••Collab with the amazing••

ShatteredCrystals! I had so much fun, go follow her!

638x640 CoffeeBreak

••Collab with the amazing•• ShatteredCrystals! I had so much fun, go follow her!

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thank u💛💛💛💛
I love this so much, good job for the both of you
beautiful ! ✨
welcome to team moonlight 🌙round 1 will start tomorrow so stay tuned xoxo 🌙
thank you for the understanding & that’s a good idea, I should do that x💜
this is stunning🙌🏻
“But sexual immorality is a danger. So each man should have his own wife. And each woman should have her own husband.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭7:2‬
love this!
I can’t change your mind either. you were the one who commented first.
hamiltonfandomlandwithunicornsanddonutsandnohate okay that was really weird i legit mashed together all aspects of my life...?
YES CALENDARS 😂 dyingggg
come check out me
😂 ahaha
(this is a copy and pasted message🔥) Round 2 of the season games is out! check my acc for more 😀 and remember to WORK AS A TEAM 👍🏾
heyy! Round One is up! it is due on July 19th. The sooner u enter the more points you will get. For this round u will need to make a collage using a quote that I have given for ur team! please enter, thank youuu 😉
the rp has started!! have fun!!
(Sorry for this copy and paste message) Please come sign up for the Battle of the Collagers between EverythingSwift and I on our account EverythingCrumbledMyReputation. It will be a fun competition for all who enter and have amazing prizes.
yess I would love to collab with you
Welcome to the Sunshine Squad for the Battle of the Collagers on EverythingCrumbledMyReputation! I'm your leader so please utilize me! The first challenge will be posted at 10:00 am (MST) tomorrow and will end Sunday at 6:00pm
Sorting is up! please go over to my page to find out what your house is. The games will start soon, so stay tuned
The first challenge is out for the Battle of the Collagers please check it out!.Don't forget that your leaders are here to help
I’m so so sorry I forgot what awesome collage I asked to put on my page can you remind me which one it is these are all so good I can’t remember
hey, your team is very behind in this round. Start working or else (sorry for the copy and paste message 😎)
beautiful! love ur page