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Emily gets up and heads to the cafe to geta hot chocolate to start off the day
*get a
Emily sees Winnie and gives her a small smile
(Emily gets the courage to talk to Winnie so she walks up to her) "Hey I'm Emily. I feel like I've seen you around the uni before."
"hey" (ps gotta go it's 10:30 rn, can we pick it up tommorrow)
Rome rode up on her motorcycle into the cafe. Her past was catching up to her and she knew she couldn’t out run it. She quickly straightened her leather jacket and fixed up her dark lipstick before heading inside.
oh ok bye
“Yeah. I could be worse,” Rome shruggedz
Theo sat with Thorn and Nathan at a party. They were invited to some sorta party at a castle.. (KATT HMM GET IT..)
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Connor walked into the party, he was dressed casually. he walked up to Winnie “hey gorgeous” he said
“I love your dress” he smiles at holds her hand
“Back to normal now, at last! let’s go over to the drinks bar!” he takes her hand and starts walking
“Coke? Lemonade? Alcohol?” he laughs and looks at her “you look so pretty tonight, I love you” he smiles
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He orders her a lemonade and a coke for himself, they drink their drinks “it’s busy isn’t it!”
He looks over and waves at Lucas too. He stands up, “would you care to dance with me, Miss Winnie” he puts on a posh voice and jokes around
He walks towards the dance floor holding her hand, he’s smiling
A slow song is playing, Connor puts his arms on Winnie’s waist as she puts her hands on his neck. He seats to the side slowly
He sways to the music and whispers in her ear “are you okay? if you wanna go home at any time then let me know. Thus is couple goals!”
“Good.” as the music stops he leans in and gently kisses her on her lips.
I’m here
And alone
Rome showed up at the party at the castle (hehe) She randomly got invited and she didn’t like the looks of it
He pulls apart and smiles at her. “apple bobbing? come on it’ll be a laugh!”
He walks over to the table.
He fixes his hair and stands around waiting for Winnie to come back.
“Hey!” She said as she ate a strawberry
He stands around looking to spot any familiar faces.
He spots Lucas and walks over to him. “hey Lucas, how you doing?”
“I’m good thanks. You came with anyone?”
“Yeah, of course!” He looked at Lucas” why do you seem surprised?”
“My girlfriend, she’s talking to Rome somewhere over there.” he nods ahead.
Sorry I’m and off bc I’m on set
He looks up at her and smiles softly, he holds her hand. “how’s Rome?”
“ah, well it’s sure shes happy to have you as a friend!” he sits her on his leg.
He yawns and looks at his phone to check the time.
“Lucas clearly has an eye for Rome!” he looks over at them and laughs. “I remember when I first saw you- in that cafe, remember?”
“Adorable!” he laughs. “I don’t know about you but I’m really tired.”
“Um hey?” Rome asked as she ate another strawberry.
greetings..(sorry I’m in the car and I’m kinda bored so I was looking around)
“Shall we stay another 10 minutes then head back to mine? there’s a new episode of Stranger things I wanna watch!” he looks at her in his leg and smiles to himself.
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Rome crossed her arms, “I’m Rome,” she replied. Lucas that was a familiar name...
“What do you want to do now? Dance? Whatever you want!” he looks at their hands together and blushes in the dark.
(well I entered two Ocs.)
“You know what, I might just go back to mine. You coming or staying?”!
Jessica falls out of the sky with her tea mug in hand along with Nick.
“Okay.” He stands up.
(TEA! I’m English lol and everyone thinks we just drink tea 24/7😂😂)
He walks outside to the car park and stands under a lamp.
(Well basically all my rp puppets like tea because I’m a big tea fan😂)
He smiles as she walks up to him, he looks at her and says “Your so gorgeous I can’t even begin to describe it! I’m so lucky to have you as my girlfriend.”
“Welp.” Jessica groans as she gets up. “Wait where are we?”||”Toto I don’t think we’re in London anymore” Nick says looking around at the empty parking lot
Rome just nodded, “So I heard a few things between you and Winnie?” she asked. She wondered if this was the guy.
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He helps her in the car and gets in himself, he drives to his apartment.
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(love a good bit of earl gray😂I really like green tea too, especially iced green tea🙈)
He pulls up to see Winnie asleep, He takes a quick picture. “Winnie, wake up.” he whispers.
“Here let me call an Uber I’ll find a Starbucks so we can stock up on some tea.” Jessica says has she pulls out her phone. || Nick sighs. “Shouldn’t we rent an apartment?”
(yUs gIrL)
(I’ll stay for a bit longer then I’m gonna go as it’s just gone midnight and although I can’t sleep I need too😑)
Rome just gave a simple nod. “And didn’t you do something for revenge or something?” Rome asked again.
“Oh yeah....I think theirs an apartment complex nearby we can rent one pre decorated ones.” Jessica says. The Uber comes and they rent an apartment and blah blah blah.
He smiles and walks inside his apartment, he flops on the bed and kicks his shoes off. “what a night!”
“America is so strange...” Jessica says as she pulls off her heels and sits on the couch. || Nick sighs and walks into the bathroom.
He pulls her into a hug on his bed. “please don’t fall asleep on me!” he plays with her hair.
“At lest sleep in my bed with me! I won’t annoy you, i swear!!” He laughs and gives her puppy eyes.
“Hm.” Rome simply said. She didn’t know what to think.
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“You just met me,” Rome raised her eyebrows, confused.
Jessica then lies down on the couch and plays with her rings she couldn’t believe a year ago she graduated high school and her Mom passed it all come so quickly she than hears a sharp noise from outside the window and she opens it to see someone running away with a bag in hand.
He gets a cup of water and puts a few drops on her forehead to wake her up!
“Because you ditched me for the sofa!” he rolls around oh the floor laughing.
Jessica sighs and sits back on the couch we’re she finally fell asleep. || Nick was in the bedroom on his phone texting his employer about some detail he found earlier that day.
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Rome just raised her eyebrows. She didn’t trust easily especially after what happened two weeks ago. This guy already had a bad rep with her, but maybe that would change. She finally responded, “Look, I don’t trust easily and stuff. So...um...yeah. Maybe if I knew you better?” Rome shrugged.
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*care along and knocked my self confidence
* I got one of my
“You don’t have to trust someone in order to know stuff about them,” she retorted, “If a shady guy walked up to me on the street with a gun, I know he’s about to kill me,” she shrugged. “Trust is earned and just getting to know someone just takes talking or body language,” she shrugged.
(I was bullied a lot in grade school and in seventh grade. Now, I still sometimes get bullied, but it’s not to bad. I just I kind of learned to put on a mask and I liked acting because I don’t have to be myself.)
(And honestly? The bullying wasn’t the worst part)
(I know how you feel, I was bullied to the ‘extreme’)
Nick runs his hand through his hair and stares through the window Jess and Him can’t keep running away from their problems it’s been five months since they’ve been home moving place to place looking for somewhere safe away from their sister it all started when mom got sick and then dad and then Josh....He lets out a harsh breathe and counts the specks of light in the city.
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(Aw Kat bullying can be tough I wasn’t ever bullied I’ve honestly always have been a bystander)
“Please dont go Win, Pleaseeeeeeee?!!”
(who’s daisy?😂)
Rome raised her eyebrows, “Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see yourself in ten years? What’s your opinion on smoking, drinking, drugs? Have you ever committed a crime? Would you kill someone if you had to? Would you save yourself or the baby of your enemy? What are your vices? Virtues? Would you be against someone who’s done some pretty bad things?” she grilled him.
“I’ll text my brother to feed her, chill!”
Jessica wakes up drenched in sweat gasping for air her lungs were burning and felt as if they were being turned inside out. Another nightmare...She pulls her blanket close to her and stares at the wallpaper watching how the designs curved up and down.
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“You don’t understand don’t you? Trust takes time. Not just a few questions.” she crossed her arms, “Would you date anyone who’s done some pretty terrible things?”
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(May the tea always be with you)
“On What?” she asked.
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“Do you believe everyone has a choice?” she then asked, less harshly.
Jessica clams down it felt has an anxiety attack was upon her she took five deep breathe and walks into Nicks room. “Hey...I can’t sleep do you want to go out?”
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She smirked lightly and simply looked the other way, “Even when people are being electrocuted, burned, and other various acts of torture?” she then paused, “Now what do you know about me? Nothing. I’m just a pretty face to you right? That’s why you like me. You wouldn’t like me if you knew who I was,”
“Where would we go it’s like 00:45..” Nick chuckles softly.
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“How do you not know this all a mask? What do you really know about me?” she asked again.
“Yeah your right..” Jessica crosses her arms and a tear rolls down and off her cheek. “I miss the old times...” || Nick looks at her “I do too...I miss mom and dad too...I just wish-“|| “Please don’t finish your sentence it’s only going to make things worse.” Jessica turns to leave|| “Good night Jessie.” Nick says faintly as he turns away.
Jessica brushes the tears off her cheeks she wasn’t safe anywhere anymore in her sleep in real life not even books..|| Nick sighs for the billionth time and lies his head on his pillow.
“And while part of that’s true. I’ve done bad things. Really bad things. Not your typical rebel things. Some of things I don’t even regret. Yeah, there are somethings that I do regret doing but I was born like this.” she said.
Jess brews tea and steps outside her apartment and starts to walk around she didn’t know where she was going but she was hoping to end up in a Starbucks.
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“Do you really want to know? There’s a lot of things I got from those questions.” she shrugged.
Rome just looked at him, “And that’s where trust comes in.” she stated. “I’ve said enough,”
“According to those questions I asked earlier all you did was graffiti,” She said, “Unless you’re lying?”
“So you did lie.” she stated, she then started to look at him, “Unless now you’re trying to impress me,”
Rome just looked at him with a million more things to say. “Excuse me,” she suddenly said as she went to call Winnie.
“Hey, so I bumped into that Lucas dude,” she said.
“I don’t know.” Rome admitted
“Yep.” she stated. “He’s Just- I mean- I don’t know,”
“I don’t know.” Rome said and she just sighed.
“Okay Thanks,” Rome responded as she dipped another strawberry in chocolate
Rome looked at Lucas from afar as she scrolled through her texts.
She then froze when she got a text from her mother...
oh goodness
*wheezes* okay folks that basically took an hour to finish and finalize
I probably a, going to get a B- though
We’re doing an Informational Eassy about a random social issue and I did Animal Abuse
Eh I guess
My parents are strict about me getting 85s and above
I have dyslexia but my parents don’t believe the tests results so they push me
sure lol
I’m done complaining about school lol
Jessica wonders the streets with her mug she didn’t see any Starbucks open.
Yeah my parents are really strict about me getting all A’s even though that has happened
I’m going to be on and off
Jessica then trips over a trash can.
Nick falls asleep and dreams about tealand.
(Welp I just need to get better then a b plus)
“Yeah I guess....I mean...Hi and Thank you.” Jessica says flustered.
Jessica laughes. “I’m so sorry I’m really socially awkward.” Jessica says has she sips her tEa.
“I’m Jessica by the way.” Jessica says with a warm smile.
“Nice to meet you Winnie”
Jessica nods. “So......”
“Do you live around here”
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Jessica nods not knowing what to say next.
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(Okay this sounds really stupid but my therapist taught me something called mindfulness were you close your eyes and focus of your breathes you can stretch when your doing it too but it really helps calm you down.)
(Ok thanks. I’ll try that💓)
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