Please enter, I am looking forward to what you can come up with!!!!

640x640 skinkz

Tap! Please enter, I am looking forward to what you can come up with!!!!

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OK, cool! I love finding pics!
How are you doing?
lol I entered 4 times! πŸ˜‚
LOVE ur new quote!!! It's AMAZE! How r things going for u?
Yeah. That's ok!
Sorry! Just curious
I get it! And LOl! l used too I can re download it if u want me too, then we can play together right?
R u in the hospital or at home?
Why r they trying to make u fall asleep? Sorry for all the questions!
I see, I hope u get better so they don't have to do surgery! Sorry for the late reply! I was eating a snack
NP!!! How r u doing now? Any better?
That's good! U want me to make a chat page for us?
DEFINITELY!!! Can we do it a little bit later? I've gtg or else my parents will be on to me and they don't know I have a PC acc. Sorry!!! But I'll definitely let you know when I'm back online!
literally omg!πŸ˜‚you are so great!
feeling any better today?
Skinkz, you any better?
I saw on Enchanted Rose's account you were puking... not trying to bud in ofcourse!
Just wanted you to know, you WILL get better, I promise...πŸ™‚
I'm online! Sorry I was gone for so long! I had a friend over and we were watching beauty and the beast
Hi Skinkz! Lmk know when ur ready to make our joint acc. Love u!πŸ’•
thank you☺️
round 2 is up!
Ok! Can we do it tonight? Bc I'm out rn and using my moms hotspot and I'm not sure how long she'll have it turned off for
yeah lets do that
Awesome, lets collab!
Also, fan page is being made soon!
doesn't matter you can pic
and if I win I will give u the picture in a bigger format.
just a question but do u make icons?
what r the prizes
if you want to use mine I can make it bigger, but please giv credit