🖤tap u beautiful people🥺🖤
i can’t thank u all enough❤️ thanks for putting up with this loser and being brave enough to be my friend😂 y’all are some of the best people i’ve ever met. love you💞💞


🖤tap u beautiful people🥺🖤 i can’t thank u all enough❤️ thanks for putting up with this loser and being brave enough to be my friend😂 y’all are some of the best people i’ve ever met. love you💞💞

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Same I remember doing this swim thing for the summer and I was the most awkward person there when I'm in public with no friends my full introvert self takes over lol
Oh and I know it's your b-day but if you have time pls sign up for my summer aesthetic games for 300 followers (you don't have to)
Hey, even if you do quit, you could never be a quitter. Sometimes you have to put yourself and your feelings first. They won't win. And honestly, if they can't see what kind of amazing person you are, that's on them. You are kind, funny and caring. You deserve better than this. I hope it gets better for you, whatever you decide to do. But never, never put yourself on second place. You matter so much 🥺❤
I’m so sorry about basketball camp, I know that feeling bc a similar feeling happened with me and track. just remember that you’re an amazing and incredible person who’s funny and caring 🥺💗 you deserve so much more and ily 🥰
bro! i feel you. that was me first day of soccer practice last yr. lots of ppl were encouraging me to join because there was like 8 girls on the team and they needed more ppl and i played soccer in 8th grade and that was all the experience i had. and anyways i was put in the varsity girls team (cuz we only had a varsity team with just 8 ppl) and man all the girls were pros and i was the only one dying at practice and i was just a lil short freshman with like 1 yr of initial soccer practice. 😔 it was so stressful and literally the first day i cried because it was hard and i was lonely and awful
aww Im sorry about basketball camp 🥺 i know how it feels to constantly be left out of stuff but I’m proud of you for not quitting 🥺💗
I’m soooo sorry that you felt like that and have to deal with those emotions🥺. You don’t deserve it☹️. Quitting that does not make you a quitter if it’s better for your well being. Taking care of yourself and your feelings is more important than worrying if your a quitter😤! You are the only person I talk to and would consider a friend on here so I really do care about you! ILY💜❤️🖤💙💜❤️💙🖤!!!!
but the girls on my team were rlly kind and they taught me a lot of stuff. i ended up getting closer to the, and they all said i improved in my skills even though i didn’t rlly see it? but anyways im hoping all the best for u. i feel like playing a sport kinda gives u a bit of bonding time with ur other teammates so i hope they include you more in the future! plus you have such a great personality. i hope they open up to u and see that too.
Faith, I’m so proud of you for not giving up. You are strong and you know it, a lot of us know it. Like I said in the group chat, do it for yourself, but if you feel like you can’t, do it for us, then work for yourself. because I’ll always try to be here, and I’m sure a lot of others will too. I’m extremely proud of you. keep being strong darling ☺️💚
omg people r missing out not being ur friend😡
happy birthday tho hehe💞
omg that’s cool we’re like in the same boat kinda even tho i havent done soccer in a yr but yeah! i feel first day just kinda súcks.and its so sc@ry cuz like you dont know what to expect and you’re already jumping to conclusions that no one likes u etc. dont worry just remember to keep your head up and to think positively.
i remember in 8th grade when i first did soccer, i was determined to pay attention and learn everything because i was a complete nëwbie. but in hs, i just sorta felt like i had given up already because the standards were higher. honestly looking back at it all, i think it was a brave thing to do and honestly i met some new ppl and had some fun even though i felt embarrāssed about my skills . But anyways just remember YOU CAN DO THIS. Try not to compare yourself to others in a way that brings you down. Compare yourself to others in a way thats like “this is how good i can get if i keep trying”. empower yourself. Reward yourself after every camp visit if you want. Sorta irrelevant but some girl on youtube i saw was talking about exercising/ weight loss mindsets and she said “dont exercise because you want to punish yourself for eating. instead exercise because you want to and you want to celebrate all the amazing things your body is capable of doing” etc. and thought it was kinda wise
aw im sorry they dont acknowledge you. but yeah just keep pushing through. focus on yourself and celebrate your little achievements too. or im not good at friend making but u could compliment some other girls and hopefully it can lead to some more conversations or relationships between you guys
😊Of course, glad it did❤️❤️
i hope it gets better at b-ball camp:( happy late birthday!!!
oh no, I’m sorry camp didn’t go well :( it really is hard to fit in, especially if they’re already in their own little friend groups. you feel kinda like you’re intruding and will make it awkward if you’re there, I know that feeling too well. I had to type out and delete a lot of this because I feel like I’m taking about myself too much, but I just went through the same thing at my new church, trying to make friends and struggling to fit it, so I’m just gonna share that because maybe it will help you a little or something? I don’t know 👉👈 but it really just takes something small, you’re playing basketball with them, right? if you don’t know any of their names already, maybe before y’all actually start playing ask for one of their names and just introduce yourself? if it feels too awkward to just walk up and say “hey my name’s faith, whats yours?” then maybe stand near one of them and compliment idk their shirt or shoes or something? or even just saying something like “ugh it’s so hot outside today” might start a conversation?
I’m really just trying to throw out ideas so if this sounds like way too much information please tell me to shut up
maybe if you see one of them standing by themself you could stand near them and maybe after you make a comment about something (the weather, their shoes/ shirt, their hair, idk anything) you could ask how long they’ve been playing basketball for, that way you’d be a little more comfortable talking about things you’re interested in?
Always 💕
and like if you see one of them who seems easy to talk to/ laid back/ very friendly try talking to them specifically? if you get a chance, try to take it, but don’t freak out, it’s okay. if all you do is say “wow it’s really cloudy today” and you don’t feel like that’s starting a conversation or you don’t know what to say next, that’s okay. you took the first step and that’s amazing. the person you were talking to might know that you’re trying to start a conversation and talk to you again later
from experience, after you talk to them once or twice, it’s much easier to walk up to them and start a conversation
if you’re worried about joining a group of people who’re already friends, try to get to know one or two of them individually, or just a few at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed or anything. from there, they might introduce you to the others if you kinda stick with them
that’s really just a bunch of suggestions, don’t feel obligated to do all or even any of them, but I encourage you to just take one chance okay? every day make a goal, like the first day challenge yourself to just say something to one of them. the next day try to start a small conversation or ask for their name. something like that?
but always do what you feel is best for you. if you think you’re stressing too much about it, just breathe and tell yourself it’s okay. if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen. just kinda go with it, I know that sounds kinda hard but honestly once you just let go of all the stress and anxiety life is much better, I promise. no matter what, you’ll always be the most amazing faith that ever existed <3 ily girl 💞💞
of course faith, that’s what I’m here for my dude <3 dont ever forget its okay to cry 💞💞
happy birthday 💕🤩
awh I’m sorry basketball was not so happy today
but we always here for you fam
happy birthday 💕💖💝💗💞💓
Omg I’m so sorry about basketball camp, I joined my soccer team and I was the same way, completely new with no friends while they were all tight asf. ISTG IT GETS BETTER THO the first couple days/weeks can be awful but TRUST ME anyone who gets to be your friend is bLesSeD asF😤
I’m so sorry I didn’t make you a bday post life’s been kinda *inTerEsTinG* lately but ILYSM AND I HOPE THE REST OF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS AMAZINGNGG
d@mń how hard is it for the other girls to even just say hi to you I will riot >:(
* >:(
Bring me to your basket ball camp I will make those people wonder why they didn’t want to be your friend
come check out my latest post #bullyfreezone
we love you dood!! and i’m sorry about basketball camp🥺 it shows a lot about you by not quitting. you’re a hard worker, and everyone at the camp will notice. now GO KICK THEIR STUCK UP BUTTS
I feel you. My uni summer orientation was terrible. I didn’t have anyone close that went to the same uni from my high school. When I got there it seemed like everyone knew each other bc they were all from the same school. It was super awkward but don’t let that bring you down. It’ll get better. Sometime you have to initiate the first move :)
bro u don't deserve those basketball camp people they don't know what they're missing out on. i applaud u for not quitting but make sure you are still putting yourself first and taking care of yourself. honestly that whole situation suckss.
faith ilysm u don't even know, you've helped me so much without even realising it 🥺
everything i said before is true to the max honestly ur so talented and kind and sweet and pretty i-
ur poetry ? on a whole nother level
and i feel you about being the odd one out.. a while ago i went to try out for a soccer club and everyone was friends and no one wanted to partner with me, and no one would even tell me what to do when there was something new i didn’t understand. but you are a strong, amazing person. they’re missing out big time 😤😤
it’s really admirable of you to continue on, even with the way you’re feeling. THAT is what says a lot about your character. you deciding to stay, even though things are tough. and i’m proud of you 🤧💞
and again
awww noo I get EXACTLY how you feel, in music camp the cellos (basically the giant violins) were kinda far away from everyone else and I didn’t make any friends there so at the camp we had to stay for 3 days and there were 3 other group friends in my cabin. mind you I was only in there bc I was left out. literally no one put my name on the cabin list requests bc no one knew me pffff so I was always left out and I always just sat around listening to music on my phone and tryna act like I’m not bothered at all but it’s hard bro😔😔😔anyway I made a friend on the last day (great) and if me, the socially awkward and social anxiety filled potato sack cojld make a friend, then go for it! I usually try to make friends with the ones that talk to me or look lonely themselves lol
okay but this one friend I made (she talked to me first which is the only reason why)😖 forced me to play volleyball with people way older than me when I wanted to go inside bc it was cold as hellllllllll and she didn’t accept me for who I was so I dropped her. like imagine making an introvert play sport with strangers😭noooo
faith omg it’s your birthday
i had absolutely NO time to come on today and i completely missed everything 🥺 im so sorry
i had volleyball for three friggin hours and i swam for like 4 hours and i completely missed the coolest person on here’s birthday 🥺🥺 :(
you are the best man 😔😔🧡 im so sorry :(
happy birthday to the wicked cool lorenzo and i hope you had the best day ever. ✨✨ aside from basketball camp
and i can COMPLETELY relate, at vball camp today i was such an outsider 🥺 nobody talked to me
but i was the best hitter so everyone was like “woW yOu hIt so welL” and i don’t know how to take compliments so I was like “ehMerruHh heHehhEEe”
oh nooooo i just saw this now. i would have made you a birthday post if i had known. :(
but anyway, happy birthday!!
i'm adding you to my birthday list so i know for next year :)
You know what those girls s uck your amazing 💕 pffft id play basketball with you 😌😌 I played once but you know what I s uck 😂😂
I may not brave but I am heeeeeeere
pfff those stupid fake people
it’s not a problem to be alone
like I h4te baking alone but lays year i did understand one thing
Kirk you know I’d have “friends” we were talking and Bene if I was new they did accept me I guess but that was just I lie
they never be really with me
they just need me because I do work well
so they keep their little game Imand I didn’t see nothing
and during vacation they just don’t talk to me
like so many of them now that they don’t need me don’t talk
I did realise that I don’t need them because even if I am alone I am here to study of course it can be painful to decide to put yourself alone
but sometimes at least to me it’s the rightful decision you know
and being honest everywre you go you can find better people than in school
like everywhere people will be nicer than in school
and also you are growing I don’t how old are you but you kneo in middle school don’t need to have many friends because you may never see them in high school or in college
or even at work
aaa so much mistakes being and baking* Because and. not Bene* and and not lmand*
I love the person you are faith and without taking dice. along time with you so if they don’t talk to you it’s their problem just don’t care !! do you things draw read a book I don’t know man do whatever you want and if someone talk to you bad kik him away without any kindness 😂
omg I did write so much sorryyyyyyyyy
eeeek happy birthday!! 💕🥳
omg sorry for wishing you so latee - laggy wifi :(
I'm so sorry about your basketball camp experiences, I know that weird feeling because I seriously don't know how to act around people I don't know.. I joined a bushwalking group with a friend, but she ended up leaving the group before it started, so I was left with a bunch of girls who were already friends. so I awkwardly walked at the back of the group, and tried to join into convo's but I just felt unwelcome? it was really stressful and I was holding back tears during group work - in the end, we weren't quite friends but some of the girls reached out to me and it got a whole lot more enjoyable
eek that was a long comment, but you are not a quitter for making what you think is the right decision. I'm so proud of you for getting through this, put yourself and your mental health first
Aahh thank you so much!! 🥺❤
your welcome haha 😂
broski i'm so glad i can call u my friend, u deserve hella love
nO prOBLEm pc all got ur back
no problem
ilymmm! 🥺💞
and yOURe the greatest, but i’m glad i could make you a little happy 😊
ahksj thank youu faith 🥺🥺💞
ur honestly the sherif of frickincoolville so like U DESERVE THE LOVE🤚🤚🤚🤚
aww I’m sorry you felt like an outcast! that’s how I felt when trying out for school sports, it gets better dont worry’