Yes I’m doing taps now!

Emily Alexander Edit for yall 
Also I don’t love this edit


🌸tap🌸 Yes I’m doing taps now! Emily Alexander Edit for yall Also I don’t love this edit

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thank you so much I love this one!
love this!
thank you!
thank you so much 💗
i really like this, it’s so bright and pretty!
thank yOuU💓
this is gorgeous how do you not like it🥺💞
Can you please make me a icon
omg this is so good!!!
thank you! ❤️
this is stunning!
your welcome
Thank you! 🥰
yes I would love to collab!! and your edits are great (:
ty I love sharing dark vibes
Thanks so much 💕🙏
This is great 🥰👏👏👏
Hey!👋I would appreciate it if u would fill out my post!! It will help a lot! Thank u for ur time reading this!! (Delete if u would like)🌸✨🦋
thank you ☺️
✨💕🌻Hello there! it’s -BloomingBadgers- here and i would love it if you checked out my photography account i share with my friend, _sundara_! Thank you 🌻💕✨
I’m not quite sure what a chat page is lol. usually I just comment back and fourth! but could you do the first half and I’ll do the second half and text? (:
also I absolutely love this
do you want to do Addison Rae? I assume you like her because of your pfp and we could just use like a YouTube video or photo shoot
okay let’s do Addison!! we could do her video with James and make it an edit of Addison and James or we could do her karlie kloss controls my day vid! just some ideas (:
I love this❤️
woahhh beautiful
okay sounds great!! (:
thank you very much 🥺
L O V E - T H I S - S O - M U C H
I love this
I’m good thnxxx
ur welcome 🦋🤪
Amazing collage also please enter the riverdale games round 2&3 before the results get posted
So pretty!
✨if you haven’t finished the text for my harry potter games by July 7th i will have to give someone else your job!✨
Riverdale games round 4 is up
hey! it’s Rosie (milky_bear) and Sarah (-shiningsky-)! we are having a happiness contest and we would love it if you joined!! thank you for reading this!! (sorry for the copy and paste)
You're welcome
What have you been doing lately?
I’ve been pretty good! I love the last day of school! It’s the best day ever! Cross-country has been occupying my time a lot lately.
hey please check out my recent post!! 🤗💗
❤️SELF PROMO ALERT❤️ as annoying as self promo can be, i would really appreciate if you could check out some of my latest collages, i am very proud of them! i am also a growing account so any feedback you have for me would be GREATLY appreciated! also if you want to, check out my extras account @Live4ArtPLUS❤️❤️❤️tysm and have a great day! (u can delete this if you want)
Amazing collage also doing Taylor Swift games on my third account BettyVeronica46
Also doing Taylor Swift games on my account
and your collages are gorgeous
this is so cute!
it’s been a year... miss you! ❤️
hey!! <3 i am new here and am trying to make friends and grow my acc! if u want we can be mutuals!! tysm, and ily!
I LOVE THAT IDEA! ❤️ But no pressure to post or anything 😅
I’ve actually been thinking about restarting my account as well. I’ve been kinda missing PC!
heyyy hru?
i love your account and can’t wait to see what you post next
Heyyyy Millie! How have you been?? Miss you ❤️