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i was hoping u would ask that... *giggles* wanna remix?😘
hey, wyd?
lol havent heard from you in while
oh naughty boy! hahahahahahaha
so hru
nvm, i think i already know the answer
im great!
i thought that you were gonna say im hxrny or im dirty
anything new with you?
oh lol
well what?
lets talk about you
you crushing?
on someone?
lets ask eachother random questions and we have to answer them honestly, you start
idk, meeting my BFF
do you have a crush on anyone?
who who who!!! I'm so excited or you
no I totally understand
yes I have wby?
^ooh who ya crushin on
i can make us a chat page
is it showing now?
i used a different pic for the background, i think it’s showing now
ummmmm maybe maybe not
fine... I have
have you ever given or received head
wanna just comment on there? (idc either way)
u can start lol
your turn
Hahahahahahahaha lol
what are you doing rn
ttyl okay!
aj? where’d u go? :(
hey mister *giggles and sits on ur lap* //emily
r u mad at me ?
*giggles* wanna rp?
i can turn u on baby *giggles*
*smirks and starts massaging ur dxck, and grabbing ur balls*
*smiles* hi mister am Alyssa
*takes my pants off and starts twerking in ur face, playing around with my thöng a bit*
hey ☺️
aw :(
could u just take a burst of pics?
Aww thanks
r u pansexual I am too
hey want to role play
I never said that lol
oh you’re alive
my remix is pending?
oh. I’m sorry! but yes if you want to we can.
Hey, I am all down to if you are.
and as of right now my body is all yours.
What do you mean I Pick setting? like where it all takes place? ☺️
hold on.. I will see if I can remix it.
let’s do truth or dare first then I’ll send it. I’m a bit nervous
idk, it’s kinda just a gut feeling and.. Dare.
are u kidding me.. clothes on or off?
*Rubs myself quickly* okay. I dare you to..Kiss me! I bet you won’t do it!!
Mhm but no pictures of that!
That’s why I said you won’t do it!😂 anywho I dare you to..... okay I’ve got nothing.
Fine but mine isn’t a dirty one. I dare you to peel a banana with only your feet and toes. 😂
Really?! no banana?! that’s sad bananas are my favorite fruit.
That is a shame! I just had a banana/pecan pie it was delish! I’m a major foodie but somehow I stay mega skinny.
Mkay.. leave an R-rated voice mail for an ex?
I seriously have no clue what to dare you for!
You don’t have to do it. I swear I had to look online and I found one that you could actually do but of course it was the least dirty of em all.
and that’s the thing! I can’t think of anything dirty!!! it’s like the weirdest thing.
I’m sorry I’m almost always dirty ☹️ *pouts*
me too 💦
anyone want to trade
add me on snap and than maybe you’ll have a chance
u still want to?
um ok //Chris
on pc?
want some nudes
same dirty life