Collab with the awesome... TAP
She did the amazing background and I did the text
Go follow her!!
How are y’all doing today?


Collab with the awesome... TAP 🌴shootingstars-🌴 She did the amazing background and I did the text Go follow her!! How are y’all doing today?

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I’m gonna post it later because I have around 20 collages to post
s t u n n i n g 💖
ofc 🥰😘💘
this is stunning!💗
thank you so much💕
your account is amazing too
wow this is stunning!🤩💗
thank you!!!
aw I’m honoured!!
thank uuu and wow this is gorgeous😩💗
yes I Did! tysm!♥️
You have great collages 🙌👌❤
Hi simplyGabriella! I have one question? Would you like to collab? I would love too
Oh okay so maybe anytime just let me know when the right time should come
hey I heard you wanted to collab! I have a collab sheet on my account for more info💕🌴come check it out if you’re still interested! have a magical day xo🐠⚡️
congrats on feature!!
yaaaaaaassssss! congrats on the feature!!
awh, thank youu!✨💓so are youuuu:
your welcome Gabriella! can I call you Gabri for short (it’s a cute nameeee)!
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aw thank you😍
pretty 🤤🤤🤤
thank you!!
aw thank you Gabri!
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ty and yeah sure
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okie and thank youu
this is Beautiful
wow ❤️
aw thank youu
i loooooveeee thissss aaaah I think I’m obsessed 😍
aaaaaa this is absolutely STUNNING
aw thank you❤️ the app names are colourtone and kuni cam 😘
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thanks and yep I love StarBucks
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Doing good !! 😊 you?
ooh this is amazing !!
I like how you used the graph as the background
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GORGEOUS! congrats on the feature
love it!
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thank you gabri🧡
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yayyy our collab got featured💓
this is absolutely stunning wow
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can you teach me how to do that style of collage
omg this is incredible!! congrats on the feature!! 💜💜
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this is really beautiful
Hey!!! 🌹I’m Apollo🌹✨first of all, you’re amazingly talented and I LOVE you’re collages💕 second of all, I’m sorry for the spam. I know it’s annoying and I’m sure you get it all the time💕 and like astly of all, thank you so very much for actually taking the time to read this because I know there are more important things you could be doing right now✨ so I’m new to piccollage and I haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but I’m pretty sure you have🤔 if there are ANY tips (like good people to make icons, pngs, good editing apps to use, etc.)you have, then I’d love to hear them (ANYTHING HELPS)🤗 Also if you don’t mind follows, likes, and comments, are MUCH appreciated🤗 Have a magical day💫💫 ❤️love Apollo❤️
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congratulations on the feature this is beautiful
wowwww this is so amazing!! your collages are so unique :O
congrats on featured collage!!!
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this is so cool!!
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Love the aesthetic of this
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so pretty!!
so creative!!!
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everything is just perfect💙