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heyy Alex
how is you? *smiles*
*laughs a little* good
*blushes* your fine *smiles* thanks
your cute too *smiles biting my tongue*
np *smiles and looks down*
*holds back* YES!❤️😂
okay *changes to crop top sweatshirt and sweatpants*
I’m ready *walks to you*
*smiles* mhm
*gets in the passengers seat*
I honestly haven’t been to Taco Bell in so long *laughs*
*blushes and watches outside*
*puts my hand on yours*
*keeps watching outside*
eww McDonald’s is gross *looks at you* do you like it?
*laughs* oh yeha
*smiles and looks back outside*
*opens the door*
*walks inside*
I legit just want a taco and a Baja blast freeze..that’s all *laughs*
sis I thought u left!!
u do matter :(
hey hey alex:) i'm arianna.