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(we should do a skewl roleplay AND SHIP THEM)
(YOI)Jasper:*Walks to school* North:*Also walks to school*
Terrance: *Is already at his locker and closes his locker door with that 'HAWT EMO SWAG'*
(I dunno why I'm usin two OC's, XD)Jasper:*She walks into the school, and happens to have the locker next to Terrance*
Terrance: *Crumples up a peice of paper that has a note on it and throws it at Jasper, and walks away with even more of that HAWT EMO SWAG*
Jasper:(I feel like this is going to be sorta like they hate each other at first but then they like each other)*Picks up the paper, looking around to see who dropped it* What is this...? *unfolds it*
(Yeahp thats exactly what im doing)
*The note says*~ Watch out for Jamie and Kasandra, they are a pair of bxtches, also watch out for Kaleb because hes a flat out pęrvért. Just some advise from your future enemy! Hate -Terrance <3
Jasper:Future enemy...? What...? *Crumples the paper up, and it burns in her hand* Weird... *Walks to class*
Terrance: *Happens to be in the same class as Jasper* *Says to himself while eyeing Jasper*~This is gonna be hilarious
Jasper:*Sits down, and takes out her phone, and texts her best internet friend*
*Class has started* Terrance: heh... *Gets a spit ball ready and shoots it at Jasper* (Wow didnt expect him to be this much of a jerk XD)
Jasper:*Senses it, whips around, and has one hand up, it stops in midair, then falls to the ground* . . .
Terrance: *Acts as of he didnt do it and is amazed at the same time* *Thinks to himself*~ Whoa... *His ear flicks as he ajusts his hood*
Jasper:*Turns back around, slightly annoyed*
Terrance: Hmm.... *Pretends to do his work but is acctually studing Jasper* *Thinks to himself*~ What is she?
Jasper:*Does her work quickly, and reads after she is done, then fixes the beanie that is hiding her wolf ears*
<2 hrs latr> *Is nao lunch time* Terrance: *Is sitting at a table by himself in the back of the room not eating anything*
Jasper:*Sitting in a tree outside, drawing*
Terrance: *Quickly catches and apple that was thrown at him then trows it back at the prrson who threw it*
Jasper:*Finishes her drawing and walks inside, sitting quietly at a table, at the opposite end from Kasandra*
Kasandra: *Looks at Jasper* Hi im Kasandra *Smilesand obvious fake smile* I like your hat can I have it?
Smiles an*
(Oh Diddley darn)
Jasper:Um... I'm Jasper... and sorry... no... My mother gave me this...
Kasandra: Well "Jasper", let me make this clear, if you arnt gonna give me something I want I will just forcefully take it or dont talk to me ever again.
Jasper:Fine by me. *Stands up, and walks away*
Terrance: *Throws another crumpled up note at Jasper making it look like it wasnt him*
Jasper:*Catches it with one hand, and unfolds it*
*The note says*~ Oh yeah Kasandra is a rich kid and she thinks she can have whatever she wants so watch out for her and you might wanna keep that hat on your head at all times at school
Hate -Terrance <3
(sorry)*The note burns up in her hand again* Whoa the heck is Terrance...?
<Lunch is over>
*Walks to her next class, ART*
Terrance: *Knows he has the same class as you next and is waiting at the door way looking as if hes waiting for someone*
Jasper:*Sees him* ...? *Continues walking to her class, then walks inside*
Terrance: *Trips her then walks in whistling as if he didnt do anything*
Jasper:*Growls slightly, and catches herself, then stands up and walks to her seat*
Terrance: *Throwns another crumpled note again making it look like it wasnt him* *The note says*~ Oh yeah that guy who just tripped you be carefull bc hes abit of a rude person but hey I dont know why... so yeah... Hate -Terrance <3
(So I show Burgess DuckDuckGo and he was laughing his head off in science at break time)
Jasper:*Stuffs the note in her pocket, and waits as they get their assigned seats* (i think this will turn out like Aph X Aaron)
Terrance: *Just happens to sit by Jasper*
(tru. but what if the friend Jasper was texting turned out to be Terrance?
Jasper:*Draws anime in her notebook*
Jasper:*Has her phone off, so she won't see the text until later*
Terrance: *Says quietly to himself*~ She must have her phone off...
Terrance: *His ears flick repandomly bc they tend to do that and he adjusts his hood up farther onto his head*...
*Looks over at Terrance* Hi, I'm um... Jasper.
Terrance: Hi... Call me Terry... or your future enemy *Hint Hint* Because I dont feel that we would like eachother very much and I would prefer to keep it that way Jasper, even if you were to become my friend I would hurt you alot and thats something I cant mentally take. but aslong as we're enemys wont care if I hurt you mentally or physically.
(Wow Terrance just love to explain why he 'Doesnt' like Jasper XD Terrance: Shut up Mythic)
Jasper:*Thinks to self*~I seem to have a lot of future enemies... *One wolf ear flicks under her hat* Sorry, I'm new here and just trying to make friends. If you don't want to be friends, that's fine... *Goes back to sketching*
(hehehheeheh shiperino)
(Terrance: *Turns kind of red* No not shiperino!)
(indeed shiperino)
Kid also next to Jasper: *Pokes your arm* If Terrance get alittle rude thats ok but he doesnt have any friends so yeah... Terrance goes by Terra, Terry, or Terrance but you can call him whatever as long as you dont call him... *Whispers*~ Terra-ble
(Terrance: No! No! No! *Turns even more red* Stahp! Mythic: Hey Autumn, get Jasper in the admin chat XD Terrance: NO DONT DO THAT!)
(HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE BOI)Jasper:Okay... what, has he thrown people out windows or somethinf? everyone seems kinda afraid of him...
(moi. hoi. freaking hoi. *Logs Jasper into the admin chat* Jasper:What's up?)
Kid next to Jasper: No but he has almost killed someone and I no one really knows what goes on in his personal life so thats a mystery to all of us, but that also miht be the cause of why hes like that...
(Terrance: Frick *Turns really really red* Mythic: Hey Jasper Terrance rally likes you. Terrance: NO STOP SHUT UP!)
(Jasper:*Literally just woke up like ten minutes ago* mkay... I wanna go back to sleep now...*Yawns*)Jasper:Oh... wow...
(Terrance: Go back to sleep... Please....)
Kid by Jasper: Yeah... He could really use a friend... He has tried but no one really paied any attention to him tho...
(Jasper:K... whatev... *Disappears*)Jasper:Okay... I'll try and be his friend.
(wb boi)
(Ye) Kid by Jasper: Im Sophie by the way.
<School is nao over>
Terrance: *Is walking out of school textong his BEST ONLINE FRIEND*
(sorry, back)Jasper:*Walks to her locker, and unlocks it, taking out her backpack*
Jasper:*Her phone pings, and she takes it out, and looks at the message*
Terrance: *Texts*~ Hey wazzup {Your online name}, Hows it going at ur new school?
(Her online name is NW)Jasper:*Turns off text alerts, so she won't get in trouble for texting in the school*~Pretty good! I haven't made any friends yet, though. :3 What about you?
Terrance:~ Your still my only friend... heh...
Jasper:~You just have to be a little more outgoing... You're such a nice person, you'd make friends really easily, I bet.
Terrance:~ Believe it or not im the kind of person you would usually try to avoid in real life... (His online name is gonna be Hydra)
(k)Jasper:~If I met you in real life, I'd never want to avoid you. We're friends, and I'll always be here for you. I have to go now, so see you later!
Terrance:~ Ok... Bye... *Smiles a bit not noticing Jasper walking by him*
Jasper:*Accidently crashes into Terrance* S-Sorry! *Starts picking up her stuff* ...
Terrance: Its fine *Kneels down to help pick ur stuff up and there is nao a note on one of ur papers* *Gives your stuff to you and quickly walks away*
Jasper:*Stands up, and walks out the school doors, heading towards her house, and then she notices the note* What's this...? *reads le note*
*The note says*~ Hey im sorry about earlier in art... I may have acted really rude... b-but I really want to make it up to you by mabey.... bec...becoming .........f-friends if thats o-ok..... If it is then meet me at Cedar park... heres its address *Random address for ramdom park*
Hate -Terrance <3
Jasper:*Smiles a little, and continues walking* yeah... I'll be there...
(he added a lil heart at the end... shiperino)
Terrance: I hope she'll be there...
(Thats wut hes always done tho)
Jasper:*Walks to her house, eats some food quickly, then walks to the park*
(wifi may go out)
Terrance: *Is sitting on a bench waiting for Jasper*
Jasper:*Reaches the park and looks around* ?
Terrance: *Sees Jasper* H-Hey! You looking for someone? *Smiles as if he thinks Jasper thinks its not funny*
Jasper:*Spots him, and waves slightly* Yeah, I was looking for you! *Smiles back* (friendlehness... awh)
Terrance: Y-Yeah! I know!
Jasper:So, let's start over... I'm Jasper... nice to meet you.
Terrance: I-I'm Terrance... N-Nice to meet you...
Jasper:So... what do you like to do?
Terrance: I dont ussually do anything but walk around here in the park... It relaxes me...
(sorry,back)Jasper:I used to go to this park as a kid... it's always been so beautiful.
Terrance: Yeah... Its so peacefu since no one ever usually comes here.. *Smiles looking at the scenery*
Jasper:*Nods, and looks up at the sky, not noticing that part of her wolf ear is showing from under her hat* (DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN)
(Sorry, I fell asleep) Terrance: *Notices it* u- *Shuts his mouth before he says somthing stuiped*
(You didnt make le boy oc so i'll make 1 for u)
Jasper:*Subconciously fixes her hat* ... (lelel I fell asleep too)
Terrance: *Walks ahead alittle bit and his hood falls down revealing his ears and he doesn't realize it*
Jasper:*Turns toward him, and realizes* Um... Terrance...? Your hood...
Terrance: *Eyes widen and he quickly puts his hood back up* Heh.....
Jasper:Wait... so you're a wolf too...?
Terrance: Y-Yeah....
Terrance:I thought I was the only one at this school! That's... really coincidential.
Terrance: Welp I guess you thought wrong... heh...
Jasper:I'm glad I thought wrong... I didn't want to be te only one.
Terrance: Yeah... *Smiles*
Jasper:*Smiles back* So... what's yo favorite food?
Terrance: I like Yogurt...
Jasper:I like sushi...
Terrance: Cool!
Terrance: Yeah...
Jasper:So, you like video games...?
Terrance: Not really...
Jasper:Oh.. okay.
<Afew hrs latr> Terrance: * Is at home texting "NW"*
Jasper:*Textin "Hydra"*~So... how was your day?
Terrance: ~ I made a new friend!
Jasper:~Awesome! See, I told you you'd make friends! :3 Good job, Hydra.
Terrance:~ Thanks... Her name is Jasper... Shes really pretty...
Jasper:*Thinnks to self*-What are the odds?! *Replies*~Cool! Does somebody have a crush...? :3
(yoi)Jasper:~Surrrrreee it isn't... hehe.
(hoi) Terrance:~ >:3 are you making fun of me bc YOU like someone too?
Jasper:*blooshes irl*~Nah...
(child you stole my OC name :3)
Terrance:~ >;3 Suuuuurrrrrreeee ( OOOOO THE TABLES HAVE TURNED)
Jasper:~AH SHUSH! :3 jk. I gotta go, I need to buy some food. See ya later!
(this means war)
Terrance:~ Mk.. Cya!
(boi all be okie XD)Jasper:*Smiles, and then starts walking to le store*
<Afew hrs latr> Terrance: *is in bed watching NETflix*
(cant rpeloodle much) Jasper:*Texts Hydra* ~Wassup?
Terrance:~Nothin much
Jasper:~Same. Just got back from the store... got some CHEESE
(BUT IT WAS FRICKING JONATHON FRICKING ZINSMASTER (Hes gonna practically be reading a small books worth of paper X3))
(XD yeah)
Terrance:~I like cheese kinda... I really like Yogurt... *HINT HINT*
Jasper:~Huh... my new friend also likes yogurt. Weird coincidence!
Terrance:~What was your new friend's name?
Terrance: Cool
(sorry, gettin foud)Jasper:~Yeah. He's really nice.
( im seriously about to scream i at this because i was going to ask wind if she wanted to do this with my oc i was gonna post but to late...WHYYYYY)
Terrance:~ Thats cool...
Jasper:~Well, it's getting late. I gotta get some sleep, since I have school tomorrow. Night!
Terrance:~ Ya same... What is the school called where you go too? Mine is 'Amyth Highschool' our mascot is a Falcon... Its quite lame....
( the drama it about to start)
Jasper:~Wait a minute...
Terrance:~ What?
( IM WATCHING..-eats popcorn INTENSELY-)
Jasper:~That's my school...
Terrance:~ Theres no way we go to the same school....
Jasper:~That's... seriously the name of my school... I'm not joking...
(*cassually stalking rp*)
Terrance:~This is crazy....
(you're gonna be a fox)Jasper:~Wait... so that means... maybe we're friends!
*friends irl
Terrance:~ Were you at Cedar park afew hours ago?
Jasper:~Yeah... so that means... Terrance!?
Terrance:~JASPER?!??!!!! Who would've thought!
Jasper:~Oh my god... this isn't possible...
Terrance: What are the fricking odds....
Jasper:~Wait... that means... the I said I thought you liked... was me...?
Terrance:~... I have no clue wut ur talking about.....
Terrance:~ .this is kinda akward...
(Boi this entire time u still havent made the oc?)
Terrance:~ Sooo..... What now?
(I gonna post it at home)Jasper:~Gotta go to sleep. night.
Terrance: ~ Ok.. Night..
( lol...)
Jasper:*Falls asleep*
Terrance: *Also goes to sleep*
Terrance: *Bleh is sick*
Jasper:*Also happens to be "sick" the next day*
Terrance: *Is throwing up*
Jasper:*pretendin to be sick*
Terrance: *Calls the school and says hes sick*
Jasper:*Texts him*~Hey...
Terrance:~ Hey.. Im sick today so I wont be at school...
Terrance:~ Ugh brb I gotta charge my phone... *
( OMG....THIS DUSE LOOKS FXCKING AMAZING.....I'm on the website)