l l o
awww what 😂😂 but why did you think the "Shape Of You" lyrics were messed up anyway 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Whoa...I have no words....This is so amazing. The way you arranged your text is just stunning and the quote it self is just amazing. I'm loving your account:)
lowkey think I may have broken my toe
I hit it really bad and now it’s swollen, I can’t bend it, and it hurts to put pressure on and hurts even without pressure on it :(
pain is getting worse as time goes on :(
so how was your day lol
lol same
now just icing my toe
helllllooooooo kattttttttt
helllllooooooo kattttttttt
why did it comment twice
gracias for the notes
that’s my fav ship
and idk you might be. as much as I wish I could tell you the future, I’m like Karen from mean girl’s. her “girls” only tell when it’s already raining 😂
if that makes ANY sense
I have many good songs I will remix some to you later
my talent would be composing any kind of music I want
sub be c r a z y
I’ll only be on until 11 central
I’m on my lunch period and I could get my phone taken
hey hey hey heyyyyyyty
hey so what time do you want to start the rp tmrw? the earliest i can be on is 3:15 ish, and how are we going to like start everything?
i meant monday BAHAHA SORRY
i get out of school like 2:45 and i get on the bus at 3:15
my brain isn’t functioning
yeah of course!! the only conflicts we would have is tuesday, wednesday, and thursday i have volleyball. depending on how much school work i have i may be able to be on before.
ok that’s good😂 and that sounds great.
WOAHHHH please don't delete this, it's amazing!!
us, going to bed before midnight: hELtH
ofc u deserve it bro🥰🥰
vienna by billy Joel is really good
I’ll send more later
j e n n i e
kat i’m starting a jennie religion now
wanna join?
we need three to be considered one
a jennie icon revolution
a jennie icon religion
and jennie icon cult
oh and you’ll find about about those people soon enough. you have to remember a bit of mabel’s plot to possibly figure it out
thank you kat!!!
I posted some good songs
omg hi i’m so sorry
i came home with a terrible headache and was passed out until 5:45- and now i’m doing homework. not sure if i can be on tn i’m so so sorry😪 and tmrw is my dads bday ughh
Kat how the hêll did you like my post so fast 😂😂😂
like.. I posted it and it was like bOom NightProwess liked your collage
hOw Kat?!?!??1!1?1! h o w
oh 😂
aw that sucks🥴 when do you want to start it then? as of rn i think i might be able to be on tn but i have to leave at like 7:30
yeahhhhh we had to decide weather going to Starbucks everyday or getting a Keurig machine for coffee every day was better with substitution and graphing and stuff.
^and make a poster
aw tysm :)
Hi there! I am in a collab with you for a collab contest! I will make a chat page for us on my account so we can discuss plans. Thank you!
I wished I read it sooner👏👏
I know I know
sorry 😓
aaack please don’t be mad at me I’m sorryyyyy 😓
k a t
k a t
now I’m doing this with you and Caroline 😂😂😂
jamo told me something about the thing. 😣 something about the time skip? what could be so serious about the time skip that would make you, jamo, and Brooke not be able to tell me anything? 😂 I’m very confused and very scared.
thanks Kat.
hey so when do you want to start the rp lol😂 maybe tonight?
ok so here’s the possible issue. rn is the busiest time of the yr for me with freshmen yr and volleyball. my schedule will probably clear up around the middle of march, maybe?😂 i know we have been planning this for so long but do you want to wait until i can give my full attention🥴 and we can do some other rp to hold everyone over that’s a little easier to manage? if that’s not okay it’s completely fine :)
ok that sounds good :)
absolutely stunning🤩🤩🤩