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hi dumbdavid I’m Mandé 😂💕
nm wbu
basically what I’m doing 😂
yeah sorry 😂😂
sUp;) just
that’s cooL ;)
so hru
what job
idk my bf is never on tho and Idk
well that’s fun
dude😤😶😐u should,have fought him
I’ll fire you ;)
I literally have no idea
thx I guess
heyyy I am Delaina
nothing much hbu?
ur kinda cute...
so what do you like to do?
thnx... *bites bottom lip*
ok... can we talk later?
hey... lemme know when you can talk...
yo, eh, nothing much wby?
heyy whats up?
thats rad
sure... what do you have in mind..
lol busy again??
seems so...?
hey wanna talk or r u too busy? *bites lip and looks innocently at you*
d-David?? you on?
lol it’s np
I will see if I am on... let me know if ur on any earlier than that too tho
*bites lip* can’t wait...
being lonely
yes what?
hey lol
nothing much u
what’s up?
am trying to go to sleep
but I can’t
lol same here
I gtg I am waking up extremely early tmrw and it doesn’t seem like you wanna talk to me so...
just chillin
wassssuuuuppppppp home boy??
wellllll....i wanna die rn
look at my recent
the real question is ...what didn’t he do to me..
it makes me cry just talking about it...bc i loved him...and he felt the same....and i’m actually about to cry...
oml no it don’t work that way
we don’t talk.....anymore.....he wanted to get in my pants....and he did😔he never wanted a relationship with me he just wanted śéx
i mean no....but then he started talking to my best friend.
like the way we did..
yeah.....oh well life goes on....
...but like...i can’t even look at pictures of him without crying...what’s gonna happen tomorrow when i see him face to face at school?
dang i’m so sorry love
hey I’m Aliya
hey I'm zoe lol
nothing much, u?
ooooo I’m sorry and I love Oreos 😍😂😂
lol 😂
hi. how are you
I’m good
no. but there are some single girls on my page
Melanie and Hailey
nm. wyd
same. do you want to do something
yoo, nm, wsp with you?
you pick the movie*sits on the couch*
awh, I’m sorry about your breakup:’( & I looooove Oreos n netflix:’))
ummmm. did u just ask me to go out with you
like on a date or like what?🤷🏻‍♀️
we just met
I’m sorry but I know nothing about you
ikr 🤯 & that’s good(((:
hey dxddy
how are you mister?
I’m okay:/
nice try um his name is kryptic and hes 18 and he actually dontlike touching.. im his neighbor
nxgga dont come at me twisted u is just a fake
so u admit that that dude aint u.. like omm why would u post things like that if it aint you. like just be u... dont b anyone else, i learmed that the hard way, i used to hude the fact that i have a son and now i just b me...
no its not... sorry hun