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baaabyyyy ❤️
you alive baby?❤️
Yes I'm alive
is everything okay??
Yea I think after u texted ur mom about the fight we had I think she texted my mom
And y all the sudden r u putting leggings on with ur dress
Kinda thought u didn't wanna do that
no she didn’t? I just asked if we can get some pants so I can wear a shirt and pants instead of the dress cuz you told me you didn’t want me wearing the dress
I asked my mom no she didn’t txt your mom why do you say that??
Cause when she walked in the door she told me we need to stop fighting
Babe u awake??
baby I love you 😔❤️ got home and threw up right away 😔 ima try and take a nausea pill then go to sleep okay?😩❤️ btw I told Davis the gender we talked in the hall before I left... fxckk I loves you baby😔❤️
Was Davis happy??? I miss u and I love u❤❤
yes she was happy baby
hey ima try and sleep okay baby? if I wake up by lunch I’ll txt you but if I don’t txt I’m asleep okay? miss you too I loves you ❤️❤️❤️
That's good ❤❤ umm u missed it I have a fxckin killer migraine 😔❤
please go get pain killers 😔❤️
Love u to❤❤
okay ima sleep baby I loves you ❤️
I did babe but love u❤❤
okay good I loves you ❤️❤️
Hey baby im finished with lunch u ok???
I'll text u during advisory ❤
Hope ur still asleep❤❤
Hey I'll text u after class love u❤❤
Ill text u after 6 th love u❤❤
I just woke up baaaaby😩❤️ ima try and go back to sleep tho loves you ❤️
can you grab the popcorn and blanket out of my locker maybe? you don’t have to but I forgot it... hey if I’m asleep when school gets out please come over okay I loves you ❤️
Ewww ok I'll grab ur blanket better be washed right when u get there but yea I'll grab shxxt for u baby ❤❤ love u to❤❤
sorry ik you don’t wanna but it needs washed 😩❤️ okay I have my homework I grabbed it so the blanket and popcorn and maybe my water bottle but you can leave that if you want... hey ima try and eat I think a nausea pill FINALL kicked in enough okay I loves you baby❤️
Ill see u at ur house love u❤❤
loves you too baby ❤️
So i threw ur blanket in my washer and John's coming over so that he can look at the wheeler and I told him 50 for it
And I gotta tell u something
But I'll see u soon baby❤❤
oh umm okay baby
I need your help with something too when you get here
you alive?...
okay I’ll wait 😔
ima take a shower I’ll txt you when I get out I loves you ❤️❤️