Sorry I didnt mention yesterday was Saturday...


Tap Sorry I didnt mention yesterday was Saturday...

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Winnie was getting ready for church. She had a pretty dress and and was now eating breakfast.
Theo and Nathan wore suits, and Nathan kept adjusting his color.
Winnie is playing on her phone. it’s been 40 minutes. she really wants to do something!
Sadie comes up to them "hey Winnie!" she glances at Lucas "oh, hey Lucas" she smiles
what do I do?
(ok cool thx)
Charlotte is sitting on the other side of the park with music in. She doesn’t know anyone
Maddie strolls out of her apartment humming under her breath, she decides to walk to the park. she sees Charlotte and instantly walks up to her.
“Hi” Charlotte says nervously.
“Hiya! I’m Maddie” She gives her a warm smile
“Hey Kat! I’m ‘new’ around here as there has been problems with my family so Ive has to miss the first week...’*she bites her lip as her eyes fill up with tears*
“Hi Maddie, I’m Charlotte but you can call me Char” Char says opening up a little
Winnie sees someone new. she walks up to her. “hey! I’m Winnie.”
“hi, I’m Char”
“I’m Char”
what’s your name
*Char smiles
do you go to uni?
(whoops I forgot the talking mark)
“I haven’t started yet but I’m going to go to Riverside uni
(sorry i have to go)
(I’m back)
*Maddie walks over to Winnie* Hiya, I’m Maddie!
“Hi guys” Char pants running up to them.
“hey Maddie”
“how’s it going?”
“I’m n-new here, I missed the first week due to family issues...” *she bites her lip anxiously*
(is there any romance 😂💞)
“oh I missed the first week too”
“Do you guys wanna come back to my apartment and hang?”
“Lucas can come too” Char says smiling at Lucas
“It’s over this way” she says starting to walk along a path
*Char hears and just smiles
after about 5 minutes of walking and talking they reach a HUGE apartment block
“I live in here” Char says
she opens the door and lets them into the entrance area
It’s not very big but I like it
*she says referring to her apartment
do you want anything to eat or drink
what do you wanna do?
*char sits on the couch too
“How is uni?”
“I’m really nervous about it”
“interesting, huh?”
“what do you mean by that”
“Do you like uni, Lucas?” Char smiles
(Winnie, Lucas and I are at my apartment)
(my name is Charlotte or Char btw$
"hey Winnie" she texts back "where r u?"
(awkward silence)
"yea sure! if they'll have me... where?"
(nothing really)
“sure, a friend of yours is a friend of mine”
Sadie gets up and looks for directions to Winnie's friends apartment
(Lucas texted you to save him)
(be back in 5 mins)
Char just sits there while Lucas and Winnie are texting
“that’s alright”
“are you show you don’t want a drink or some food?” Char asks
“nope” Char replies
awkward silence
"coming now" Sadie texts
“How long have you been at uni?” Char asks
“no not yet. I applied for one though”
Sadie arrives and knocks on the door nervously
Char goes to open the
"hey" Sadie waves shyly
"I'm Sadie. are you char?"
“Hi I’m Char” Char says after opening the door
"nice to meet you." she grins
“come in”
Sadie hopes she's not being too weird. she doesn't often meet new people
"hey Winnie!" Sadie called, sitting next to her and suddenly relaxing
would you like a drink or something to eat?
Char opens the door
"hey Lucas." Sadie grins. she turns to char. "no thank you, I'm fine"
“Hi! I’m Char”
Sadie turns to the door too, wondering who it is
“oh cool”
Sadie waves. "hey Sophie!"
“would you like a drink or something to eat?”
(got to go)
(ok yea I gtg to)
"ok, sure!"
Sadie smiles awkwardly, not sure what to do. she gets up to join the others
(hey sorry I had no internet 😂)
Sadie had no idea what's up with Lucas
"I'm good! how are you?"
*Maddie runs out of her apartment and sees them* Hey Guys! wait up!
"oh hey" Sadie turns to see Maddie "Maddie, right?"
she doesn't know Maddie very well but has seen her around
*she runs after them* hey guys! *she hugs winnie* “long time no see, huh?”
Sadie smiles
*she turns to Sadie*”Yep that’s me”
Sadie notices the tension between Sophie and Lucas, then turns back to Maddie and Winnie
*maddie is shocked* wait what’s the deal with the romance here?
"cool" she says to Maddie. "nice to meet you. well... again I guess" she blushes and smiles
"anything wrong Sophie?" asks Sadie
Sadie goes inside and waits for the others
hey Sadie, i erm forgot to give you this back *she hands over a text book*
"oh" Sadie laughs"thanks Maddie"
"ok" she smiles and tries to enjoy herself, despite Lucas acting weird
"a water maybe please?" Sadie asks
(gtg be back in 10)
*Maddie sits down next to Sadie* no probs! how you doing?
"I'm good" Sadie replies
*shes sighting nervous to ask this* what the deal with the romance?
^she asks Sadie
*shes takes a cookie and eats it nervously, she feels slightly uncomfortable*
*maddie looks at Winnie* “you asking me ?
"I don't know what's up with Lucas and Sophie"
^ Sadie replies, sipping water
"hey Sophie" Sadie grins
“well I like fashion, as you can see I have a “unique style”. lots of people look at me strangely but I love being creative!” *shes becoming more comfortable* “sorry, I’m just a bit down at the moment”
She munches a cookie and looks around "nice place Winnie"
"yea Maddie, your outfit is awesome! I love fashion too" she's wearing a black beret and tight denim overalls over a stripes black and white shirt with read converse
“thank you! I mean you can always borrow some of my stuff, Sophie!”
"Lucas!" Sadie calls after him
*she smiles to herself, glad that they accept her”
"oh if love to shop with everyone!"
“Thanks Sadie, I like being creative! it’s a good way to express yourself” *she hands her a ribbon hair band* “here, have this I don’t need it anymore”
"oh thanks!" she ties her hair up and it perfectly matches her beret
*she turns to Sophie* “hey, are you free tomorrow? I can show you some cool shops, hang out. whatcha think?”
"Winnie, is something up" she asks noticing Winnie's distant smile
“no problem! it suits you way better than me!” *she laughs*
"yay!" Sadie claps her hands
“okay! I’ll text you later, I’m dying for a new dungarees! how about, you sleep over at mine tonight so we can head there straight in the morning?”
"well if you say so" Sadie says reluctantly to Winnie, knowing her friend is sad
*Maddie feels bad and looks at winnie* “how are you? I heard your studying a similar course to me!”
“how long have you lived here?”
*Maddie is happy that Sophie seems to like her as she feels like Winnie doesn’t like her*
*Maddie knows somethings up* “hey erm are you okay?” *she shuffles next to her and puts her arm around her*
*maddie looks at Sophie in confusion*
"Winnie what's wrong?" Sadie comes to the other side and gives Winnie's shoulder a gentle squeeze
“can you hear that?”
"poor Winnie" she mumbles to Sophie and Maddie
*maddie jumps up and runs to the bathroom door* “Winnie? are you okay?” *she knocks on the door multiple times*
"what? did she say Lucas?"
"Winnie!" she taps on the door
*she frowns* “no your not. you can’t keep saying that when your in hysterics crying! what’s the matter?”
Sadie too starts to get an idea about why Winnie's upset
*maddie is still confused*
"Sophie u ok?" Sadie asks, seeing her expression
“what’s happening?”
*she knocks on the door again*
*she touches Winnie’s arm*
"Winnie!" Sadie ridges to hug her friend
“okay. I was just trying to be nice” *she shrugs*
"well, if you want to just forget it..." Sadie breaks off and hugs Winnie, smiling
Sadie smiles too, then butts out laughing at how awkward things are
*she walks to the bathroom and sits in there for a few minutes*
*she looks down at her arms*
"Maddie I'm sorry it's so stressful" Sadie says through the door
"yeah" Sadie agrees
Winnie seems upset and Sadie just wanted everyone to be happy
(ok gtg guys see u)
*she traces her scars*
“it’s okay guys, it’s just reminded me of something”
*tears run down her face as she looks at Winnie and Sophie*
*she pulls up her sleeves to show them her scars*
“my dad left me, and This is so what I done”
“so then I moved here”
(I got to go but I’ll be back in 20 mins or so! my phones gonna die and I’m in a car! soryyyy)
(im here now)💕
today is Saturday 😁😜😬😬😬
Claire went to the coffee shop again, orders the same pumpkin latte, but walks out. Maybe she could make a friend today?
Claire thought: if there’s a party, I could meet people!
heya! everyone??
(what happened?)