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-You have a place on Team Emma!
-Thank you so much for entering! I will notify you via this notification page when a new round is posted so you don't have to worry about missing it! Thanks again, gillyweed🌙🖤
Thank you ❤👍🏻
-Hey!😊There are only five places left and I'm struggling to get them filled... don't feel that you have to but it would be really helpful if any of you could give it a small mention in one of your post captions. Again, you really don't have to though❤️❤️
-Round one is up now! You have until Thursday 2nd February to enter, good luck!🍩🖤
-Quick reminder, if you haven't already entered round one you have around 12hrs left to enter! Information on my page🖤 (If you've already entered please just ignore this message). Good luck!😊
-Round two and the round one results have been posted on my page! You have until Saturday 4th February to enter... good luck!❤️❤️
-Incase you couldn't see the caption on the round two post, the images you've been assigned to use are in the remixes (use the one of your team celebrity)... it'll (hopefully🤞🏻) make sense when you get there Xx
-You have around 10hrs left to enter round two! If you've already entered, please just ignore this message🥀🖤
hey sorry I wasn't able to yet- super busy
-Round three results and the brand new round have been posted! You have until Tuesday 7th February to enter, good luck!🥀🖤
-You have just under one day left to enter round four! (if you've already entered, please just ignore this message)❤️
-Results and the new round have been posted! Sorry for the delay. You have until Friday 10th February to enter! Good luck💿🖤
-I'm really sorry but you've been eliminated, thank you so much for entering though!