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Dear follower. I’ve looked through your account, and decided that I want your expert opinion on what I should do when I hit 100 followers. But come quick! I only have 8 (possibly less when you read this) followers to go! Don’t forget to share this message with all of your friends and have them vote on my account too! Love, Magical-Moments xxxx
Hey there! Round one is out! Go check it out! Have fun!
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Dear Collager, it’s Magical-Moments here! Perhaps you don’t remember, but a few weeks ago you signed up to be part of my celebrity games. Round one is a distant memory, but round 2 has now been out for a while. I couldn’t help notice that you haven’t posted something yet and the due date is in three days! I know you wouldn’t do something like this on purpose, so support your team and get those entries in! Love, Magical-Moments xx
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