[loving someone// the 1975]
December 16, 2019
can’t wait for christmasss


[loving someone// the 1975] December 16, 2019 can’t wait for christmasss

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this is so amazing! 😍 i honestly dont understand why you're not recognized more with some features or SOMETHING, your account deserves way more love then it gets :)
great song, great edit ♥️
thank you! and I’ll definitely go listen to it!!
your edits truly belong in an art exhibit with a whole room dedicated to just them. your edits are angelic artworks that deserve to be featured and recognised more! I sincerely hope you know how much I appreciate the work you put into them to make this stunning. honestly, thank you for blessing my eyes with your posts 💓💕
congratulations on the feature
ohh yes i predicted it! i have telepathyyy 😂👏🏽
congrats on feature!! this is rlly cool!!
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this is absolutely stunning! congrats on the feature, thugs totally deserves it
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stunning!! 😍
in my opinion you are the most talented artists on here! i love it!!!!
love this x
beautiful ❤️
np x
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omgggg this is beautiful!!
beautiful!!!! x
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so pretty!!
this is amazing! you have so much talent
I really like the color 🤗
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it is too beautiful
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congrats on the feature!!!💞💖
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wow I love this!❤️
this is gorgeous!!!!
I feel like I just passed out this is so a m a z I n g ☀️
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just LOVE your acc and its amazing aesthetic
I LOVe this aesthetic 💕🤍