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what’s wrong?
is something or someone bothering u?
oh I’m in the phrase right now. do you know what’s got you depressed? is it family? friends?
hey, u ok// anna
whats up?
do u wanna talk about it?
sure, tell me everything
your not useless do u want cuddles? *smiles softly*
what do u mean ur dirty
theres nothing wrong with that, i know people in the past that have done that
i dont know if they do or not, but couldnt you just rp w someone?
i dont do rp anymore, but if you ever wanna rp, i will do it just for you *smiles softly*
yeah, unless you dont wanna rp.. i can go, sorry
we dont have to babes, its only when you want to, this might sound weird, but i had a friend that only wanted to talk dirty, so we did, ill do whatever, as long as it makes you happy
just asking, are you a guy or a girl
i just wondered
whats wrong?
yeah, im on now
hey sry I was rly busy
if so follow me on snap or get my number!
want nudes