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It's August!
Anyone have an August birthday?

QOTD: When do you start school?
AOTD: August 7😔 it's so soon!


☀️Tap Here!☀️ It's August! Anyone have an August birthday? QOTD: When do you start school? AOTD: August 7😔 it's so soon!

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QOTD: september 7
aww its ok saddieieee
Wow, you start so early! AOTD: September 5th
5th September!
wow you start early! aotd: august 24
^ it's very early😭😔
Two days!!😔😔😔😔
AOTD: september 5! wow so early omg, good luck☺️💕
mid september 11 dude when did you finish school?😫
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this is gorgeous!
Sadly,but simply, Saddie has to go back to school(srry i talk w/ third pers pronoun, but just resuming this situation😄
All these people like September and I'm here crying about my life cuz mine is in august too😂😂
God Sadie...you so close to 900 and 1k!! Wow...
You might be the first person EVER to get 1k in what? Less then 2 months?
ya sure! and my school starts august 21st! if I was back in ny right now, it would be September... waaaaaaaa 😭
congrats on the feature!! and I'm sorry, that's so so soon :/
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your really good with the doodle tool
congratulations 💖🎉🎉🎉🎉
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I start august 16th
Let's just say I start wayyyy too soon! 😉
21 st
congrats on another feature!
no problem you are sooooooooooooo talented you deserve it!
congratulations 🏅🏅
that's my sis bday!!
I start September 5!
I'm going to the y dance I don't no when I start I got to see
yay you're featured
it's a sticker
I started school on Tuesday. but I survived my first week!😆😍
gorgeous edit😻
so beautiful ❤️
rlly cool🌸✨
awww the seventh sucks. mine is the 15
so soon
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September 5
I'm born May 8th lol I go back on 6th September
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august birthday!!!! today it's my birthday!!
super cute
I start school on the 22nd of August!!
Congrats on your featured!!
so flexible omg
I start on August 21st
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I start the 30
omg! gorgeous
my birthdays on the 28th!!!
how cute!!
AOTD September 4th
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so pretty
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I'm an august baby!!!
my birthdays in August
I start school in September
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your hair is so pretty
good one
do you dance?
^^ to everyone who thinks this is me, it isn't😂
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I have a birthday in August it was on the 9 th
ni start September 9 2017
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^^^ to everyone who thinks this is me, this is not me😂
my birthday is in august
I love this
my sister Olivia does
love it
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august 3
oml u have ur splits so good I. almost there
good splits
I'm a little late but August 10 I'm a winter baby Feb 20
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that’s cool