heyo, I’ve finished most of my assignments so comment below if you want to chat, anyway how is everyone? whoop it’s my birthday this Sunday✨🌿💓 QOTD: whats your dream vacation?
AOTD: probably to go to the Maldives or go to New York City☁️🌷

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heyo, I’ve finished most of my assignments so comment below if you want to chat, anyway how is everyone? whoop it’s my birthday this Sunday✨🌿💓 QOTD: whats your dream vacation? AOTD: probably to go to the Maldives or go to New York City☁️🌷

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wanna RP on in-the-city?
YAY! do you know how to rp?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR SUNDAY!!! I am in love with all you posts!
This is amazing!
Love this!! ♥️ AOTD: Germany!
tysm 💕 I love this too
AOTD; I want to explore asian countries hehe
I love your style 😍
Also, this is -SnowDust- and I changed my name to -TattooedHeart-
prettyyyyy 💕
woot woot happy early bday cause i’m probably gonna forgettt ahhh
CUTE! aotd- probably to Europe 😱💞 also, happy early birthday girl! 🎉🎁🎈
AOTD: Iceland, Egypt, Australia....
happy early bday!! this is gorgeous ♥️
tysm! this is GORGEOUS
omgosh beautiful!💙 AOTD: is love to go to St.Thomas or one of those islands, also somewhere in Italy or France
AOTD: either a tour of Europe, a trip to the mountains, or a trip Africa to see one of my besties!
do you use dafont.com?
aotd: Japan!🇯🇵⛩🇯🇵
tysm! this is gorgeous too!
okkdo you know anyone who does?
how? sorry mines not working and idk how to work it😂
thank you!
aw thank you!💖
Iowa, USA
Today is the last day of my icon contest and I was hoping you could enter
wanna chat???
on my account (main)
heyy! we need to start working on fun-life’s games! it is due oct. 24
ty!! 💞
oooo what a unique name! 😂💕
wanna chat?
nice work enya
haha no problemmmm 😂 fUn fAcT Aly is just a nickname, my ACTUAL name is Alyze 🤗
hello! do you mind making me an icon? I’m new... my name is _WanderingMedows_ thanks!
hey! I’m new to PC. I would really appreciate it if you’d helped me get a few followers, you don’t have to but yeah. thanks!
something similar to yours. I really don’t mind. thanks!
Its due the 24th of October💕It was writen on the collage😂
thanks for the likes and comments 💖💖
TYSM! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖
Thank you! 💛
thanks for the spam and wonderful comments!
it's okay, and i get to see my friends, so thats good
hiii where is the background??
for fun-life’s games
wow!! this is gorgeous! everything is flowing together perfectly!! I love it!💕💕👍🏼❤️
I love this so much! you are so talented!🌊
WOW ! 💙 your collages are amazing!!! 💕💕
we need to start working on fun-life’s games
you are so nice and amazing!!!!
wanna do a collab?
been gone to long forgot all my experience
o thanks anyway btw if anyone’s looking for a collab give them my username @_Alohmora_ thanks
thank u!
Omg, thank you so much!! Would you want to make a collab account with me? ❤️😍
hey! you entered my icon contest! the icon contest results will be up in a few minutes! Thanks Emstar09_reviews
and happy birthday!!
n o p r o b l e m !!!
ummm idk how to copy & paste it or get it on my pc somehow
love this collage. Also Happy Birthday 🎉 🎂
aotd: London, Paris, or New York City ♥️
this is absolutely stunning! you did amazing on this 😻👏🏼
yeps, i think i got 2
hey this is just to let u know that u r one of my biggest inspirations ❤️ ur collages r beyond amazing
why thank you 💗 I am Mexican American 🤗 my mom randomly chose my name lol there’s not really an interesting story behind it 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Happy Birthday Enya!! 💖💖 You are one of the best collagers 💖💖
no problem
hey! Day 2 has begun! you might want to join because there will be a test soon and you don’t want to fail! also RP for extra marks.
The mega collab is ready to start! 💞
thanks and no problem
OMG GORGEOUS!! lol you deserved to win @Audreyhepburn24’s contest!!! 🤩❤️
also happy birthday!
I did it didn’t work :(
where’s the background????? I still don’t see it on the page for fun-life
thank you lovely! ♥️♥️♥️
you’re welcome!! ♥️♥️
thank you lovely 💞
Some announcements about the WeatherGames are out, I promise to get the first challenge out soon.
still can’t find the bg for the contest!!!!! I need to know
put the quote on
I mean I did it
thank youuu 💛💛
Aw thanks! ♥️
WOW! thank you so much!!!! so glad it inspired u!
Heyo! I’m Laura Rose 🌹 and I’m brand new to the community! I do font packs and other fun stuff! I would love love love if you’d check me out! Thanks sis! ☀️☀️☀️☀️
Gorgeous, like always!
i don't have too many thank goodness
round 1 will begin soon
Thank you! 💙
Hey! Want to collab sometime?
thank you!! ❤️
Sorry I just gave you a shoutout yesterday. I ran out of time so your presents are coming now!
Nvm! I have to go! I'm so sorry
thank you!!💕
aotd: Anywhere out of the US because I never left the country...😶
hi I absolutely love your style so much and I would love to Collab with you! I would prefer to choose the pic and quote and you make the collage because I would love a bit of your style on my page, but we can do vice verse if you like! ilysm❤️
wanna RP on in-the-city?
ahh that's sadd
welcome and thank you 😊
tysm❣️this is gorgeous❣️
aww thanks! don’t worry, I have assignments as well. thanks for saying that but don’t worry to much about it...
2! 6 and a half more weeks left
Hi Enya!! I am bored, want to collab?
EEEK THANK YOU! This is flawless btw! 💞💞
thank you! 💙💙
woahhh this is absolutely beautiful! i love your style😱😱😍💞💖💕
thank you!!! ur sooo sweet!!😍
thank you!! ♥️♥️♥️
we finished for fun-life’s game!! go look
it’s okay
kshsjkakdb HAPPY BELATED
smh I forgot ahhh 🎈
a//touring Europe, accidentally bumps into Uta Hagen reincarnated (long story)
Day 4 has begun! let’s try and get to 300 comments! come and RP! there will be a party...
thank you, and I love ur icon
QOTD: go to Ireland