QTOD: Birthday?


-Tap QTOD: Birthday?

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December 23rd, 2003😊
😯That scared me when u said the man put his hand on ur shoulder
August 5th, 2005 ✨☀️
20th January 2003 nearly my birthday!💕✨
my birthday is in Feb., but im very cautious and thats all I will say. Theres nothing wrong with the question, though. And a question, how do you all get money? If I could I would send you 1000000 dollars!
May 5th😃
I thought it was four ???
so sorry about that
AOTD: coming up soon..... :)
24th June 2004
June 30, 2004.
10th of January 2005
August 14th 2003
April 12th 2003
match 25, 2003
December third 2003