thanks for making me & my friends laugh our assęs off :) this was fun while it lasted, my youtube channel will be in the link of my bio

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anyways... thanks for making me & my friends laugh our assęs off :) this was fun while it lasted, my youtube channel will be in the link of my bio

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you were trying to make this app fun!? it’s already fun! mission failed
these actually aren’t good jokes so... yeah😐
and correction, I’m not the 10 yr. old one here it’s you hun so uh bu-bye😊
mmhhmmm sure ya did🙄
i’m gonna miss u 😞
you are the best oof take care!!! I hope someday you might come back, although I know this app is dead as hèll lol
❤️❤️❤️❤️ y’all are all legends
😂 you too
its not fun to annoy people and make get upset because of these stupid jokes
i don’t care if anyone said it wasn’t funny. i really enjoyed seeing these posts and seeing all these people hate them 😂 tbh pc could really get repetitive and boring and these things really did make it fun and added some cool drama to the game
💗😭 it was fun while it lasted. I'll miss you tho😭❤️❤️
This wasn’t making the app any better! This was just spreading more hate, and aggravating a lot of people. Are seriously all the Rani accounts doing this?
ahaha I’ll miss you💞
this was fun as heck seeing people get so annoyed and aggravated some people can’t take a joke 😂
YES BOO 🤩🤩🤩🤩
yayyyy has fun😂
I’ll miss you and your ‘facts’ *cough cough*😂
hehe I agree with the ppl above me! it was hilarious to see ppl so annoyed at something this small😂 even I got annoyed in one of them lmàooo PC definitely needed this👍I’ll miss ya u skinny legend
aww i'll miss youuu i'm honestly sad we have't gotten to talk more - reading this i really respect you now and i'm so sry fr all the drama -_- u don't deserve the hate that u got, pc is actually a kind loving place and its sad to see people go. well i wish the best fr u and have a good life sister, hope you'll look past all the stupid stuff that went down on here. Lysm!💜
i was honestly just kind of offended and u were kind of bothering me that's why I said something, but honestly i overreacted and shouldn't have gotten in on the drama anyways (i was honestly just bored😂) hopefully we'll get to talk more, I know how it feels to be bullied, hated on, depressed, so I'm really sorry u went thru all this. i might post a rant when i get back from my break. Anyways, you do you girl, don't let anyone stop you. ur an AMAZING person so stay positive and dont let hate get to ur head. have a great day💗💗💗💗
OMG HAHAHHA I spent so long reading thru the comments here for some tea 🍵 THANKS ❤️ hahahahahha
wait this is acc so funny
OMG I saw you on TV yesterday on Disney Chanel
I honestly kinda liked ur facts. They were fun to read when I just needed something to make me smile. Other people just can’t take a joke I guess. :/