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congrats on the feature, so pretty
congrats on feature
Billie Ellish
congrats o. the feature!!💕
congrats on the feature
Everyone seems to be doing picks of Billie
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seriously wow
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this is so pretty 😍 love this sm
woahhhh I love this
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congrats on the feature
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so cute I have a heart on you
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lol this is good
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omg I am literally in love with this😍😍😍
love u Billie 💖💖
if this is really bile i just want to say I love love you songs like so much i can’t even express how much i love your songs
it is not Billie just some edits I made of her
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idkw but i feel like i’ve seen this exact thing/collage before somewhere...idk it just feels so familiar. like all the details and the way it was made just seems so...idk...
i am not saying you stole this but i am just saying this collage looks familiar
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congratulations you are futured
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love Billie ♥️
I love Billie so much her music is so awesome and makes me wanna cry sometimes like happy tears
she makes me cry 💘
this is beautiful btw!
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I love it
i love billie and her music
can you give me a shout out?
love your work
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so cool ! ♡
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This is AMAZING😍love Billie so much!✨