640x640 teehn

Heart 23 Response 70
your shirt looks cool😂
hey:) who you wanna talk to
no problem😂💓
okay, hey I’m alexa 🤟🏼
yeah, I’m fine
I'm jadalyn but you can call me JADA if it's easier💗
oh okayy!💗my names jadalyn Hannah Schroeder:)) and and my heart been broken in -91828383 pieces by a guy........ but I'm short,and I love playing volleyball,track, and swim🙃I'm seventeen years old👑 I love being treated like a baby for some wired reasonnn and people say I giggle to much or I smile to much:)I love lollipops,yummy😂💗
I'm lazy at night and watch Disney movies with my chocolate milk:) it makes me happy with a fuzzy blanket☺️
buttt thank-you!💗your super duper kind
he left me pregnant with his child buttttt......
nooo,I'll be okayy,I need to get outta this third wheel relationship situation right now😂💗butttt wanna go get fries with mee??
yay!someone loves meeee:))))that's cute! you are cute!we are cute! we are friends💗
WE ARE:))that's what I said*giggles* let go on a adventure!
heyy 😊
sorryyy if I didn't respond
eh, I could be better 🤷🏽‍♀️😭 hbu??
exactly 🤷🏽‍♀️ wanna do something
hey what’s up
hey I'm sorry,I'm leaving......
a much to explain:(
I wanna die:)
just a lot of stresss:((
I'm gonna find someone to cuddle with,because I can't find my stuffed animal,but I will keep talking:(
babeee❣️ I love you❤️
and i'm lexi, what's up?
i hope i'm an cool person 😂 but i'm listening to some music.
i guess so lmāo but aw you and your girlfriend are cute (:
that sucks :( whyy though? if you mind me asking.
aw, i'm sure things will get better (: just keep the relationship strong!
look how perfect my baby is😍😍 look at your hair😩😩