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ahhh thanks!!😄💘
2014 PC was the best PC
ahhhh thanks!
let’s just say there were like 5x more active accounts on here. I barely posted and I was hauling in like 25 followers a day
goodness ikr!
RE/: Thank you❤️❤️❤️
hey there!
u got time to talk?
yah I did lol, ur a little late 😂😂😂
lmâo no it’s cool, I don’t even have my notifications on, because this app is buggy and it sends me notifications like 2 days later 😂😂.
and yeah I’m studying mathematics at CSUMB (Cal State Monterey Bay)
hahaaa nahh math is great
and that’s a good plan you’ll have a lot of success with that major
or not major, but u know what I mean 😅
oh yeah very very expensive
well now I know I’m older than u
bc u haven’t graduated yet 😂
one of my friends is tryna be a nurse
do u want to tell meur age? or still not comfortable
nice nice
ohh okay gotcha, that’s smart
I really don’t care, mainly cuz I’m a guy but I can see how that’s more risky for gals
sorry I didn’t respond sooner it’s trash day tomorrow so I had to deal with that mess
hahahaha 😂😂 did u see I put ur name in my bio? I didn’t realize I hadn’t done it. idk why cuz ur like one of the coolest ppl I met on here
😁😁😁 u know what would b cool, is if we somehow met one day, have a cup of coffee and a nice conversation. that would honestly be great!
yeah I’d probably fly there or u fly here or something 😂. you’d probably want to come here more cuz it’s Cali for Christ sake 😂
same actually sorry 😬😂👋🏻
tomorrow we’ll talk more
heya 👋🏻