🍁 What Are You Thankful For? *click* 🍁

My Quote please give credit! pconly! (other than the premade)!
♥ Her red hair reminds me of one my closest BFFs! #missher ♥ 
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🍁 What Are You Thankful For? *click* 🍁 My Quote please give credit! pconly! (other than the premade)! ♥ Her red hair reminds me of one my closest BFFs! #missher ♥ Tags: PicCollage Collage quote girl pconly Thanksgiving stickers girl fox inspiration coff

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this is so amazing! keep making wonderful collages!✨💞🍂
Omg I love this! 😱
I’m thankful for everything really
yes. I love this ❤️💖
Thank you so much!!!!
i wanted to personally invite you my b-day party go to my page for more info
ok, bout your book, how do I pay ya 1$? I just have to buy it!
noice, thanks!
no problem!
How do you come up with such amazing quotes?!! What I am thankful for: My family, my friends, and my phone😂
no not yet. I know I should but I'm don't know why I didn't!😂
I get what you mean. Like the other day, I had an amazing idea for a book and I trusted my gut. the first chapter was great......but I can't really say the same for the rest of the book😂
thanks Leila for all the help! I've never had a hater before so yeah!😂☺️
yeah I asked a bunch of ppl.😉
Thanks! I was just scrolling through my page and looking at my first few posts when I thought "how cool would it be to redo all our collages"
Although redoing ALL the Posts might take some time😂
Hey! How are you doing?
WARNING THIS IS A COPY AND PASTE THING: I️ need a username!😁 selfiestick📱 or beaucoeur💕?
Congratulations🎉 You got featured!!
Congrats on the feature!!! This is stunning!!😱😱
hey can I talk with you about something that might benefit piccollage please?
hey it’s Crim! my other acc
I’m thankful for Jesus
bow core or something like that
Of course!! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!!😱😱
can someone explain what thanksgiving is? we don’t have it in England
haha really? thanks😂
It was amazing, Leila!!! How was yours?
That's cool! On what?
you aren’t annoying i like to talk💕😏 it means beautiful heart❤️😱🌭
LOL! I found him on Pinterest and named him Freddy 🤣
sure why not talk to me on Pinterest
😂😂😂🙏🏻 sorry😂
OMG😂I hate doing chores😂
omg I am Sorry I️ forgot to tell you and it’s totally okay 😊😊😊
I️ =I
Bye!! Good night!!
Hi Leila! u are soo close to 70k!
Hey Leila! 💓I'm in a bit of a dilemma I know we had lots of warnings but my phone and I pad updated. I can't make collages and the website is so hard to use. Any tips to make collages? Or even how ,png this might last 💜Thanks so much! ☺️
Oops how long it might last💜
Ps it's been ages since we have talked 💓🌼✨
Any way to make collages on website?
How are you able to do that? ❤️
Alright thanks so much 💓hopefully it doesn’t last too long
Hey Leila I’ve missed you!
so how’s life been since I️ was gone
well when I️ was gone I’ve been mostly busy with some school work sports teams *I️ became captain of my basketball team and I’m syked* and debate team *I️ have a tournament next weekend*
*idk if it’s just on my screen but if random icons are popping up in the middle of my sentences it’s just a glitch
Awww thanks so much hopefully it doesn't take too long 🙈I wouldn't be able to cope 😂😂💜
yeah I’m on Mobil
but I’m not sure if it’s something wrong with my phone or why it’s happening but all I️ know is that it started glitching yesterday
this is so pretty Leila!🥀🖤
We can talk on Pinterest😊
So amazing 👍💙
Hey Leila,I thought you might be good at this stuff and making PC work lol, but PC automatically updated for me and do u have anyways to in update it!? Lol, how can you make collages and how long do u think the update will last?
I'm taking an interview w/pc star leila101😂first question:how are you?😂 (hope its a nice to meet you;going on a campaign to meet pc-ers)
Lol kidding but how are you
Awwww thank you that means so much coming from you, you’re like one of my big PC idols 💕
Thank you! I'm sure if she was still here we'd probably be pretty good friends 😊
I'm fine, in my icon it's someone I know irl
meh I’m back
please follow me
Hi! I'm starting a contest and I would love it if you would join😊❤️
thankyouuu! xx 💝💝
o my. how did u do that!!
I'm thankful that I was brought to this world with a family who loves me and that I can make others feel happy
follow me ✨
Loooove your collages ♥️♥️
can you check my page and write something positive in my post and help spread positivity 🎀
😂 just saw your comment! you’re perfect and real lol
I had to struggle in a lot and still am, to be as strong as I am now
strong with the Lord and strong with other struggles and stuff like that