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Thank you so much ! I’m off Friday so I should definitely be editing that vid. I feel better now that I got some medicine after going to the dr. Work’s kind of cool, I shop for a living lol like for real. it’s not as easy at it sound but I think I’ve been doing well so far ! just can’t wait for them to schedule me less crazy hours so I can film more. I’m so happy I have you as a bff too 💞💞💞
So sometimes we run out of orders, and when that happens I sometimes go to the makeup department cos you know I love makeup and there’s a woman there and she’s Muslim ! She’s very nice and it’s cool cos today she saw was taking to a man and he was Muslim too and they said a greeting in Arabic ! and she taught me the greeting and how you can tell where someone’s from by like the way they say like the greeting .. I think I got that right, I’m sorry if I didn’t. I just thought it was neat. 💛
omg you’re Lou 22 aren’t you ? on YouTube ?