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hey lovely this will only take 10 seconds of your time, I’m hosting a fall contest☺️ and I would like you to enter🍂 first place winner gets a shoutout and other prizes! please enter💖
hello potternerd💖 it’s me, _harry_potter_nerd and this is my EXTRA account, where I’ll only post Harry Potter and contests... and hey, speaking of contests🙌🏻 I’m hosting a HARRY⚡️POTTER⚡️ICON⚡️CONTEST⚡️ YAY😊 and I would like you to enter❣️ it would mean a lot to me😳☺️ thank you for your time-💜_harry_potter_nerd_XTRAS💜
hey animal games round 1 is up come check it out due 19th 😝xx
hi so as u know I have animal games and u have not entered u have an hour so be quick
happy Halloween round 2 for my animal games is up your team could be in the lead come see on my acc descendants_queen xx