I’m about to leave to my cabin

638x624 bluewatermelon-

I’m about to leave to my cabin Yeee

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wOw pReTty
it looks so goooood
this is soooo gooddd
np 💖
Oh wow this is so good!!
you’re welcomEee
this looks great!! I recommend curving your eyelashes when you draw them, and when shading, different pressures will give you different shades. hope this helped!!
I LOVE you bio too!😂👏👏🐞🐾
I’d say with the eye brow, curve it a bit to match the eyes curve, that way it’ll look more natural as to a straight line. It’s still niceu👌
you okay??
what is your icon 😂
OOft cuteeee
agh sorry about the collab here it is
Tysm! 💖
also thanks mah dude 😂
😂 that’s beautiful
yes it is 😂
is this the final product or is there someone who still needs to go?
if it is the final I think you should send it to the people with the smaller screen size (i think it’s people who use iPads) and I can send it to the people with the bigger screen size (iPhone and maybe android) to avoid it getting messed up due to the cropping
oooo wowza love the final product!! ^^^
when are we posting it?
I finally have a transition into a possible new theme😂
I just posted it too if that’s fine
(feel free to ignore me) buuuut, for the eyebrow, you could try drawing the individual hairs and not outlining it. it makes the hair look more realistic. do you look at a picture or use a mirror to see your own eye, because (for me at least) a reference helps a lot.
good job though!!!! and I’m in love with your page❤️
looks great!
This is beautiful!!!
i’d say use swift moves for drawing eyelashes and make them longer! (by swift moves, I mean pressing harder at first and releasing your pressure while kind of flicking the pencil)
and the end of the eyes are actually more rounded
also using darker/ softer pencil leads ( 4b, 6b) helps to make the drawing have more dimension cuz you have more values to work with compared to say, a 2b pencil
your lower lashes are a bit long and stubby, try using more of a flicking motion, and shade a little more :) you’re doing great