1-14-19 - lwymmd - click!
ooh lwymmd..
vices & virtues is so freaking good 👏🏼
rip tsl 💀
rate /10 ♥️
QOTD: so it goes... or i almost do?
AOTD: i almost do!! ♥️

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1-14-19 - lwymmd - click! ooh lwymmd.. vices & virtues is so freaking good 👏🏼 rip tsl 💀 rate /10 ♥️ QOTD: so it goes... or i almost do? AOTD: i almost do!! ♥️

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aww thanks!
that's so awesome! I'm really into doab atm too
idk why people rank it as the worst panic! album smh 😔
AOTD: so it goes
I wish I could go but they are not coming anywhere remotely close to me
I hope your mom lets you
ikr it's awesome. but a lot of people vote the two latest albums poorly
awww thank you💜
and yeah I was obsessed with it for a little
thank you! ❤️
oooh cool edit! 💗
aotd/cant decide 🧡
exactlyyyy lol. I think that it's the fact there's no band members anymore and people miss them??
p o w e r f u l 😍
hi! it’s me Alissa I’m back for a bit!
but, you know, Brendon is cool. and if you miss people (like I do) follow their solo careers and grow up 😂
I’m pretty good you? aw thanks it’s hard to contact all my old friends ahh, anyways i don’t think I’ll be here for long though
def I almost do
yeah! that’s good then 💓
Round 2 is up 💜
love this💗
thank you!!
aotd; i almost do... actually i dunno... i was listening to so it goes this morning and it is so good. arrr that’s hard
the animated taylor’s, are they “taymojis”?
also is it just easier if we just put off the calls till another time?
thank youuu💓
follow for follow?
Thank youuuuuuuuuu
I know I said I don't really like LWYMMD but this is collage is changing my mind! I JUST LOVE IT! ❤️
AOTD: I almost do but so it goes is also sooooo beautiful
no problem
tyyy ❤️
that sucks, he only concerts I've been to have been at least 2+ hours away bc my town is kinda small
ok cool 😂😝
Hey do you wanna do left side or right side
yeah, I get that I usually go to Phoenix for concerts
thank youuu 🥳💕
thank you! it's an epic song isn't it? 💕💕💕
thank you ❤️
answer to the question you asked on my Q&A.
- my favourite panic! song is probably The Good, The Bad and The Dirty or High Hopes or LA Devotee. - i would probably listen to reputation... i think.... or red..... idk. - my favourite song at the moment is either DWOHT, Common People by Pulp or London Calling by The Clash.
wow this is amazing
Ahh thank you!!❤️
wow, I don't know any of those YouTubers, I will have to look them up.
even better 🐍🐍❤️❤️❤️❤️
💛💛💛 tyyy
yeah haha ♥️♥️♥️
also, ............................. the collab?
sorry to keep pestering you ♥️👍🏻
you got it! 🙌😂that's exactly what I meant.
aw THANK you
Ok I've done the left side
Oops didn't know you saw it. Okay ignore my last comment
aw thank you so so much
aw tysm
no problem!💛
*oooopps sorry i meant thank you!💛💛
don’t worry audrey I’ll be back very soon I promise, I’m gonna miss you 💕
Hey just a reminder to enter Round 4 of the Battle of The Albums!
So pretty!!😍
they are all amazing quotes💓💓
song quotes all have hidden meanings 💗
gosh Audrey I’m gonna miss you so much!!!! Your an amazing friend that is never think I could find online. I have a PicsArt @getawaycar- and we can stay in touch on there💓
ughh thank youuu 😭💕
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l o v e l y ♥️
omg your so sweet♥️ ilyssm. Yea we can definetly talk on PicsArt!!!
Aww, thanks!! 🥰🥰
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so close to 3K!!
oh thank you ☺️ love your account
tyyy!! i love this too! 💫💞
thank you
don't question it okay 😂😂
it's beautiful 😂
lol I watched it like 76 times the first time I saw it and then decided to put it as my bio to share the love😄
np :)☺️☺️
girlll you’re account is beautiful 💙
you’re welcome 💙💙
Brightheart22’s Q&A: my favorite book atm is definitely The Beautiful Lost By Luanne Rice, you should totally read it! I don’t really have a favorite song Bc I can’t choose lol. and my favorite dog breed is the basset hound
congrats on 3k!
same. 😂 and I just realised he's singing the duck takes theme songkill me now😂😂😂
hey don’t forget to enter for round 2!! your partner will also be notified! xx
sorry i’m just now responding to ur commment. tysm
I love Last Kiss, but I couldn't decide...
thank you!!!
also congrats on 3k!!!!
thank you!💓☺️how are u doing?
ya got 3k girlllllllllll 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳💗💗
i’m gonna extend it anyway because only 1 persons entered so far...
AOTD: So it Goes!
Congrats on 3K!
This is STUNNING! ✨💕😘
Just 🥰!