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we’re good, what about you *looks up at you*
*hugs you*
*looksup at you*
*kisses you back putting my arms around your neck*
*smiles putting my legs around your torso* I love you
*looks into your eyes *
*shakes my head *
*pulls you on top of me and kisses you*
*takes your shirt off kissing you *
*bites your lip *
*looks at you*
*bites my lip*
*closes my eyes*
*rubs my clxt*
*nods and bites my lip rubbing*
*moans and grips the sheets*
*moans and ignores you spreading my legs slightly*
*arches my back getting wet*
*bites my lip* mmm daddy
*rubs my clxt again slowly *
mmmm *starts to drip*
*tightens around you rubbing*
*nods biting my lip *
*lookd at you biting my lip *
*shakes my head*
*tightens *
*my legs start shaking and I cxm*
*nods biting my lip*
*kisses you*
I love you
*curls into you*
*hugs you tightly*
*hugs you*
*stays close to you*
*stays quiet*
*looks down*
*stares blankly at the wall tearing up* my aunties dying
*shakes my head* I can’t see her like this
*hugs you tight*
let’s go, we can take Dylan as well
*goes to get him*
*picks him up and brings him down*. *holds on*
*holds him*. dada *waves*
*smiles small*. yeah *nods*
*carries him out to the car*
*puts him in his seat*
*gets in and bucklesup*
*plays with the sleeves on my hoodie*
*looks at you*
*looks down*
*stays quiet*
*gets out and gets Dylan out*. dada
*holds him*. *hits me and reaches for you* dada
*looks down holding him*. *starts to throw a tantrum* dada
*puts him down getting anxious*. *toddles to you* dada
*looks at you and shakes my head* *screams*
*nods small and walks in slowly*. *screams*
*goes to her room*. *kicks about screaming*
*sits next to her bed*. *calms down *
*tears up*. no
*talks to her*. *sulks*
*takes her hand* sowwy
*talks to her*. mommy *cries*
*texts you* she wants to see you and Dylan. *reaches for the door *
*looks at her*
*holds him* this is Dylan and that’s Ezekiel. *holds onto her* momma. *smiles weakly*
*holds him tearing up* *looks at her and waves*. *reaches for Ezekiel’s hand* you take care of my girl
*puts Dylan on the seat and steps outside*. *babbles*. *looks at him* thank you
*tries to keep it in* *claps hands*. and you. You take care
*walks outside*. *waves and blows kisses* bye bye. *smiles and waves*
*tries to stay strong *
*shakes my head* no it’s fine can we go home please. *claps hands*
*gets in*
*pulls my knees to my chest*
*hugs you tightly*
sh- she *cries*
*cries into your chest*
*looks up at you my cheeks wet*
I’m sorry
*walks up to you*
*lays my head on your chest*
*nods staying close to you*
*listens to your heart*
I may not be active much the next few days
*stays close to you*
*stays quiet and close*
I love you too
*stays close*. *walks to you* dada
*smiles at him* *reaches up at you* dada
*sits down*. *smiles*
*stays sat down *. pway
*smiles*. shapes
*nods and walks upstairs *
*smiles and looks at you*. *grabs the shape Flashcards*
*shakes my head* he doesn’t do it with me. *walks downstairs with them*
*nods*. *runs handing them to you then sits in front of you*
*looks at you*. no
*shakes my head*. no *walks off upstairs*
I told you. no *goes into my room and sulks*
*shrugs* maybe he doesn’t like me. *sulks*
*sighs*. *ignores him*
*thinks*. *says nothing*
*stays downstairs *. *ignores*
*thinks*. *cries*
*ignores crying*
*nods*. *cries*
it’s fine *hugs you*
I love you too
*kisses you back*
*shrugs* I don’t mind
*smiles small*. *sits at the top of the stairs*
*smiles*. *sulks*
*cuddles*. *sulks*
*watches cuddling*. *curls on the top stair*
*watches*. *sleeps*
*cuddles close to you*. *sleeps*
*smiles watching*. *sleeps*
*watches*. *wakes up and comes downstairs*
*watches*. *walks into the room*
*smiles*. *stands infront sulking*
*watches*. *sulks*
*holds you*. *ssulks*
*sighs*. dada
*gets up and goes upstairs*. *walks up to you* dada
*goes into our bed*. *opens arms*
*closes my eyes*. yes
*sleeps*. *pouts*
*sleeps*. I good boy
*looks at you*. I good boy mommy
*looks down*. I sowwy mommy, I wuv daddy
*looks at you*. wes
*looks at him*. *walks to mommy*
*looks at him*. *hugs you*
*hugs him*. *hugs her*
*holds him kisses his head*. I wuv you mommy
I love you too baby *looks around* dada?
shhh he’ll be back he is busy *holds him*. *nods*
*holds him*. *cuddles falling asleep*
*holds him*. *sleeps*
you okay baby *sits up laying Dylan down*. *sleeps*
I’m sorry *looks at you getting up*
*waits for you to finish so I can hug you*. *sleeps*
*looks at you*
we miss him too
*smiles and turns around*
*hugs you* don’t be sorry how is she?
*backs away slowly* I’m sorry
*nods* I understand stay safe
*. looks at you* do you want me to.
*nods okay handsome*
*goes upstairs * hot or cold clothes?
*packs my bag*
*packs Dylan a bag as well*
*nods*. *walks in and sees you* dada!!
*nods and goes to his room and gets some of his favourite toys and his favourite teddy* i missed you dada
*comes back*. *looks at the bags confused*
*goes to th bathroom and changes into comfy clothes*. where?
*comes back* in car?
*looks at you* private jet? in sky *imitates a plane*
*nods*. *goes downstairs* wes goooo
*grabs our bags*. *smiles*
*comes downstairs*. *goes to the front door*
*hands them to you and opens the door*. *looks up at mommy*
*picks himbup and puts him in his seat*. *smiles*
*buckles him up and gets in buckling up*. *looks out the window*
*watches dylan in the mirror*. dada
*watches him*. i wuv you
*smiles*. *closes my eyes*
hes been okay *yawns*
*nods*. *starts to sleep*
*smiles* yeah. *sleeps*
yeah it is *smiles*. *snores*
*smiles*. *snores*
*smiles*. *sleeps*
*looks at you* sometimes you do baby *sleeps*
*nods* only now and then. *sleeps*
but its okay *smiles*. *sleeps*
no not at all *sleeps*
no *sleeps*
*looks at you*. *sleeps*
*gets out and grabs Dylan*. *sleeps*
*follows*. *sleeps*
*gets on after you holding dylan* *starts to wake up*
sshhh *holds him*. *wipes my eyes*
*hands him to you*. *looks around*
*sits down*. *curls up*
*looks at you*. *closes my eyes* with mommy and daddy
*smiles*. *nods*
*gets comfy*. *tries to go back to sleep*
*looks at him*. *pouts*
*looks around*. I not tired
*smiles*. *nods*
you okay?
*looks up at you and opens my arms* want a hug?
*hugs you back* how is she?
*hugs you tighter tearing up*
but I can’t help
I want to help
*nods small*
okay. daddy
*puts my hair up*. mask?
ready? otay
*walks out*. *follows*
*gets in* thank you. *climbs in*
*buckles up*. *sits still*
*looks out the window*
*stays quiet*. *looks around*
*stays quiet*. *looks out the window*
*looks out the window*. mommy birdie
*nods* yeah there is a birdie *points*
*smiles*. *watches out the window*
you got your mask? *nods and holds it*
*gets out and gets dylan out putting his mask on*
*takes his hand *. *follows you*
*picks him up*. in there?
*puts him in the cart*. otay
*follows*. *looks around*
*follows*. mommy?
yes bubba. I wuv you and I wuv you dada
*smiles* i love you too. *smiles*
*looks around*. we in Italy?
*smiles*. ooooo far away
*walks around*. *nods*
*follows*. *looks at your eyes* bwue
*follows*. dada has bwue eyes*
like the sea
*follows*. what colour my eyes dada
my skin wike mommys
mommy got brown eyes