🌲 1/10/21 🌲 (TAP)

A plain, simple edit. 
Qotd: Fav color?
Aotd: Blue- lol, just look at my user!


🌲 1/10/21 🌲 (TAP) A plain, simple edit. Qotd: Fav color? Aotd: Blue- lol, just look at my user!

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this is gorgeous
aotd: light blue
this is absolutely incredibly stunnngly fabulously A MASTERPIECE
@aotd: lavender —just look at my user 😂😂
tysm!! this is beautiful💛
@aotd: blue-just look at my most recent post😂
ofc 💕
This is stunning! Aotd: Green! btw what username suggestions did you have?
Haha guess what? I am currently on summer break! ☀️🌊So it's literally all sunshine and beaches for me! Sorry I am taking so long to reply, I am camping at the moment and it's hard to get signal!
Also not really, I find sometimes scrolling through PC and then maybe taking a walk in nature can get some of your inspiration back. Your collages are always amazing and you should be so proud of how far your account has come!
blues my favourite as well 😂 lol
pretty good I am camping right now so the internet is really bad what is sad because I can't go on pc as much how are you?
you probably heard from my sister
Hah yeah! Hope you don't mind me asking but what grade are you in? You don't have to answer if you don't want.
this collage is stunning
this is absolutely gorgeous😍✨ aotd: green and purple💚💜
this collage is simple but it’s also beautiful 😻 love it!
aotd: pink and green
thank you! I love these fonts 😇
thank you!! this is so pretty! 💓
so pretty
omg! I actually love this! Its amazing 🤩🤩 And also thank you
you just have a hidden talent!Also I. going to redo the college
food hru
I mean good sorry
that’s so cool I wish I could play piano lol
btw thx:))
absolutely fabulous ❤️
thank you
thank you!
that's kinda cool tho, that you have uniforms! do you like wearing your uniform?
we tysm!! my teacher sed it might change to just a week or two! so that’s relieving 🤍
yeah exactlyyyy that’s why I’m worried lol and yeah hopefully it can just be smth easy like dat
I am in high school too!
Thank you so much!!
Hru bestie?
Goodish!! How's school going?
yes I should probably say on my main about my second account
exactly!! i dont want to resurface the whole situation but i cant sit back and watch someone i care about get hurt.
and tysm
💞im so glad it did!
ooh good idea!
also this is so amazing
if you’re really interested i could remix you a tutorial!! its really not hard at all. my most recent one too me about 10 minutes. And your collages dont look like they were thrown together at all!! theyre all STUNNING
Hey! I play a lot of different songs!
but currently at school we’re playing pirates of the Caribbean
Oh cool! what instrument do you play?
your collages are SOO gorgeous:)
wow! Thad very cool!
@caption: purple 💜💜
this is stunning 🤩
omygoshh! u play clair de lune! its so beautiful 🤩
ahh! Laura, you’re so close to 300!🎉💗
Wow Laura nearly 300!!! Congratulations bestie!
thank you :) lol, mine is horrible as well so dw about it
Hey Lauraa, you can call me Geo :) and ofc I would love to be friends. How are you? ^^
would you like to collab?
aweee tysm
aww thank u x
🌟Congrats!🌟 You have made it through ROUND TWO of the ultimate COLLAGE SHOWDOWN! Round three has judged started, and the challenge features one of our amazing judges!
Aaaa I'm excited cause it's finally Friday, which means I'll get to see my friends u.u
@aotd: Greeen, I love all shades of green but my favorite is Emerald Green
lol! well oversized is trendy so it works!😂😂
Thank you ❤
Your collages are super pretty. Do you take PFP requests?
wait I see your form
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tysm!! and ikr theyre so bad
Wow i honestly love this