Collage by Kayla-Gamess


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celesta walks in tired after her swim session and flops on a bean bag
Hannah sat, leaning against a bookshelf, stroking Lyla, and reading.
celesta sees Hannah: oh hey Hannah. nice kitty.
Hannah smiled. “Hey. It’s Lyla. Via got a dog... That’s been nice.” she said, rolling her eyes.
celesta giggles and walks over. he holds her hand out and strokes her
Hannah closed her book, and sat it beside her. She lifted Lyla, and put her in Celesta’s arms.
celesta cuddled the small fluff ball and smiled at Hannah: she's Adorable
Hannah smiled. “Aw. Thanks!” she said.
Azule: *walks in and grabs a romantic novel and sits down and starts to read* Trent: *walks in and puts in earbuds listening to music*
(chips .-.)
(omg. yes. and, to be sure, this IS ryker, right? not your sister?)
(Wait, are other ppl allowed to be in here?)
(what do you mean?)
(Like it says Ryker and Liv. Are they the only ones allowed in? If they are, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be intruding😂)
Mason: *walks in with tiger, his book, and some Doritos. tiger immediately goes to play with lyla*
(whoops. no. anyone can come😂)
Hannah saw Lyla run off to Tiger, and she panicked. She dove behind the bookshelf, and breathed quietly.
Azule: *curls up and falls asleep with book in hand*
Bianca came into the library with a book and her laptop. She smiled at Hannah as she sat down in a chair.
Mason: *watched Hannah hide and shook his head. he had though things were going so well with her after... Maybe it’s time to shred my dignity and ask for advice* “tiger, leave lyla alone” *scoops up tiger* “hey Azule can I talk to you? and can we maybe not do it here?”
Mason: “it’s fine Hannah, I’m leaving, you don’t need to talk to me”
Hannah felt everything fall apart. Lyla walked back sadly, and cuddled against Hannah affectionately. The two sat there quietly, sadness in the air.
Mason: TEXTS HANNAH: I know that for some reason u don’t want to talk to me. I’m sorry if I did something wrong. what happened to our throw pillows. Hannah, please talk to me
(I can see if Ryker can help🤔he’d be more helpful than me. or liv)
(wait I have an idea)
(it will unfold slowly😈just keep rping)
(evil. but okay.)
Hannah thought for a moment. She kept typing, and then deleting. ‘I’m sorry’
(wait did she send I’m sorry)
Azule: *to mason* yeah what do you need?
Mason: *looks at his phone* TEXTS HANNAH: I’m sorry too. that was mean, I’m just annoyed and tired, and I feel like something is wrong with us and I want it fix that
Mason: “actually never mind”
Hannah sighed. ‘Okay. Well. If we’re trying to fix it, why are we texting when we’re ten feet apart?’
Mason: *looks up and laughs* “come here”
Bianca was kind of confused of what was going on, but decided to keep reading
Hannah stood up, a mischievous grin on her face. She reached over at a chair, grabbed a throw pillow, and threw it at him.
Mason: “Wow” *rolls eyes* “just wow” *grabs another throw pillow and chucks it at Hannah*
Hannah gaped. “I have a cat... oh, wait. So do you...” she laughed.
Mason: *laughs* “Hannah” he says, fake exasperated. *sneaks up and grabs her from behind, throws her on the couch and starts pelting her with throw pillows* “Admit defeat! HANNAH GREENE, ADMIT DEFEAT!”
Hannah smiled. “Never!” she insisted, running over and grabbing their cats. “Ha! I have hostages!”
Mason: “TIGER! get her” ||Tiger just curls up in Hannah’s arms, purring|| TIGER! *runs to Hannah, lifting up the cats* “be free” *tackles Hannah again, they wind up on the couch, laughing*
Hannah sat up. “Alright. So, first off, your cat either likes me or Lyla. Or both,” she said, grabbing her kitten. “And, yes, now I shall surrender.”
Mason: “I’m gonna go with lyla...” *the two kittens are rolling around on the floor* “...just a hunch” *pulls Hannah onto the couch next to him* “I’m trying to decide if I should let you go...”
Hannah nodded. She watched the kittens playing, oblivious, and threw a convenient ball of yarn (?) at them.
Mason: *kisses her forehead gently and watches the kittens play* “they’re so cute”
Hannah nodded in agreement. “Now, What did you want to talk about. ‘If I should let you go...’”
Mason: “I don’t know if I should let you go or keep you hostage. it’s a very hard decision” he playfully
(*says playfully)
Hannah thought. “Yessss. Let the cats be free, but keep Hannah hostage!” she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
Mason: “great idea! why didn’t I think of that?”
Hannah’s eyes widened. “I didn’t mean... oh. whatever!” she said, snuggling against him
(aww they’re adorable)
(the cats😂jk jk. the humans AND cats)
Mason: *wraps his arm around her, pulling her close*
Mason: “I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever”
Hannah sighed. “I know. I’m sorry.”
Mason: “it’s not only your fault. we’ve both been busy. maybe we can change that?” *he grins sneakily*
“Maybe. I don’t know...” she said, drifting off. She glanced at the cats. “Can I ask you something?”
Mason: “anything” he responds automatically
Hannah paused. “What were you...” she restarted. “What were you *really* thinking when you saw Jack and I...?
Mason: “what do you mean?”
She thought. “Well, you freaked out. And at the time, we weren’t on good terms.” she explained. “I don’t remember exactly how Jack and I ended up there, because it happened really fast, but I do know that he adored me.” She lightly tapped his nose. “Like you do!”
Mason: *smiles* “I was scared. it looked like he was forcing you. I got protective, because I do adore you” **kisses Hannah’s hand*
Hannah thought. “I miss him. And I feel terrible for Taylor,” she admitted. “I’m not quite fond of his last words being about me.”
Mason: “I was starting to like him too, I know what you mean” *becomes more serious* “can I ask you a serious question?”
Hannah nodded. “What is it?” she asked.
Mason: “could you” *stops and starts over* “do you still have feelings for jack?” *exhales* “there, I said it”
Hannah thought. “I can’t say it’s impossible to love a dead person, because I’ve been dead, and you still loved me,” she started. “But no. We were both depressed, and he cut- I don’t anymore- and it just wouldn’t have worked out. So, no.”
(imma read his response and then go to sleep)
Mason: *smiles* “ok” *leans in and softly kisses her*
(kk. night)
(yay that went well!)