hey guys! i think this will be one of my final edits before i take a break😭. Summer is right around the corner and i want to enjoy it so i think i’ll be taking a leap of absence soon😔😢. QOTD: Which do you like better Iced Coffee ☕️ or Hot Coffee? AO

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💐TaP💐 hey guys! i think this will be one of my final edits before i take a break😭. Summer is right around the corner and i want to enjoy it so i think i’ll be taking a leap of absence soon😔😢. QOTD: Which do you like better Iced Coffee ☕️ or Hot Coffee? AO

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aw man! have a great summer!!! I will miss you while you’re gone! AOTD:iced coffee
😍BEAUTIFUL collage😍
thx so much this is beautiful btw
wowie so beautiful!!
I don’t drink coffee so I can’t answe the QOTD but this is sooooo gorgeous omg how r u so talentedddddd
and ok I chose the prizes
idk if I already chose 2 more or not tho
like how much more now?
Love this! Enjoy your summer!! AOTD: iced coffee...
So Pretty!!!💛 AOTD: iced coffee
thank you!!
thank you so much for the pics! xo
love this!
ahh thank youuu❤️
oh ok I will
awwwww ur so sweet ty
idk actually but it would be sparkly and blue or like a pastel blue
I already had a lavender prom dress so I don’t need to wear it again it can’t fit that was 5th grade
but yeah and it would be just the right amount of fluffy at the bottom notntoo crazy but enough
that it’s at least a little puffy
and yeah
stunning aotd: cold coffee
gonna have to change that bio now🎉
no problem!!! you totally deserve all the appreciation!
yeah me too😂
AOTD: hot coffee!!😊☕️
gorgeous xx congrats on the feature
cute 😍🥰xx
For my background pack prize from your contest can it be like a summer/beach theme?
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love it 😊
iced coffee
this is so beautiful
omg gorgeous
so beautiful!!!
this is so cute!❤️
so cute💖
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hey wanna collab?
I love our last collab it’s soooooooo pretty and ur so talented I love ur edits so much they r so beautiful
iced coffee DEFINITELY
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hey! congrats on the feature! this is sooo cute! 💛🤠 [im ali btw]
defo iced coffee x
iced coffeee
follow me 🖤
I luv that and iced coffee
your a great YouTuber!!
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I love it
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good job 👏🏻
I love how you embrace the mole on your forehead and don’t try to cover it up like I would I love how you look so comfortable in your skin while I wish I could like shed mine and grow a new one so I would look better
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wow this looks great!
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good job love this
love this Alisha Marie my fave
perfection 😍
love this 🥰
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Nice pictures
love this I love her YouTube channel
wait! is this the real Alisha Marie?
that is soo good I love her videos
l love her vids
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beautiful collage ♥︎
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ice coffee
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this is so cuteee
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