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finished your icon.
please give credit if you use it.
Thanks again! Do you want to do a collab?
yesss!i remmember!❤️❤️You have been here since sooo long!Love you sooooo freaking much!❤️❤️Could we be Bestieess?
will u pls enter my contest?🦔❤️
half of your team has entered the games! you and -SunBurst- need to enter before Friday!
u enter the first contest collage so u can make a collage out of one of the four pictures and somebody asked me if u can use more that one and I said yes u can
if u want to
make a collage any type just have fun with it
r u going to enter my contest
Do you want to do the text or the background?
so r u going to enter u didn’t yet when u said u were
I dint know what Wbu means 😹
ill do the text
your awesome too!
thank you so very much for all the spam!!💕💕❤️😊
ok, I have a question for you! Have you ever reported someone on PC?
You can choose the quote!
thx! i’m happy to know that i wasn’t the only person who saw that thing
i thought i broke my phone or something...
bye! i actually do need better glasses tho, maybe ur right... lol
oh dear!
ok thanks for letting me know!! don’t worry I won’t kick you out! I just need to know how people are doing in their life so I know that they’re actually trying. cause hey, everyone has a life
thanks so much!!! also I’m so sorry to hear that. i understand, friendships can be hard sometimes. hopefully you and your friend will work things out for the good!
heyyy !!! Your team needs to hurry up and complete the collab . If not done , you will be disqualified!!! Please make sure this is done xxx
Make sure to notify your team xxx