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baby ima take a shower in like 5 mins ig shorty took a shower and drained the water so I gotta wait but she got out like a half an hour ago so mew 😩
regret eating tacos tbh it’s not settling with nugget 😔😔
I'm sorry baby😔❤
baaaby it’s okay ❤️ mew I feel a little better just a lil light headed but I’m okay ❤️
so the bigger I’m getting the harder it is to breath and like get up or move or do anything I found out 😩😩❤️
Who told u that baby??❤
Hey post a pic of the ultrasound so I can download the photo😊❤❤
well I kinda already knew it was gonna happen but I sat down baby cuz I was dizzy and I tried to get up and I was out of breath like shxxt that kinda hurts
Well u r pregnant ❤❤
okay baby I will ❤️ ik just things are getting harder now like damñ ❤️
Well think pregnant isn't bad but going threw it will suck but hey love u❤
I loves you too ❤️ just yea I need your help with more shxxt I think 😩❤️
should I lee the ultrasound up or delete it?❤️
Up to u baby❤❤
I could just leave it up and we can txt off that one once there’s too many texts on this one if you want❤️
Sure baby ❤
okay baby ❤️❤️
So I told Will Willis😳❤
oh good god what did he do? ❤️
I'll show u the texts tomorrow ❤
okay baby ❤️
are you tired baby?
I mean he's cool right but sometimes he has his axxhole moments like every guy
Nah I'm not tired babe r u tired??❤
lord okay baby ❤️ well I don’t feel the best the tacos aren’t settling so I might go to bed in a few mins if that’s okay?❤️
Yea that's fine babe❤
okay ❤️ god I wish you were here tonight just gonna be in that monster T-shirt, a thong and nothing else ❤️
Dàmmït I wish I was there
I wish ❤️ I mean nugget hurts to bad to wear shorts or anything so I said fxck it 😩❤️
Oh yea I don't blame u❤
yea nugget just hurts a lil too much I just wish you were here ❤️
I wish baby❤ hey do u think we should have a godfather??
a godfather? idk baby ❤️ should we?❤️
omg no shorts and no bra is so fxcking comfy
just now laid down in bed and took the shorts off and just yesssssss😩😩😩
baaaaby you okay if I go to bed ❤️
Lol enjoying that?? Lol❤ Will Willis is asking if we wanted a godfather and I kinda think he wants to be the godfather❤
he probably does baby❤️ I mean shxxt I wanna meet him first tho like so I at least know him okay ❤️
well nugget hurts and the shorts were hurting me so this is way more comfy
It's Will Willis he's a fxcking far distance cousin lol I'll just tell him he's the godfather❤
okay baby ❤️
baaaby can I get some sleep?❤️
Yea u can go to bed baby❤❤
okay ❤️ I’ll txt you when I wake up baby I loves you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love u to❤❤
fxck this shxxt I’m so fxcking tired 😩😩❤️
baaaaaby you awake?❤️
nugget fxcking hurts 😔
God I can't keep my eyes open 😔❤
ik fxckin same 😔 hate this time set back shxxt I’m hella tired 😩😩
Ik it's fxckin stupid 😔❤
ik 😔
I huernso bad I gotta wear sweats 😩
I hurt so bad
Yea wear something comfortable ❤
I’m wearing ur sweats don’t worry ❤️ hey I got a picture of nugget from the last ultrasound baby❤️
Post it so that I can download it❤ y does it seem like the time goes by fast now
god ik it does baby 😩❤️❤️ but okay I probs will at the school I’m tryna make a bagel real quick 😳❤️
Ok baby ❤
hey can you bring chips or some to school baby ❤️
Yea I'll try baby ❤
hey I gotta get ready to go baby I’ll see you at school loves you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
okay baby hey I loves you ❤️❤️
Mean bus?? Ok love u to❤
I miss you ❤️❤️
Hey post the recent pic of nugget ❤❤
I miss u to baby😔❤❤
baaaaby I just wants cuddles ❤️
I wanna cuddle to❤❤ hey can u post the recent pic of nugget??❤
yes I did baby ❤️ we can txt off it too if you want ❤️
Up to u❤❤
we should ❤️
Ok we can ❤❤
okay baby ❤️❤️❤️