i love you all (tap)
all i ask is u keep these people in your hearts today🤍🤍
this is such a sad event but it just makes me upset that someone would even do that. it’s been three years but we know several people are still mourning their losses or suffering


i love you all (tap) all i ask is u keep these people in your hearts today🤍🤍 this is such a sad event but it just makes me upset that someone would even do that. it’s been three years but we know several people are still mourning their losses or suffering

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capt. continued: suffering long term injuries so just keep them in your prayers and thoughts today🤍
aww i never knew about this🥺 who would even do that?? that makes me angry :(
ill keep these beautiful souls in my heart today, and ill be praying for their families 🤍
yw! and tysm! 🥺
oh, is this what happened? I heard my parents say something about “...after what happened at her concert” and wouldn’t tell me what they meant. that’s terrible 🥺💖
thanks love~💗
I can’t imagine what everyone there went through. I think it’s so important to remember this 💗
I remember this 💕😔
Wait we’re you there when that happened?
yes i read that whole paragraph 😭 and it made me saddds
what a beautiful post❤️💫
Oh ok 👍
I THOUGHT I WAS COMMENTING ON @peppermintcloud 😳😳😳
thanks ranch.....good morning btw
I slept pretty good.....I’m about to go on a run😄
how’d you sleep
what were you doing
thy stinks....was it the same friend who did wake up the last time
oh okay so when she woke she didn’t think about tackling you down for waking you up😄
i agree... some ppl are actually just monsters
hiiii 🥺miss u!
i’m good! how are you sis🥺
IKK she’s gorgeous
thank youuuu
all I did was landscaping around the house, and my run was good how was your day?
I mean I wouldn’t call landscaping fun, but my mom wanted it done so we did it
and same her I am so tired.....I’m pretty it’s the heat it’s so hot here
I mean I live the summer, but man the heat is insane
but I’d rather it be hot then freezing cold
are you serious I häte the snow....the only thing I like about is snowboarding
yes I do and I would have to say corn 🌽 and carrots 🥕 are okay....wbu
okay I’m not that crazy I do like ranch on my carrots😄
goodnight ranch I hope you sleep well
hia how are you doing?
guess what I went to bed at 4am last night 😙🥴
loll rip 😔
so what have you been up to?
I haven’t gotten out of bed either 😙🥴 I might read or just watch tv idk
I have a little sense😜
pretty good, I just went on a four wheeler ride through the woods which was fun
how is yours
another song man you’re on a roll what’s this one about
heyooo ari
nothing much 😎 about to eat ranch with pizza
hiii ari ari ari 🤩
yessss ranch I wish I could hear it
yeah brady would h a t e that
hey good morning ranch how’d you sleep
awe thank you so much!! I've missed you too!!
I’ve actually been pretty good! especially before quarantine haha (: how about you?
Thank you! 🤘
your sleep schedule is wack😂
I slept in until 9 if you even call that sleeping in😄
well I’m so glad you’re doing better now!! I’ve been trying to some creative things like painting, makeup, and redoing my room! (: what have you been up to?
are kidding that’s late for me
and you definitely should
im good just chilling
i woke up at 10 am and im so embarrassed 🥴
It's nice to meet you, and oh my word you know my brother too
Brady goose I love it. And yes bailey is my name wbu
how could you forget🤯do you remember hayley let’s hope you do😂
oh my gosh are you an Ariana grande fan also, dude I love her. And ranch yess I have tried ranch on pizza can't say it's my favorite, but it's okay
ari it's so nice to meet you, ranch seriously my brother is so unique with his nicknames
^don’t judge
sorry about the late response, I was with some friends
I did a little homework, and then went out with some friends, so it was pretty fun
How was your day
did you make something for your mom just for fun, or is there something special coming up
I do have to agree she is pretty cool and you’ll get along pretty well she loves ari
That’s awesome!! helping mother goose out, is he excited to graduate
Love the extras, I responded on there
ok ok good 😂
Okay it wasn't my favorite song of hers, but I like it, and the collab was pretty awesome
omg haha i know
like they changed broke and emma and im not trying to be mean but i liked the OGs better 😤
Oh my word it was DALTON at the end, I could not figure it out
👁👁 that moment when you have a headache bc you’ve been crying and then the headache is so bad you want to cry more but the cycle would also continue and you’re dehydrated so you’re forcing yourself to drink water :^
also TYY hehe I’ll check those other albums out 😙
YES and the OG emma
NOOO ITS BC I FINISHED THE OFFICE 🥺🥺 and just something like idk weird ? happened this morning I can tell you the story if you want
I’m doing great, kinda bored
OK so hehe I’m reading this book and it has some lgbtq+ characters and my parents are kinda iffy on that stuff and so my dad was asking what I was reading and I told him and he was like “we might need to talk about that book” so he was just kinda asking about it? he was like “you’re not in trouble don’t worry” and he wasn’t mad or anything? but I starting crying bc he just kept asking questions. he backed off then and was sorry bc he didn’t know what I was crying about. and tbh I don’t really either bc he wasn’t mad or anything, I’ve just felt bad or just weird about it all day
OHH I’ll definitely listen hehe thanks
ALSO I heard him talking to my mom about it and he was like “why do you think she reacted that way?” and I was just sitting there in the other room like ,,, and my mom was like “maybe you came off a little (idk what word she used bc I don’t remember I think it was upset or idk)” but yeah
y e a h 😗 I’m starting to feel better about it bc there’s nothing to feel upset about honestly
and he’s not fixated on it, he brought it up once and let it go, so I probably should too lol
hehe yeahhh 😙 so what have you been up to
YAY editing 💗 I’ve been watching tv all day bc I’m LAzY
ARI 🥺 please talk to me and lmk what’s going on 💗💕 I’m here for you
I’m so sorry ari. I also struggle with anxiety so I know a bit of what that’s like. I’m glad that your friend was there to comfort you and be there to help you 💗💗 I’m here to talk anytime if you want to vent any thoughts or anything bc I know it can get hard if you feel that you have no one to talk to 💕💗 ilysm and I’m always here for you 🥺🥺
TYYY 🥺 ilysm and I will keep saying it bc it’s true 🥰💕
AGGAHAJ 🥺🥺🥺 how has your day been
GAHAJA that’s crazy me too 😳👀 not the pool party part but yknow 😔✌️
good luck with that my dude 😔😔 that sucks
well period aside, I hope you have funnn hehe ✨✨
Ari are you okay? want to talk about it? 🥺💗 I’m here for you
ari ily more 🥺
I’m so so sorry. I know that it’s nothing compared to 11 years but for 2 years I was best friends with this girl, and I loved her with my whole heart. one day she just stopped talking to me and never really explained it so, I can understand your pain a little bit. I know that long distance friendships can be hard, but if you guys really care about each other, I’m sure that you won’t fall out of touch. ilysm and please lmk if you need to vent more or anything else 🥺🥺🥰
no problem!! lmk if you ever need to talk about ANYTHING 🥺🥰 and ahagsah thanks but I’m over her 🙈
ty 🥺 how are youuuu
pretty good but I have to do this science class thing and I literally don’t understand anything 🙈 but yeha
yeah** shajsh it’s fun tho
Hiiii 💗💗 how are you doingggg? 🥰 miss youuu 🥺
Aw Ari, I really hope she’s okay! sending thoughts and love your way 💗
hi omg I’m so so sorry I forgot to respond!! I hope your mom is feeling better and all is well 💗 I MISS YOU TOO 🥺🥺💕 how was your day? 🥰🥰
I’m glad that she’s starting to get better 🥺 aww I’m sorry about your brother sleeping in my family does that a lot by accident 🤡 I haven’t done much today but I watched newsies for the first time yesterday with my dad so that was fun lol
it’s rlly good, I watched the broadway version and movie and decided that I like the broadway version more, but I like them both
yeahh it was just a recording though I’ve never actually been to broadway (I wish lol)
also I just watched mean girls for the first time lol
it’s pretty good hehe
heyy Ari how are ya my dude
HIII 🥰🥰 so so sorry I forgot to respond 🥺🥺 HOW ARE YA? any plans for today? 💗💖💕