12/7/19 - happy holiiiidays ♥️ - tap!
how is everyone? :) missed y’all 🖤
thanks for 3.5k! 💞🤯
i had a convo w/ my teacher about Weezer & it was pretty cool 😂
QOTD: favorite song on the list?
AOTD: bob dylan 🥰


12/7/19 - happy holiiiidays ♥️ - tap! how is everyone? :) missed y’all 🖤 thanks for 3.5k! 💞🤯 i had a convo w/ my teacher about Weezer & it was pretty cool 😂 QOTD: favorite song on the list? AOTD: bob dylan 🥰

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definitely Christmas Tree Farm! this is going to be a Christmas classic!
aotd: either watch watch happens next or finally // beautiful stranger 💗
but I love so many on this list that it’s hard to choose 😂💗💗
also yesterday we had a lip sync battle at my school and someone did recess by Melanie I was so shook
I just listened to romance but I don’t remember a lot of the songs so I have to listen again 😂😂 (It’s not boring I was just doing stuff while listening to it)
aotd: probably graveyard or bob dylan
aww thank youu💝
:))) thanks
it is! I really like that too!
aha ikr the power avsjs 😂😂
++ thanks!!!!!! 😎😎
i’ve been rlly good hah wbu?
aww that sucks, i hope it gets better ❣️ i’m always here to talk tooooo
Hi my name is Syd I'm new to PC I would love if you checked out my account:)
aww man that sucks :(
gsjsbs yEah 😂😂
omg i’ve been listening to these songs and i love them sm ahhh
eee thank you!
I knowwww I remember 2010 not being a big deal to me and 2020 just seems too intimidating...
❤️❤️❤️thank you so much!
thanks so much!!!
thank you! ❤️
christmas tree farmmm
Hello Audrey it's super awesome to meet you tysm for checking my account out. Doing different playlists is such a cool idea I love it:)
yess that’s a good song!
thank you!!!
dude I thought it was just me 😂
samee adore you and lights up are so so good i can’t wait to hear the rest of the album
ikr my choir teacher is honestly horrible
right? I thought I was the only one — one day I’ll be like ahmg ~feelings~ and the next day I’ll have basically almost no feelings except the fact that I remember how I felt before— and it’s just like confusing cycle ✌️
miss you too and thanks
ikr 💗💗🥺🥺🥺
ok tysm!! I haven’t heard golden but I’ve heard doin time and I think it’s really good 💗
ok so I listened to golden and I really like it!! I think it’s really creative and a style of music that I don’t hear a lot 💗 tysm for recommending it!!!
dude idek whatever it is it is emotions just do whatever they want lol
ahaha he’s cute but he’s a trouble maker
he’s always pushing things off the table and trying to escape from the house whenever we open the door lol
honestly tho
thanks so much!! 💗
lolll thanks ✌️
Aww tysm Audrey your amazing!!
omg dinner party is A CLASSIC ~she took me by the haaanddd~
ahh good luck! 💓
thank you :)
np!! 💓
thank you Audrey!
aww thanks💗😂
ikr! I’m not scared OF our future but more like FOR our future, all the kids there who have to deal with extreme temperatures and disasters is so alarming and I don’t understand how some people can just ignore the fact that of something won’t be done soon, we will all basically die! not even humans, but also animals and they don’t deserve that after everything we’ve done
Thank you 💕
aww thank you!💚❤️
thank you so much!!🥺❤️
yess!! she’s amazing 💗💓💓 the album does sound good coming from a record player 🤩
thank you so much!! merry Christmas!🎄💫
thank you 🥺💗
thank you! ❤️
thank you💖
thank you <3 also yes it’s from falling :)
thank you :)
tyty 🤍
aww thank youuu🤍
aw thank you!
A: show and tell or Christmas tree farmmmmmmmmmmm
ah! i missed youuuuuu
thank you! love you!
Audreyyyy hi!!!!! I’m wishing you the best holiday season and Christmas!!! You spread so much love and positivity where ever you go and it makes me feel so warm 🥰 I’m SO SO happy we became friends because you’re so amazing and I’m just ahh so happy I met you 🥺😭🥰 I’ll never forget how you were one of the first peoples to welcome me on pc and I love you sooo much!! happy holidays!! 🥺💗💗
thank you for being such an amazing friend and all around person!!! 💕 you’re THE BEST and I wish you a fantastic holiday season 💗😊
ikr 😂