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Hey Ile
goodnight Ileanna
sorry 😂😂
good morning
ur fine
I really miss him😔
why don’t u see him every day at school
I would miss mine if I had one
he’s not in my school lol
oh really
where does he go
I can’t remember on the top of my head
well how are you today
I’m good
and u
I’m good ty
that’s good
awww Tysm❤️
ur welcome
I love you sissy❤️❤️❤️
sorry I wasn’t on much today😅😅
it’s k
can I ask you something
can we be sisters?🙂
yeah lol🙂
oh really ok yay❤️
hi sissy r u mad at me
why would I be mad at you sis??
did u check the Ileanna hate page
the girl with the eye icon
yeah I did yes ik it’s you
and you’re soo pretty I’m just an ugly potato don’t wish to look like me
umm u are not a potato I am a beautiful girl and u are gorgeous
more beautiful than me
I’m sry why don’t u hate me sis😭😭
bc I feel like you didn’t mean it that’s why sis💕
lol I feel like it sometimes though😂
good bc I just wanted him to get of ur chest and now look at the comments they hate me
the person hasn’t done much today which I’m glad
the being glad part
I will sissy that was last night the person found my insta and dm me
what no way
ok so u need to change ur acc name and ur icon and take ur insta of ur bio
yeah way
oh so he won’t know who u are
the hater
I just did
I gtg ily❤️
bye sissy
ty sissy I love it❤️❤️
ur welcome sis ur lovely!!! ❤️❤️ can u help me?
so I like this boy could u like talk to him and tell him how nice I am and stuff
yeah who is it??
I’ll do anything to make you happy😊😊❤️❤️😘😘
aww thanks I da best
*u not I
awww ty but I think you’re
I took a pic of the username
I’ll talk to him in a bit I’m cleaning rn
oh then what were u gonna say🤐
ima start off friendly and then start mentioning you and say how nice and beautiful you’re
thanks sista I owe u one
where are u gonna talk
love u sista tell me when ur talking to him plz
hold on sissy
I will tell you when and no your fine
ok but where r u gonna chat tho
ik I have a lot of cleaning
ik sissy
love u
love u too
I’m back sis
u gonna talk to him?
how is it your fault??
and yes I will
where will u talk
yeah sorry sis❤️
I’ve been hella busy
omg it’s fine sissy
goodnight sissy I love u big sista
ur one of my besties bec all the kids at school hate and shun me😁😁❤️❤️❤️
what do u wanna call it sis❤️❤️❤️❤️
sis u want the pas
so um sis this girl was gonna kill herself bc she said nobody loved her and wanted to be her gf so I said I would so she wouldn’t die and now she’s going around saying I love u
no this person emmyeggqween
an the pass is
I need help check her page plz I’m dying insid
her she’s going around saying I love u
I don’t even know her name or what she looks like or where she lives or if she is a good person
ik right she’s said it like what 5 times now can u do something really crazy like u would be the best sister in the universe if u did this
pretend that ur my gf❤️❤️❤️I know it’s crazy but explain to her that I don’t like her and just didn’t want her to die
thanks sis
cool thanks sissy
oh that girl I told her the truth and she yelled at me a ton
ok what do I do
do u agree this isn’t normal sissy I’m scare
ok when do we stop sissy
did u do it
did u find it sissy she’s gone
well she left anyway
ya I think she saw our chat page bc she just stopped talking to me
good hru
ugh school is tomorrow
I miss you
ok so I practically hung myself but the the thing broke and made a loud noise dad came running took me to ER couldn’t breath woke up at 10 and now I’m here have to stay until Monday or until they think I can go home it’s SO boring and don’t get me started on the food
I swear I’m not even hungry anymore
best thing for lunch clam chowder and fried Brussel sprouts
ya sis I guess
Gwen and Steph were being very rude yesterday so ya
yes Steph was rude and Gwen weren’t being nice to me last night I was very depressed but they pushed me of the edge
it’s not ur fault sissy❤️
I know I’m just glad ur here for me I miss them tho
I’m cuddling my unicorn
right now I’m so sad
no it’s not ur fault it there fault for making me feel bad you make me feel good
thanks sissy I love you more
I love you the most *coughs and squeezes Uni tighter
didn’t you see what Steph said to me yesterday
well ask her *hugs uni really right and bottom lip starts to curl looks like a baby
I miss you
what’s adorable
lol I love you sis I’m doing a coloring book and cuddling uni bc I’m tired and have to take medicine soon
ugghh two more minutes till medicine and this we love Gwen person is being very rude
bye sis medicine time ttyl
I’m back
it was gross but it makes me breath better so I’m cool with it and this we love Gwen girl was saying that I was lying and faking
the love page sissy
swissy I mwiss wou swo much I wanna cwy in you wap wand sweep
hey I deleted have my stuff and I’m sad but I didn’t like my content so ya
I miss you sis
hi hi
sis where do you live
do you have Pinterest
really so cool ❤️❤️❤️ I love Main
like a phone number sissy
oh ok
ok sissy so I think Asa hates me
check Asa’s page and check the thing I made for her on my acc I made one for you too
nope she won’t she can’t she doesn’t even want to be my friend anymore I’m trying my very hardest
see you in the AMs
the acc is
it didn’t work