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hi what’s your zodiac sign?
where are you from?
and do you have any pets?
if it’s too personal don’t answer
how old
how do you feel about the Amazon rainforest burning?😣
how do you feel about the vsco girls taking over !!!
what’s your fave song
btw i’m copying you i’m sorry
bacon’s cool, right?
do u like tea? (both meanings)
dhsjsh im confusing myself^
do you have a favorite hobby?
what are all your secret talents? if you have any
and what’s the first thing you would do if you had a million wishes)
same i can’t believe no one is caring about the Amazon rainforest, it’s so heartbreaking
omg i love this layout- ill be back when i find some questions for ya
hmm, favourite bird? favourite book?
omg yes i have a new icon planned for next week with an otter 💞💞
cool bacon 😎
oh cool!💓
thanks for answering!😘
ahh, cool! I love peregrine falcons too! They’re so smol and adorable :o
Do you like The Beatles? Do you like Grace VanderWaal? What is your favorite school subject? What is your favorite hobby?
thank u💕
how long have you been on PC? and what’s your favorite comment that you’ve ever gotten??💕
most embarrassing moment? 😅
whats the longet youve gone without a shower?
what would you say if you had to pretend to like a present?
something youd change about your daily life?
pet peeves?
animal that mostly resembles you?
what colour is your toothbrush?
hp house & zodiac sign? lol i swear i know these but ive just forgotten oof
what color is your hair? what was your favorite dream you had? do you like school or no? do you have any crushes?
sorry if any of those are personal! Feel free not to answer any of them
omg 😂 we love that
oooh~ cool! and haha okay😆😊💕
hiiiiiii! 🤗How are you? do you have an Instagram?
zodiac sign?
do you play an instrument? if so, what?
I play the bari sax and the clarinet