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Unknown....why in the world would you not say this is good
it looks amazing
........I see your late again August😂
Your phone hätes me😄
Lemme act like that's a word😂💕
ofc~ 🥺💕
it's okay
this is so gorgeous🤩🤩🤩
this is so beautiful 🥺🥺
Mochi girl this is stunning
yes! I do know them
re// i know i know 🥺
w H a T .
iM wAiTinG noW
yeah 😂
it’s fiiine
thank youuuu🥺🤍
You are so welcome
np ☺️
your iconnnn 🥺🥺🥺
it’s so pretty sksjksk
bruh this is actually heavenly omg
also thank u...i missed u more bro❤️
& 😂👌🏽👌🏽
Hey mochi girl how are you
idk i just keep switching💀😂
I’m doing pretty great actually
love this collages💗 so pretty🤩
nothing really, I’m going out to a bonfire tonight so that will be fun wbu
she didn’t tell me details,but she said they fight over snack
she’s probably asleep
^^^are you guys talking about my rivalry with faith😂
I think she’s alright,don’t get too worried
I did go to a bonfire, but it wasn’t the one my sister went to
^^ maybe😂
^i see you’re getting along pretty well
and yeah the bonfire was a lot of fun, there were 13 of us so it was a bit crazy
finally your phone cares...for once😉
^^ yes bailey is amazing skhsjsj and that's saying something, you know i'm shy.😅she's amazing!☁️
^I’m glad
I got a ton of water dumped on me when I got there, but it felt pretty great since it was so hot
it was pretty chaotic, I hope you get to see your friends soon, you deserve a little more fun in your life right now with school and everything
was he rude about it
also so you don’t think I’m ignoring you I’m heading to bed since I’m a bit tired so I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Goodnight Unknown
so does that mean you’re doing well
unknown An A- that’s awesome, see you stressed for no reason, but know your grades going to be fine
re// yep, it’s lowkey just... I don’t know. tragic 😔
Beautiful gorgeous stunning elegant edit Moche 🥺🤩🤩❤️
omg love your acc! so unique !!
If I know my brother he probably chose sour patch kids
tHis is just so BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD
Good morning Unknown
for real!!
so disgusting!! not surprising at this point, but I’ll never understand how evil people can be for no good reason. terrible.
*let me correct that—there’s never a good reason to be evil ✌🏼
ty mochi ur so kind i need ppl like u in my life
don’t worry about glad you got your math exam done
^how did that go
I also saw your text about being stressed, but i fell asleep before I could respond
is English what you’re stressed about because I thought no Matter what you end the year with an A-
Ahhhh thanks Mochers! and also same lmaooo I still pronounce it wrong out of habit 😭
my work here is done😂
Unknown that's awesome congratulations I'm proud of you. and seriously you should not be afraid because of what you look like, I may have never seen you, but your personality is amazing and I know inside and out you shouldn't be afraid of what you look like
It's something to be proud of you earning two awards that not a lot of kids have earned and you worked crazy hard this whole year!!
Don't at all be nervous be proud that you finished another year and the motivation you had. The way you're still getting your work done even though your gonna get a good grade no matter what you do shows a lot of responsibility which is awesome
I understand, but don't be you deserve the award and people need to see that accomplishment you did!! The recognition will be nice even if you don't like being the center of attention
I need another name to call you then unknown, like soon it makes me feel like I don't know you or something😅
like seriously I can’t keep calling you unknown or Mochi
haha I won't it just doesn't fit at least for me
ok mochi i sEE YOU 😳🤩🤩🤩
you rlly do be coming for everyone’s wigs with this 🤧🤧😌😌
bro how come I wasn’t following you already whAT
yes i’m feeling a lot better actually, stop worrying about me & let me worry about yOU 🤧 are you feeling any better?.
How did it go
That’s awesome I’m so glad it went well for you
what was the award that made you cry
I literally smiled reading that because it so true
Everything they said fit you so well like I’ve told since our first conversation I know you think you’re shy,but I think you should give yourself more credit. You have a way with people that I don’t think you realize,you go out of your way to help someone and cheer them up or support them and let them know you’re there for them
You make everyone comfortable and feel like there more then they think.....you need to start giving yourself more credit and realize your a lot better with people then you think. I’m seriously so pumped you got that award👏
You should be proud getting the recognition because you went out your way to show kindness and help everyone around
When I read the part where you said you’re eating a plate of spaghetti I got so excited that maybe you were eating it normal
but then you had to say with hot dog slices...🤢
you ruined it
I’m not arguing with you about this because it would never end
but,I can’t see how you eat it
I’m gonna try it one day and prove to you that I won’t like it
fried chicken and gravy sounds amazing
^finally something that’s actually good
anything is better then that😂
it’s facts
good choice😅
Goodnight I’m heading to bed,hope you sleep well ☁️
hey mochi!! 😎💓
hi mochi❤️
the color
thanks mochi😊
thank you mochi 🥺🥺💕
how are you doing? hopefully life has been treating you well lately~! 💕💕
re// thank you so much 🥺😭🥰
Hey Mochi,I hope you're doing well
hey~! I’m pretty good, almost done with school so I’m happy about that!
have you finished for the year already?
mochi sis hello🌼
ooh good luck!!
i’m doing ok🍃 how’s life in mochi world?
Chatpage is up
Thank you so much mochi, I was afraid it wouldn’t turn out so great
same here👏🏽
wellll i’m just chilling watching youtube
My morning has been okay just finishing up my last test
How is yours
which reminds me...the squad hasn’t been all together for awhile🥺
i think brady met a new squad and kind of forgot about the procrastination squad😂😭
those teachers are the worst
hey mochi:) i’m okay 👌🏼 just trying to catch up on assignments cause my dumb aßß literally forgot about french work all last week 😭 now i’m rushing to make it up before she can see i submitted it late 🤧
how’s everything going for you?
oh yeah i’m in the nugget fam😂
*cough cough* ¿cUlt question mark?
hey mochi ☺️ im not doing great but it’s ok
how are you??
woahhh...I havent visited ur page in a while, but oml this is so stunninggg
How many more days do you have left of school
omg I- thank you sm mochi!! 🥺🥺 that made me so happy aksjskjs I’m glad you like it! 🥺💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
im better then yesterday i guess but still dpressed and worthless
🥺 mochi why are you so kind to me it’s unbelievable
thanks mochi🖤
re// 🥺🥺 THANK YOUU 💞
mochi you deserve like a kindness award i stg🥺🥺 thank you so much
and also ty for deleting that comment :)
I- what wow 😂😂😂🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Thank you Mochi!❤️❤️
Hey mochi so sorry for the late response, did you get everything handed in for school
Yesss mochi congratulations, I knew you could do it!! I'm seriously so proud of you👏
My day has been good, schools is finally over for me so that's exciting
I know I'm so glad it's over
Brady's okay he's had finals all week and on top of that his one teacher is being a pain and wants him to do a 5 page essay so he's a little stressed
His teachers are ridicules, and you're right he is strong and he'll get through it. he shut his phone off almost the whole week so he could constraint
I think what stresses him out is that his finals and the essay if he doesn't do well it'll effect his grade majorly
Yeah it stinks
and aww thanks mochi, it took so long for me to find inspiration for it
thank you and I’m good :)
Good morning mochi, i hope you're having a good start to your day
Thanks unknown for the encouragement it helped a lot, i'm sorry for the late reply
Yeah I did turn off my phone so I wouldn't be tempted and get my word done
Pretty good now that school is out, how is everything for you
Craving seriously, you're nuts😂
You should crave something that's actually good
like right now I could eat a whole bag of sour patch kids and I don't mean the small bags
poor sour patch kids, I'm sorry that unknown won't ever open the bad and taste the heavenly flavor😂
They should have gotten you bubble milk tea, i remember you telling em you liked that
are you serious, that stinks, but of course the younger siblings always get what they want😂
oh trust me she would
and I would not be very happy😅
I just thought of something, my sister and I sometimes use our computers to respond, maybe your phone doesn’t send you notifications when we do it by our computers
Bailey's good with people she always has been, who's your friend if you don't mind me asking
Oh angel, my sister was talking about all the awesome people she met on here and I remember her name being in that list
that's pretty cool you know her in real life
is it a little weird or not too bad
oh i see we'll hopefully you don't go through the same thing again that you had with the other friend
But that's awesome that she's figuring out her style, and that you're helping her out
She's loving it, surprisingly it seems like she's figured out how to edit pretty fast
She's not as active on here so she always feels bad when she doesn't respond right a way, but i told her not to worry about it
Her birthday is November 15
You know I never asked, but when's your birthday
When is it or can you not say
Winter birthday that's pretty sweet
True i agree with that
I’m pretty bored as well
and your friends don’t know what their talking about
4/10 that's not even fair, what kind of person rates sour patch kids with 4/10
I need to knock some sense into your friend
it’s the sour patch kids cursing for giving them a bad rating😂
if you would have I don’t know how friendship would be😅
*how our
I’m just kidding😅
I have no idea if there are purple and pink sour patch kids?
hey mochi!
Hey sorry about the late response, I’m heading to a friends house so I’ll talk to you later tonight, but I hope you have a good time at the beach!!
hey mochi mate, how’s it going?💓🧃
thank you so much for the compliment on my other account Mochi🥺🥺🥺💝💝 means a lot!
hi mochi~! how are you? <3
thank you so much mochi!! 🥺🥺💓
how are doing? 💓💓
😂😂 y e s
yeeee gang gang
aww thanks mochi🖤
there’s so many omg-
also hiii! hru? <3
oOh i’ll be checking it out🤪
sounds cool~ bruno’s a cool name😎
haha 😂 it was pretty good! two of my cousins stayed over and I had to keep them busy the whole time so that was pretty exhausting. other than that it was fun!
what did you do over the weekend?
ahhh the beach sounds so funnnn!
they’re 11 and 13, so they’re only a little younger than me but still at the age where they want to run around and play and I just can’t keep up 💀💀
Hey unknown sorry I haven’t been as active, I started work today so it was a long day
How are you tho
yeah I’m pretty tired I woke up at 5 and just got home not too long ago
so how was your day
no I’m okay I want to hear how your day went
how’s that going
that’s awesome, the keyboard is something that I wish I was better at
hey I’m sorry I have to head to bed early, but tomorrow I’ll be off of work around 8 my time, so I’ll talk to you then
goodnight I hope you have a food sleep and an awesome day tomorrow
haha thanks sweet dreams☁️
Hey unknown
it was good, I worked all day, so that was pretty much it
How was yours
I work at this place that you have to load all this produce and different stuff on a truck to ship out
love your account. I must follow ❤️
hey thanks :)
hahaaa yep he’d devour them😂
huge thank you. mark lee is just 🥺😌
^hehe not huge lmaoo
it was some what awkward but I had to nicely say no
I felt so bad
I really needed to hear that thank you
No I’m off tomorrow
I’m gonna heady to bed, but I’ll text you when I wake up
we’ll be able to talk more tomorrow since I don’t have to work
Goodnight unknown I hope you have a good sleep☁️ 🌱
thank you mochi! 🥺💞
thank u for being there for me mochi, it means a lot that u told me about them🌟
ilysm mochi, thank u for supporting me🧡🧡
good morning mochi! <3
pretty good, kinda tired because I’ve had to socialize a lot this week 😓
how was your week so far??
I had my cousins over Friday-Sunday, then our neighbors ate dinner w/ us in Monday, my grandma visited us yesterday, I’m driving to my cousins house rn, and I’m going to a friend’s house tomorrow sksjsk
as an introvert that’s a lot
aw being bored is nOT fun
ikr it’s the first time I’ve gotten this much human interaction in MONTHS
also yes I’m a very big introvert 🥺👉👈
maybe not online but def irl 😂😂
I’ll talk to you later, I gtg rn sorry 🥺🥺 ily
mochi hey 💗🥺
morning how was are you
that’s alright, did you have fun
i miss you more 🥺🥺 and i miss your hugs so much this whole thing sucks. and i’m holding you to that pinky promise 💞🥺
i love you so so much 💖💞💕💘💗💓💝💖💕💓💗💞💝❣️
are you kidding don’t worry about it
my day of rest was not so great I’ve had a migraine all day and I basically slept all day😒
I’m doing better, but it still hurts like crazy. it’ll be better by tomorrow hopefully
this is the first time I’ve been on it all day
I can talk for a little before I need to head to bed
did you do anything else interesting today
oh I forgot to ask how has the keyboard been
✊🏾Black Lives Matter!! I am holding a BLM Contest!! You don't have to join, but I would really appreciate it if you did!!! I have some great prizes (at least I think so 😂)!! ✊🏾
I LOVE thiss!!! 🥰💗
That’s awesome, I wish I could hear it
I haven’t written a song yet it’s been slow lately I haven’t really had time for it, which stinks
aww thank you mochi 🥺
what have you been up to today
hey will you be up in 1 or 2 hours
nvm I’m back I just didn’t think I would be on my phone until a little later
you still up
You know you don’t have to apologize😅
You say sorry a lot
and don’t you fair say sorry about saying sorry
^that was my shakespeare side come out😂
^that sentence made no sense
But yess I must stay hidden because thy shall not know what would happen to poor shakespeare *cough cough...me*
I’ve been craving sour patch kids since faith sent me a picture of it to me not too long ago
Yeah he can be a little weird sometimes, and strange in he’s writing but that’s what makes him shakespeare
Honestly sometimes I don’t even know what color I’m eating so I’ve come to liking them all
^flavor more like
You and your zero sugar intake
what sweets do you like
I know you don’t really like any, but I mean if you had to choose
Okay strawberries with chocolate is amazing
Have you ever had pretzels with chocolate now those things are to die for maybe not that fat but pretty close😂
crunchy pretzels I’m telling you their amazing
I’ll send you a pic
I just sent them on your chat page that you talk on
nvm I sent them to you
Okay phew I was a little worried
Yeah they’re pretty amazing
My sister loves them
trust me I know😂
she’s okay, dealing with her girl drama which is why she hasn’t been on PC much
I’ll let her know.....but see that’s exactly why I love our friendship, you’re always carrying towards everyone
That’s talent don’t ever loose it
It’s one at the moment, but I can’t seem to fall asleep
Yeah everything’s fine....I just can fall asleep
Cold weather I häte when it’s hot I can never fall asleep
like legit my room is like 60 right now
what about you
I would have to go with the one with not my favorite on it because then I could still enjoy the rest of the burger
what would you choose
That’s exactly how I feel, and I like enjoying my food so that would bother me like crazy
well I don’t want to keep you up late and I can feel my eyes slowly closing so I guess I’ll try to go to sleep if I can
I want to keep talking to you, but I don’t want to fall asleep on you and not respond
I’ll talk to you until two which is soon and then I’ll head to bed
tell me a little of what you got planned for tomorrow
I’ll be able to make it until 2😉
that will be fun is your cousin olde then you or younger
You’re not even gonna enjoy a nice Starbucks seriously
you’re crazy
Man that boba tea must be super good for you to give up Starbucks
That’s pretty cool you’re both close in age that always makes it fun
and are you still not over that😂
but I mean can’t really blame you I wouldn’t be very happy with my siblings if they ate my sour patch kids
I don’t think it’s weird if that’s what you like then that’s what you get
I’ll have to try that boba tea one day to really know if it’s as amazing as you make it out to be😜
I bet your an awesome role model
and haha good try but no😂I don’t think you’ll ever get me to try that
I try to be, but I’m not perfect so I make mistakes sometimes or do things I probably shouldn’t do around my siblings😅
but yeah your right I have a younger brother as well he’s a year younger then my sister
Yeah exactly, I want them to know I’m not what so over perfect in any way, and that I’m hoping the different things they go through that they’ll come to me, and I can be some what if help
Like the rest my sister is dealing with I feel bad because I’m guy so I dint totally understand it but I want to help it’s just hard
But yeah Bailey likes being the middle child😅
I know I know I should really get to bed
alright......I’ll take your advice and head to bed you’re probably right anyways
Goodnight and sweet dreams I hope you have an amazing night and an awesome start to your day tomorrow, I might be gone a most of the day but I’ll be able to talk some and definitely at night
this is SO STUNNING💓💓
Hey Mochi I’m so sorry for the late reply I hope you’re doing well.....I miss you so much
I’ve been pretty good how about you
That’s okay, how was being with your cousin did you guys have fun
thank you so much mochi💓
That’s awesome, glad to hear it went well
great minds think alike😜
My day was pretty good, just hung out with my family
yeah it was a pretty chill day
and weekend
anyways I need to head to bed early, cause I have to wake up early for work, but I’ll talk to you when I get home
Goodnight, I hope you have a good day tomorrow☁️
this is really beautiful mochi 🥺💓
and hiiii I’ve missed you as well, I’m doing fine lol just kinda stuck with the edits pfft but everything’s good. I just finished school like three weeks ago dang... but wby?
Nothing new has really been happening, it’s been a pretty boring summer. Hbu anything new for you
Boba tea?🥴 I’m so confused, what in the world is that
Okay why does that look amazing😋
I seriously need to try that😅
Brady might not try it, he’s really picky, but I’m totally up for trying it😅
Do you have any plans for the rest of the week
Who knows, I guess we’ll have to see😅 but he’s really picky so I’ll be surprised
and that sounds like a lot of fun, my one friend and I did that yesterday
He’s good ig, I haven’t seen him all day
Why won’t he try your spaghetti , that stuff is amazing
Oh I see😅
and yeah he went in at 5 in the morning and then he came home for like a little bit just not too long ago then had to leave because this girl that he likes had an emergency, which I don’t know what’s it about
haha that’s works😅
I mean not really, I’m good with anything to be honest
If it fills my stomach the I’m good
And I hope so too he seemed a bit worried when he left
Yeah I don’t know, he didn’t really say anything he just sorta left
we’ve been planning a trip to the beach that we want to do soon....I can’t wait☺️
and no he hasn’t come home yet, he just texted my mom and said he’s gonna be a little late to get home, so I don’t know what that means
and I don’t want you worrying, I’m sure it’s not a huge deal
aww Ilysm Mochi you’re amazing, I’m honestly so lucky that I met you
and my favorite thing to do at the beach is probably, surfing with my brothers, swimming, and watching the sunset
what about you
boogië boarding is fun
I started learning surfing last year from Brady, it’s so much fun
this is really nice💘
yeah I went to bed before you sent that😅
Hey sorry I didn’t text you at all yesterday I was a little busy
How was your day today
Yeah everything’s good I just worked late yesterday and then had to deal with something last night
I’m not in a great mood right now so I’m gonna head to bed, I’ll text in the🌱
Goodnight, I hope you have a good sleep, sorry I haven’t talked much in the last two days
ahhh thank you mochi!! yes, I did do the text! I’m glad you like it so much!! 🥺💜
how’s your day going so far?
haha 😂 sounds like y’all had fun!
awww 🥺🥺
I wanna cry that’s so cute 😭😭
aww 😂
I’m the opposite haha- I’m actually the middle one in my little group of irl friends but I feel like I’m the youngest •~• I like being the baby of the group though uwu
reply from extras// aww tysm! 🥺 serendipity was the only theme we could both agree on- she’s Jimin biased but she’s a very moody/ emo child so she wanted the room to be either black or red 😂
also reply from extras// it’s the Merchant of Venice, they’re written like a play and the way it’s written is very confusing haha
sksjsk that’s cute though 🥺
true 😂
That’s okay
yeah I’m doing a lot better then yesterday, sorry I couldn’t talk as much I just had to cool down a bit
You’re probably one of the first people I would come to on here. on Tuesday I woke up at 5 to go into work got home around 6 or 7 and then I had to deal with a whole big thing which then I got home around like 12 I was so tired
But it’s whatever, it’s all figured out and now we can all move on
don’t worry for me but you’re right my acc is kinda depressing 😭❤️
your acc is so aesthetic 🤩❤️
they’re so nice 🥺 idek how it started i think i found their acc and liked every single post-
you talk to brady literally every day i-
yOURe noT anNOYinG yoURe nEVeR annOYiNG iF anyOnE iS annOYinG iTs mE