Collage by YellowHearts


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*jumps and drops his food and looks at youI
I in trouble? *frowns and gets down and walks to you
otay! I sawwy dadaaaa. *rubs to you*. *sighs* it’s fine
*frowns when he relizing he doesn’t have any more food and starts crying as he picks his food up
I hungyyyyy *cries. *frowns and starts making him another plate
*cries and picks up the plate and takes it to the sink and hugs daddys leg* I sawwyy. it’s fine baby it was an accident it’s okay
here’s your food buddy *puts it by his cup *. *sniffles
*sighs and goes back and grabs my your plate and brings it over. *chews* swim mommy
*nods and smiles as he wipes his tears away and drinks his juice
*looks over and nods softly as I eat my food at the counter
*eats and thinks *. *looks at daddy and frowns
*eats*. yeah we can go *smiles then eats
yayyy *claps and drinks his juice
*eats his food by himself
*finishes his food and gets down. *picks at my food
I just haven’t taken my pills yet. *goescto his room
*nods and puts down my fork and kisses your cheek and heads upstairs. *goes into his closet and finds his swimsuit and comes back* mommy on
*goes and takes them*. *smiles* yay swimming
*watches them. *laying on the bed my feet hanging off
hmm *looks at you
*nods and closes my eyes
pink *smiles. *finds chubby and pulls him to the tv and watches it with him
I’ll go get there floatys
*gets up and takes a deep breath and goes downstairs into the garage *. sissy *grabs his soppy and goes upstairs
sissy can have my sippy if she wants *smilws. *puts them on the couch and cleans up the kids plates
yesss *sniles and plops down. *comes back upstairs and walks in the room shutting the door a grabs some swim trunks
*giggles happily and holds him. *gets changed
*watches him and giggles at his big cheeks* cheek. *comes into the bathroom and taps your bum then hugs you from behind and smiles
*looks at him close
^smiles snd hugs you* hi baby
he eat his food sissy!!! *smiles and kisses your cheek
like sissy *giggles and frowns when he pxxps in his hand* ew whats dat. *hugs you tightly and smiles
ewieeee *puts him on the floor. I love you tooo.
*giggles a grabs his sippy and takes a drink. *cups your cheeks and kisses your lips
*smiles and sets it by her and smiles and goes to her tou ice. *holds your hips and kisses you more deeply
sissy now. *smiles
you have sippy
just noticed you put married baby we haven’t had the wedding yet haha
Okayy silly girl haha
heheh you Abby now. *dmiles ans kissesbyour cheek happily
yes mommyyy we go dwimminggg *grabs his sippy. *slips my shoes on and picks up riv
*follows you downstairs
*grabs the keys*. *sxks his thumb * *starts baby talking for fun
*gets him buckles into his car seat *. ba ba *giggles*
*goggles as he babbles and throws his sippy at oakley *
stop or your not swimming * I swimmmmm *starts kicking your seat*. *starts driving
no no no mommy I sawwy I stop *starts crying *. okayyy *turns sround
I sawwy daddy *cries*. *nods and drives
I sawwy sissyyyy *cries* (events pending. *smiles because I think his fit is cute
*sniffles and scks his thumb wanting his sippy *drives
*takes it and starts drinking from if
*parks once we get there*. *looks out the window* swim!!!
*gets out and grabs the bag and loath
come on goofballs *smiles
*chuckles as walks to the entrance
*bounces as he can’t contain his excitement. *smiles
mommy i swimm?? *continues*. *chuckles
otay mommy
*giggles as you kiss him**^
*helps oakley with hers
*smiles*. *swim swim
*squelas*. where you wanna go first oakley
okay let’s follow mommy *walks over *. *kicks at the water then sees dadda* dada and sissy come!!
*screams and giggles and smiles*. *smiles and* hi you two
*kicks the water and giggels*. ready cuties
*helps her into the water
*chuckles and getsvin*. *waves to sissy * mommy in
*giggles and splashes the water*. want in the water baby?
*helps her in
*goes through the water. *giggles and splashes the water looking around
*looks around as he has his back towards you* mommy?
*gasp* mommy ghost *covers his mouth. *chukles
*giggles and turns around in the water slowly * o hi mommy
*giggles and smiles and lays the water. *hugsbyou from behind
*smiles and watches bubba
*sqeuals and splashes the water
*smiles and swims ahead so I’m in front of you guys*. *giggles
*smiles and holds her
*smiles wide and blushes* I love you too. *licks thru the water
*smiles and looks at him* riv yucky. *looks at him still doing it
-8giggles hard then licks your cheek
*does it again happily * *laughs hard holding oakley watching
*gets distracted when he sees the splash pad
*nods* sissy tooo
*gets out and waits for with oak
*goes over with you
it no scaryyy
no mommy with me
yess *pulls on your hand
*giggles and rubs through the water
*sqeuals and covers his face
*holds on
*wat hes you guys
yes *smiles. *splashes
*chuckles and watches them. *whines abs starts to almost cry* no
riv if your gonna splash your gonna get splashed back
*hugsbher back*. aw
it otayyy
*giggles then pulls away and slips in the water
*giggles and wanders around
^^ *holds her hand
*looks around-8 Oo look wanna go under that *points to the bucket of water. *squeals and laugsh running around in the water
*cjuckles evily and walks over
*watches theme as he stops* *chuckles
*squeazes my eyes shut as i dumps on us. *laughs hard falling on his bum in the water as it’s not that deep
*laughs as she does clsoes my eyes*. mommy they all wet
*giggles abs watvhes*. *pushes my hair back as it stops
go back to mom *smikes at oakley *. dada *tuns over
*picks him up*. ew dada all wett
*walks over with him*
hi hot stuff *smiles
^^ *watches. the girls too* ooo pweetty
*smilws and kisses your lips*. *giggles and watches them
*smiles and looks down at him*. pwetty girl
noo *says shyly as his snickers
go ahead cute girl
*goes to mommy* mommy up up
*smiles ans watches them*. *looks around* I has no fwen
nooo *whines and kicks looks at her
*holds on mommy
*looks down at her
no no swimmmmmmmmm *whines* big water
are you hungry? *nods and picks her up and walks back to the tabel*. eat eat *reaches for both of them
yes what should I get them
yes *smilws and kisses your lips after grabbing my wallet and walking over*. *looks around
*goes over and buys our food just waiting for it. *sits on. the seat looking around
YAYY *smiles ans watches it happily
*watches*. *comes back
*smiles and gives you guys your pretzels. *glued to the phone
pwetzel? *looks up
umm no mommy *looks at it* day not pwetzel
*looks at it* day not pwetzel. it’s a soft one
you take a bite baby *looks at you* it’s good buddy. *watches
*takes a bite with a weird look on his face
*hands it back* more
*eats it with the cheese on it. *eats mine
*eats some of it snd looks at the show. *eats
*smikes and holds your hand from under the table
talk to you Tuesday
hey Abby
*smiles and holds yours hands intertwining out fingered*!* kissed you too
*hugs you tightly
aww I misss themmm
*smiles and hugs you
*frowns abs hugs
can we just chill and watch a movie *frowns* I’m getting a migraine
*nods and lays down on ur lap and hugs your thigh
*closes my eyes
*falls asleep on ur leg
*snores softly
*kisses my head up
*smiles abs sleeps
*sleeps close to you
*wakes up
*yawns as I lay there
*looks at you and smiles
I lobe you too
*closes my eyes again
*rubs my eyes*
*nods abs smiles
I want another baby *looks up at you
yes I am *blinks a bit and hugs you more
heheh you wass??? *smiles wide
heheh just oneee moreee
heheh 10 more??
heheh yes
no cuddles
I don’t feel good
*goes to you* I drank to much
I’m not. a bad boy
blah blah *goes and lays down
heyyyy *holds it
noo *frowns and closes my eyes
*hides my face from you abs pouts
he a big meanie *comtinues
the biggest meanie I ever have known
no I married the meanie I don’t know who your dating but
no i not kissing you meanie
*pinches your bum cheek
*pushes your hand away and does it again
*then slaps your bum hard then gets up
*stumbles a little as I get dizzy
I’m thirsty
why can’t I come! *lays down
but hole *frowns
*lays on ur side
*closes my eyes
*has my eyes closed
*opens them
*frowns at my head
*holds ur
I wuv chu too
*wrwps my arm around you abs squeezes your bxxb
*kisses your shoulder and spoons you
hi hey
I’m hungry
bout whattt am I in trouble
you really think so
*pouts when you do wnd buries my face into the pillow
*ignores you
*froens and whines as I get up
no your not my mom
*gets upset more and gets up and goes upstairs
*slams the door
*frowns and kicks the door
*goes to lay down and covers myself up and cries for a few minutes then closes my eyes
*ignores you some more
that annoying it didn’t send
no *says under my breath
oh dobt dooo that
noo...I sowwy
I’m okay tho
promise *smiles softly
you just make me grumpy grumpy heheh
can we go get food now
*sits up
*grabs my wallet and goes downstairs
hmph *goes back upstairs
*sits on the bed and pouts
humph *gets up and goes puts on a sweatshirt feeling more better and comes downstairs
nooo I coldddd
wit *goes upstairs and grabs you one
*come abs k and plops it on ur head
*gasps then pouts and stops back upstairs
*slams the door and sits down on the bed and pouts
noo ur a meanie *falls onto my back
yesss *pouts hard like oakley does
shut up *pouts
*kisses you to shut you up
*smikes and pulls away
heyy shush it *kisses your lips
*pulls away* lets gooo
*smiles and kisses your lips
heyy!!! *rubs after you
*rubs out of breath and walks
hehe you run fast
*hugs you close
yeah sounds fun
no movie?? ok
it’s fine if you don’t. wnat too
*goes upstairs
ohhh monsters??
dada funny *giggles as he grabs his toys he’s taking
bubba where’s your blankie. *screams and gets excited abs runs to get it
*picks her up and grabs her shoes and heads downstairs *
*coems back* dada *frowns when we’re not there then goes downstairs *. £sets her on the couch
dada left me days rude!! bubba *laughs
*runs over and pushes your leg and laughs then acts angry
*giggles hard and falls to the ground * let’s get your shoes son
*runs over and sits down. *puts on his socks and shoes
*starts kicking to make it harder and giggles *. you little tûrd muffin
*puts them on and ties them and picks him up
one on babay
*walks out*. *chases dada
*chuckles an shets him in
whatcha laughing ayyy *gets in
whatt *laughs and buckles up
Noo!! *smiles. *turns the car on abs blushes
ooo canny **puts it in his mouth. don’t be touching the seats or windows with your sticky fingers *starts driving
*holds your hand and drives
*parks and smiles*
dada more cannyyy *makes grabby hands*. uhh wait baby *gets out
dada unbuckle meee. *gets in the back and helps*. *climbs over the seat and giggles * hi mommy
yes *nods abs claps and clinsg to her *. *unbucles owkley
*picks her up and grabs the stuff and shuts the door and walks back to you guys and helps her in*. mommy more canny??? pwease
blueee *starts to sxk on it and grabs his blanket. *sets oakley by him
*giggles and wiggles
*sits next to riv * so I’m stuck with the wiggle monster??? monster?!! *whines
*whines and kicks * monster gonna get usss *tries to get out
*sits back and snuggles into my arms clinging to me and his bankie
no I had to sit mommy or m-monster w-will eatcusss. we were talking about youuu bubs there’s no monster except youu *starts ticking him. *screams and wiggles around kicking
*giggles and nods
*sits and looks a proud
*gasps and squels * mommy shhh
*giggles and watches
*gets up and goes on his belly to watch
*snuggles her and watches
hi addy
ha stop
your hotter 😉
mmm yeah??
mmm prove itprove it
*raises an eyebrow and watches
hehe morning *gets flustered and walks over
heheh you nakey now
hehe whatttttt *smirks
boo *pouts
leave em off ... *pouts and looks down * hmph I’m sorry *pouts and goes to the bed and lays down
I ruin everything *pouts
*nod an looks at you
*sigs up and kisses you deeply
*pulls you into my lap kissing you
*rubs my hands up abs down ur back
*starts breathing heavier as I kiss you, rubs your axx
*genlty lays down with you on top of me
*kissing deeply
**kisses your neck then pushes you over so your on your back abs gets up abs strips
mmm like what you see?
*smirks and leans back down an kisses you deeply
*rubs myself against your entrance * mmm someone’s wet
mmm how’d that happen?? *slips my tip in
oh yeah? *skirks
*kisses you me nevk as I push myself in further
*kisses deep as I continue making my way up
*starts to go tough
*smirks abs thrusts hard
*slowls down and kisses your neck
*thrusts in slowly but deeply * mmm you okay princess
mmm good *smiles abs kisses your lips deeply
*kisses deeply as I thrusts a little rougher
*nibbles your lips
heheh faster *starts s thrusting faster
*starts to go even harder
*kisses your chest and continues
*continues to thrust
*pins you down and pounds
I swear to god someone just prank called me and I have no idea who they are I’m sketched outtt