QOTD: your 2nd most frequently used emoji?
AOTD: 🍄 (<— yes it’s THE mushroom😂)


TAP! QOTD: your 2nd most frequently used emoji? AOTD: 🍄 (<— yes it’s THE mushroom😂)

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a: 💗
awww thx❤️
Hey Brianna✨💎 how you been?
I remixed u your wallpaper!!
np!! do you like it?
wait jk it’s 👌
AOTD: ❤️
ok so my bff is mad at me for no reason but she isn’t saying she’s mad but I can just tell. like ya know when ur texting someone and you can feel the bad vibe like they are mad at you? that’s what I’m feeling. she was also on and off mad at me but mostly not mad at me yesterday... hmmmm
ikr!! and like she might be on her ladies days (if u know what I mean 🙃) but still. she never gets this way. it might just be bc of that..
I already posted sm today and I barley got any likes on any of them 🙄😶 I hate when that happens
I’m by my grandparents and I’m actually bored to death
same except I go for 30+ likes but that never seems to happen. I used to get like 60 likes on my posts like umm wth happened???
I’m still in 8th grade ugh I can’t wait for high school. I go to a catholic school and oml it’s so strict there. like I said “oh my god” once and the teachers flipped out. like c’mon. HONESTLY?
nah I still got 5 more days sadly.... WHYYYY
yes trueee
I just wanna leave school already
where I live it’s 90 degrees and that’s frickin rare
I live in Wisconsin btw 😂😂
sort of, but we take these tests that are super hard and we call them IOWAS.. they test ur knowledge and what you’ve learned and stuff like that. I was above average, surprisingly. top 10 in the state
dood at least you don’t live in Wisconsin. we had a frickin snow storm in APRIL. APRILLLL
Hee it's okee that you post your enteryon you page. Just ad in the caption that it's for my contest.
tysm and no. I just had a really close friend that did pc and I found pc and I fell in love with the people on it and the app itself. you are all so nice to me and I appreciate everyone
hahahaha same. except for the rainy weather part. we get clouds and slight snow occasionally
haha it’s bc of the shout-out thingggg for my contest!!
and I used to play the piano but I quit. I like acting and theatre and I also love volleyball and track
All right I will see your post when your posting it
heck no it doesn’t!! I will keep it there for a while, until something else happens and I put in a new bio. I’ve always wondered how people can memorize all of those names in their bio. I could barely remember yours!!
omg me tooooo
ikr!! it makes me sad bc I was the one that started it and now it’s just falling apart
maybe we should just stop it for good
All good🌿what you been up to lately?
thank you!! ✨ beautiful collage
hahahaha ty
all za best for finalllsss💓✨ I got mid year exams this next week and so little studying time😢
np! you are one of my besties!! and yea, Noodle Club should be thriving, not falling down...
this is gorgeous, I love this quote but mostly these colors! they go so well together