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i think she deleted it 😳
cos I can’t find it
she deleted it and her extras, and she won’t reply to any of my messages on other apps :/ she posted once on her main with some numbers and that’s it
yeah I think she deleted it:(
same^ she doesn’t reply on imsgs, pin, dms stuff like that and ik she saw my msgs but she didn’t reply :’)
yeah we’ve been trying to text her and i’m worried about her :( hope everything’s ok
wait a min when did she delete her accounts? the last time I talked to her was on instagram & that was 2 days ago
as far as I know she’s okay but just stressed with school I think 💕
omg these drawings are beautiful
wait a secondddddd
ohh hey renaeee
actually no one has said they want to 😌
but i feel bad giving you all of them to draw.. do you want me to draw some as well?
you are literally too good
and yes id love black lining on white ☺️
i will remix them all to you, and so if you dont want to do all of them just choose which ones you want to do 😁😁
i just want to thank you so so so much for doing this renae. i will make sure i send you photos of how i use these and i DEFINITELY owe you 😂 let me know whenever i can return the favour 🤎