(Tap for rant)
i got a 75 on my algebra test, an 82 on my Science test, and an 86 on my english test. 
those are the worst grades i could possibly get and im so angry at myself. i really do try to get good grades but it just doesnt happen..

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(Tap for rant) i got a 75 on my algebra test, an 82 on my Science test, and an 86 on my english test. those are the worst grades i could possibly get and im so angry at myself. i really do try to get good grades but it just doesnt happen..

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gorgeous!!😍 @caption those aren’t bad grades!! i know it may not exceed your expectations for yourself (i completely understand that). i get down on myself about grades all time but just remember there will be so many other tests and assignments that will bring it up♥️
amazing! it’s ok. don’t let those grades define you. mistakes happen. next time push yourself to study harder and get those A’s! I believe in you!
it’s ok.. you did so much better than i did...i got an eighty something on the first algebra test and on the second one i got a 68 !!! uggghhg i was so disappointed in myself, too ! i keep on getting bad grades lately and i rlly want i fix that ! and i will ! ✨don’t worry ! you are not alone ! just make sure that next time, you can do better ! that’s what i always tell myself ! beautiful collage btw 💕💎💋
@caption tbh i have no idea how to up my grades bUT STILL DUDE, ik you probably won’t like to look at it this way, but you passed. you passed the pass mark by a lot so be proud of that :D but i mean i was upset that i got 82 on my maths exam but then i realised tHATS ACTUALLY PRETTY DARN GOOD THO
thiS Is SoO CUTE.
@caption don’t go so hard on yourself!! those marks are honestly amazing? and this is just a personal opinion but if you think good grades and studying a lot just isn’t satisfying, find something else that actually is. like a hobby of sorts cuz honestly nowadays, a lot of people can be smart, it’s your special talents and unique traits that really set you apart :))
though I’m not gonna deny the fact that good grades are important and will make your future brighter but don’t let your marks dampen your spirits!! especially when you’re getting As or high Bs!
this is actually AMAZING, like AMAZING I just love it!!!!!!
Beautiful! Congrats on the feature!
thank you!! :)
So creative! I totally understand..this year’s been rough.
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freakin beautiful collage 🥰 @caption I’m like that too and I understand how you feel. one thing I’ve learnt tho is to not be too hard on yourself and keep putting in the work. it’s all gonna add up and end up being more than an individual grade
omg sooooo so cute ;)💗💘
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this is so so beautiful
beautiful! congrats on this feature! 🥳🥳
such a unique style! xx
I love us
wow this is beautiful!
aww sorry u got low scores but never give up! and keep trying!
Oh,that’s cool!
I love the quote
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it’s amazing! you have so much talent! I hope i get at least half as good as u!
👍🏻 like it a lot
so true!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
WOW this is so creative i love 🥺🥺😩
Girl you are doing GREAT!!! just keep believing in yourself and you will achieve your goals and dreams 💖
girl a c+/b- a b and an a are totally fine, it’ll even out and you’re doing fine. keep trying hard❤️
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Math is hard.
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II think this is so true
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so beautiful 🤩🥰
omg the amount of talente you have just whoa
you are fine those aren’t that bad😊😊😊😊
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Your still getting passing grades! You will do better on your next one
Your collages are so good
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those grades are great!! don’t be so hard on yourself! OMG THIS IS A CUTE COLLAGE!!
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love it so much❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
my worst grade: 40%, so don’t worry hun.
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isn't this also a Walt Disney quote? beautiful
it’s cute it’s a great moddo
so sorry I copied it I have to use it for my phone background
I love the plants. 🌾🌱🌿🍀💐🌼🌸🌺
love it girl
it’s ok girl I make horrible grades!
listen to the quote you posted, you just need courage to try a little harder. You CAN do this!!
sooo cute