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zachary? are you okay?
i'm glad you're back but.. nevermind just relieved you're alright I thought something happened to you
oh my god zach... what? you’re in my bio.
i fxcking missed you 😭♥️
i have lots of best friends zach.... you’re my buddy. nobody could ever replace you 🥺
don’t do this to me.... please.
i never did anything wrong to you.
no zach i love you 🥺 every day i missed you...
it’s okay buddy -hugs you- if you needa cry... talk... cuddle... i’m here. ok? ❤️
-holds you closer, rubbing your back- it’s gonna be okay buddy... i promise. ♥️♥️ i love you okay? you’re wonderful... kind.... amazing. you’re worth so much to so many people. you’re needed. ♥️
i’m here. what’s wrong buddy?
hi i’m cait
zach? you there..?
zach? i n-need you 😭
buddyyy 🥺 i miss you
come back 🥺
i miss you buddy...
Imy Zz💔❤️
This is a day late but Merry Christmas Ily
Zz? Please come back🥺❤️
buddy... i need you
Zzzzz:( I miss my purge led light mask buddy:( plz come back
Zz imysfm