Oop review is up I find this kind of thing sm fun tbh... I'm lonely XD also I'm scared cuz this guy 'apparently' has a crush on me but I just want to be frens.. also why would anyone have a crush on me I'm ugly inside and out


Tap Oop review is up I find this kind of thing sm fun tbh... I'm lonely XD also I'm scared cuz this guy 'apparently' has a crush on me but I just want to be frens.. also why would anyone have a crush on me I'm ugly inside and out

100 10
ur not ugly, you’re beautiful and change isn’t something to be afraid of. it’s completely normal and I promise I’ll never leave PC 💗
If you ever need to talk I’m here for you, you have my support.💙
I can’t ALWAYS be there, but I’ll definitely try
thank you, I try😊
Hiii :DD
Aw, I’m really sorry. I understand how you feel. I’m here right now if there’s anything else you need to talk about. I will listen and give advice if you need💙
hi xo I'm happy. like, genuinely happy
Your not annoying at all and don't ever repeat those words or any hurtful comments about yourself because you are you. You are amazing, kind and beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing about you except for one thing. Stop doubting yourself, you don't need to your gorgeous.
You're developing social anxiety?? I'm so sorry, that's terrible! I hope it doesn't get too bad, but if and I mean IF it does, then just know you'll always have the support of your friends, who will never think of you as annoying and will love you no matter what❤️
^^^^^YES MY DUDE I'm so happy that you're happy!😂😃
^^^^Well, I'll love you for you. I'm sure you're a beautiful person :)
Ahh I have that feeling too, where I'll be playing a song and getting really emotional over it. I was playing His World on piano the other day, and although it's an upbeat kickäśs song I almost started crying all over the keys, just at the thought of me playing a song that's got me through so much I guess🙌
you are NOT ugly inside and out ! you are beautiful, love ! ♥️
is that better?
Re/ That's scary😬I'm glad you're okay!
I'm listening to His World rn and that defines me :)
I recommend it
y e s
how are ya
But I recommend the Matty Lewis and Ali Tabatabaee version because it's the best and it helps me love life in times of existentialism, like right now😂
good, getting ready for school
I haven’t done biology yet but I think I’ll like it
language arts
what’s up
I’m ok 🙂 hbu ? ♥️
I know right, sometimes I’ll see my old conversations with people and ouch
I just came back from school and I’ll be heading to piano soon. what about you?
that’s good 😁
ahaha yes Youtube 👌
piano is pretty spiffy even though I haven’t had much time to practice recently
right now I’m procrastinating by reading about deep sea creatures even though I’m behind in this one project, whoops
alright goodnight!
I’m currently in the car driving to a Mexican restaurant 😂👍🏼
wyd ? 😂😂
yeah I just realized that 😂
good night !! 🌙♥️
y e s
die bxtch
i’m doing fine, you?
^^Okay?? Don't say things like that to Chloe, she is amazing and slaying life so she most certainly doesn't need to die.
She is not a bxtch, unlike some people I know.
I hope your life gets better. I hope your anxiety gets better too, anxiety sucks.❤️
omg that bio is so relatable😅😓. and I hope your anxiety gets better and I have an idea of why people are leaving but it’s part of hard to explain😅😓💕
contest on my page
nawww i’ve also got social anxiety so i can relate 💘💖 and your bio is so relatable oml
naww i’m so sorry 💘💖 mines pretty bad but i don’t really talk about it to anyone, only my best friend but it’s just annoying that nobody understand and they just think you’re being lazy :/ but i do hope you get through this 💘
naww it’s fine haha i’m used to it 💖💘
ahhh pinof 9 when they do their cat whiskers and dans whiskers are shorter than phil’s
then he says “you’re an aged cat and i’m a little kit” 💘💖
ahaha same i watched them all in one go with my friend then we started crying over the good old days 😂
ahaha sameeee but since then i’ve been a massive phan and convinced two other friends to join the phandom and they have and now they’re mad that they can’t get out of it 😂
it’s like a bottomless pit that you can never get out of no matter how much you try 😂
i love the phandom but sometimes i don’t when they do things like post their address on the internet 🙄🙄
I'm gonna for real kill my self soon
I don't want to but I'm afraid I will
a couple months ago, two messed up phans took pics of dan and phil at their house and cornered them and from what i’ve heard, phil threatened to call the police and then those two fans posted their address on the internet but then i saw a post saying that they didn’t stalk them and stuff but tbh i don’t know the full story but someone did post their address on the internet somewhere
@post I’ll start crying/sobbing over songs and ugh and I hope you can get through what you’re going through. you’re strong and you can make it
re: :)
Re/ Thank you! Love ya💕
yep and over the years, the bad side of the phandom has done so many bad things to dan and phil and i honestly feel bad for them because they don’t deserve what the demon-phans do to them and disrespect their privacy and all that
but the good side of the phandom are some of the nicest people ever and they actually respect dan and phil but it just sucks that some people are so disrespectful towards them, yet call themselves phans
i know exactly who it is.
but what she said, i am not putting up with it. she’s gone way to far.
ikr!! and it really bugs me that a lot of people are leaving the phandom because they don’t wanna be associated with the phandom bc of the stuff that the demon phans do and also that so many people don’t want to join the phandom bc they’ve seen the negative side of the phandom, if that makes sense
hey I think razzy hates me now, what should I do😭😭😭
I like himmmmmmm
the future’s scary.
sometimes I wish I could pause time and just live the moment, without being in the past or future.
no I rly do
she's crying now
her friend took it over bc she's in the hospital, her name's Constance
well than idk
oh lol yes I do
it is
y e a
@bio:// untrue. Everyone cares about you an unbelievable amount!
i know! i was just saying that what she said, she went to far and i know who said it.
i thought it could have been someone that knows her password
np! and I’m sorry I don’t know how to help *hugs*😅😓💕
re:// I don't know what to say... Connor sort of compromises with me about my self harm... he won't let me pierce my skin but I've been snapping a rubber band on my wrist or just poking myself so it hurts but I don't bleed
if she really loves you enough that she told you, maybe she'll want to try getting better for you. usually it's because we feel out of control of our life so try making her feel like she has choices. listen to her and always ask her opinion
*hugs* no problem. just remember to be patient. it's an addiction
thanks :) 😂♥️
hey bestie can u come kill this person Neptune_hatepage
I know but we roasted them, especially you😆😆
ah ah ah you can't show irritation or they win, trust me, I've been in a LOT of fights and I know it's SUPER satisfying to see ur enemy crumble
lol^^ punch them NOOOWWWWWW
hey are u awake!!! if so can we chat
hey did u see my new title😎 (in my bio)
hey what's up
do u want to chat again
😲😲😲crazy!! well goodnight
ikr😂😂😂 oOf I'm super tired gn💜
night xx
hey how are you 💗
fine ty xx
it really is 😂
oh... she does ?? I’ll check it out !!
Re/yAY I’m happy for you! That’s one of the best feelings ever!👏
Oof it’s around 8:30 AM where I live
it’s always been happening this on pc
I’m and old collager 😕
lol but and hi😂 I’m bored in my class
I’m feeling okay I guess but I’ve been wanting to talk to my crush 😭
hello. are you online?
3 years and I was hacked and I was verified back then
what’s up with you?
btw I gtg to lunch I’ll talk to ya later 💜
nice 😂
I’m fine.
ok I’m back 💞
how are you
lunch was okay I guess but it was not okay for me I guess because..
it’s difficult to say..I like two people but I can’t seem to know who I love..
one of them was Aiden but he spaces me out which I did not like
I might act like a little kid ignoring him (not talking to him because I totally hate him)
but I’ve realized I’m in love more with Collin 😕
sorry I just needed a friend to talk to about that 😂
u rock
well I think so
thx for backing me up
I don't get to say, head over to Alpha_Forever, she started it😕 I would say yes but she gives the orders, she's the alpha
but there's a 100% chance she'll say yes!! she needs someone with attitude, and you got it, and extra points if you tell her ur my friend
Collin maybe.. I feel comfortable around him well he has blue eyes lol😂😂
he has like one topic those eyes it has like a very clear color 🌊
what about your crush eyes?
??? what's Mitch
well yeah he is but what I like is his personality lol don’t ever have a connection with somebody that just feels right 👌🏼
well eventually you’ll have one xD
aww well that’s cute 😍💓
everyone at my art table just insulted my drawing. I’m pretty used to it though.
I’m pretty sure I’ll be alright soon.
maybe I’m lying to myself
who knows
“it looks weird!” “is that supposed to be a person?” “Why is the head so small” “Why are the legs so long”
and many more
do you draw?
I bet your art looks awesome!
I like drawing; but I can’t stand art class
everything people make just seems so fake
here’s something random my science teacher’s doing: he’s saying nice things to plant hoping it’ll heal faster
a plant*
maybe it’ll work though...who knows? maybe humans are really plants?!
😂probably not, but still
we’re learning about...um...I should probably know this...XD
I think it’s taxonomy?
what are you learning about?
so what’s your name
that sounds difficult! your science sounds cool though!
oh ok
hey abt ur bio, I care abt you as much as you would care for a bestie
imma sing you an amazing song that always helps me
but there's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark. you should know you're beautiful just the way you are. you don't have to change a thing the world could change it's heart. no scars to you're beautiful we're stars and we're beautiful. oh-oh oh-oh. you don't have to change a thing the world could change it's heart. no scars to you're beautiful, we're stars and we're beautiful
i really hope that this helps, friendzone the kid and continue to be his friend
mkay good night!
Re/That’s so tough xx hopefully blocking them will be enough. Why don’t you want them to find your account?
Aghh I’m sorry I’m spamming you with comments, the new update limits the use of words in comments😞
ahhhhhhh tyyy 💘💘💖💖
thank you for the compliment !! ♥️ and I am like in love with sotd 😂👍🏼
yeah I do :) it’s sooooo cold on the east coast of America tho 😂❄️
Chole did someone say something mean? I was on someone’s account and saw that you said someone said go die bxtch on your page and just wanted to make sure you’re ok❤️
well i think there is some in New York and those states but I live in West Virginia, and it’s mostly just very cold and windy 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
You’re not ugly or annoying, you’re extraordinary. I’m sorry you feel this way, someday it will get better. If you ever need to talk i’m here❤️ I agree PC has been odd, they updated it last year and a lot of people just stopped using it.. I hope some people will come back though:)
You are such a great writer!!!👍👍👍
your not ugly ☺️ you seem really nice!!! and besides, your flaws define you as a person and set you aside from everyone else 😊
yeah true. I dunno why it’s really because of reality or mental issues(no offence) it’s really sad.
I hope you’ve gotten better!
no your not, dancingflowers and crashingwaters are!!
Okay but did anyone ask