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Awe, I’m sorry you didn’t have a good day. I’m here if you’d like to talk about it..!
hey Cyan! sorry for sorting being inactive, you can talk to us if you need to though, sometimes even little things or seemingly insignificant things can still have an impact on us, stay strong bestie! 💪❤️👌
okay that last comment now seems to generalised after re-reading it I’m sorry lol, but yeah, sorry you had a bad day my dude! I hope you have start having GREAT days real soon! it’s the end of the term for most of us on pc so I understand if you’re stressed uwu, but if you need to vent I and the rest of your frens are here to listen!! you rock Cyan!! ❤️❤️
re:// I’m so sorry to hear! people on the internet can SUCK sometimes, it was definitely not okay for that person to call you too young (in your defence, I think you’re quite more mature than what that person implied) I like to think that person is living in a shed and being all like “wha look at me I’m a pain in Le booty here to ruin the r/advice thread time to eat my stash of 37 cucumbers”...or smth idk I’ve gotten off track oops, but yeah that sucks Cyan! hope you feel better soon (maybe the person didn’t think before typing and maybe didn’t mean to be mean?) but either way your problems are valid no matter what jerks in the internet might say ❤️❤️
re:// oH OoF I forgot I did the vent thing lol, I’m okay I just get a lil cheesed off at some petty things throughout my school day bc I’m a dramatic child lol 😂 thanks for asking if I’m okay though! ❤️❤️ it means a lot that you have my back (and I have yours too of course but thank you 😊)
re:// I genuinely didn’t know there were Duolingo memes but tbh I’m not surprised anything is a meme nowadays what a time to be alive 😂
re// I suppose
re:// sure! the Actual acc name is vnilaaa with three A’s bc vnilla and vnillaa were already somehow taken smh but I’ll try find a more direct link for you 👌
PoSt! please...