Collage by -Bachelor-RP-


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(so are we gonna pick a location?)
(where do you want them to meet up?)
(How about meet at the park)
Cyra walked to the park, her platinum hair kept whipping in her face, she eventually gave up trying to put it back and let it. She entered the park and looked for Liam,
Liam was sitting on the bench. He had some flowers for her.
Cyra spotted Liam, and head towards him, a smile on her face, “Hey,”
“Hey! this is for you.” he said handing her the sunflowers.
Cyra seemed taken aback, no one had done that for her. “Oh, thanks.” Cyra took the flowers and smiled at him. “How was your morning?”
“My morning was Ok. What about you?”
“Just great, I fell off my bed.” Cyra said with a laugh, she pointed to a cafe, “wanna get some coffee?”
“I’d love to!”
Cyra smiled towards him, and entered the coffee shop. She ordered an ice cafe latter, “what would you like mister?” she asked, amusement shown on her face.
“I would love the same. Thank you My lady.”
“Being formal, huh.” Cyra laughed, as she took a coffee as she sat by the table. She immodestly spit out the coffee. She wiped her mouth, “sorry, it was just that it was so.. salty? I think they put salt instead of sugar.” Cyra laughed, as she wiped her face.
He took the coffees and walked to the counter. “Hello, I was wondering if you could make these again? I think you put salt instead of sugar.” he said handing them more money.
He put two new coffees on the table, “For you.” he handed her one.