✰ t a p  f o r  c o l l a b ✰
collab with my sister clear-blue-water 
I’m back! how is everyone? does anyone wanna collab? 
qotd: what’s the last album you listened too?
aotd: 1989 by taylor swift (my fav album ever)


✰ t a p f o r c o l l a b ✰ collab with my sister clear-blue-water I’m back! how is everyone? does anyone wanna collab? qotd: what’s the last album you listened too? aotd: 1989 by taylor swift (my fav album ever)

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I’d love to catch up with everyone! I’ve missed you all so much, so comment and let’s talk! also spread the word that I’m back if u can 💛💗
Nice to meet you Abby I’m Brady and I’m doing pretty good hru
nothing much just looking through my phone wbu
oh hey Abby! Of course I remember you! I can’t believe you still remember me! :) I was such a small account back then, and I think there was even drama going on with my account. 😂😂
tyyyyy and this is so gorgeous 🥰😍😍
hehe I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s doing it or has done it before😉😂
tyyyyy Abby!!!! 💗✨ this is incredible
@caption : 1989 is AMAZING 🤧✨ the last album I’ve listened to is Youngblood by 5 seconds of summer
B E A U T I F U L!!!!! aotd: hannah montana lol
Hey! Ive actually haven't been very bored surprisingly! Ive been baking and school jas been taking up a lot of time. What have you been doing? Also your style is absolutely gorgeous! Xxx
no problem. thank youuuu so much wow
omg yea true!!! i've been good :) just doing a whole bunch of online skl rn... how have u been
yeah I like calm more too lol
I would love to collab your collages are amazing 💖
this is beautiful!!! And welcome back!! ❤️
aww tyyy abby nice to meet you i love ur account🤩💕
This is such a cute collage! 🥰
just found your account and I loveee it!
yw 😘😘😘💓
Hey ive been pretty good wbu? also i would love to collab if you get the time lol
this is beautiful btw
actually I am listened to songs for the musical heathers (that’s weird I know but those songs are powerful) and this is BEAUTIFUL
I do remember you! I’m good hru?
TYSM. I'm actually doing pretty good, what about you?
this is stunning!! 🤩
aotd: From Under The Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy!! 🖤
my favorite is lover of mine but I also really like thin white lies wby? 💗💕
Ive baked a variety of things lol. Cookies, brownies, brookies, donuts, the list goes on! Yeah I havent been eating the healthiest but at least I've found a new passion! Lolol
thank you! yeah it’s been a while. I’m doing fine hru? ☺️
diy videos are probably one of the main things I’ve been watching during quarantine. I also really like to go back and watch old Liza Koshy videos😂I always get a laugh from them haha
and your welcome🥰🥰
oooo that's good! ahh sounds funnnn
i can do anything really! im not sure if you want it to have more of your style or mine because i think that whoever does the background will kinda determine that
sorry if thats confusing lol
i can do the background if you want tho
just being annoying with quarantine and going on bike rides with my boyfriend
annoyed not annoying
Curruntly i'm cleaning my house, but mostly just playing video games and doing schoolwork. U?
aw hey!! do you remember me? we used to talk a lot when you were EverythingSwift! (I used to be SummerSeasons btw)
ahh thank you!! 😁 this is gorgeous!
hey fell free to do the 30 day challenge I made if you want! no pressure ik everyone’s busy
thats sad to hear, hopefully you feel well soo !! :)
aw thank you! I’ve been good, how have you been?
hehe yess I do☺️
this collage is stunning🤩💝
the background is kinda boring so let me know if you want me to do something else
np! red desert and old me are so good 💗
this is stunning!! 🦋😍
are you sarah’s twin sister?
thanks abby!!!
that’s fine! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!
tysm 💗 and omggg you two are sooo alike!!
this is so beautifull🤩
hey! it’s Rosie (milky_bear) and Sarah (-shiningsky-)! we are having a happiness contest and we would love it if you joined!! thank you for reading this!! (sorry for the copy and paste)
thank you so much
so beautiful! @caption: i’m partial to billie’s WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO and harry styles’ Fine Line
wow so pretty 😱💗
please check out my latest post
aw thank you❤️
this is soooo pretty
your page is STUNNING 🤩🤩🤩🤩
i love the aesthetic vsco look 💕💖💖💖
heyyy! I’m Golden!! I hope we can be friends!!😊
This is so pretty!!!
And the vibes on your acc I loveee the VSCO aesthetic 💕💕
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this is amazing~